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Footy Almanac Terry


The name’s not Ted!


Of course, your name isn’t Ted, if it’s Terry (Terrence). Anyhow that’s a silly pun on a tacky old ‘in joke’ from last century. Enough, it’s time for serious business.


Today we add to our list of name teams. This is the team of Terry’s.


Some notables including Terry O’Neill who started off playing footy in Narrandera. He went to South Melbourne who gave him the flick early in 1980, then finished the year playing in a Port Melbourne premiership, before going to Fitzroy the following year.


Terry Bright, on the half forward flank is a nephew of Billy Goggin, but no mate of Stan Magro.


On the other flank was another Geelong player Terry Mayne. He came across from Clarence  at the start of 1972 with big wraps as a forward option. He broke his arm on debut in the opening round of 1972, and never reached his full potential.  Sadly, he died in his early 30’s, the victim of an altercation in a car park.


There was Terry Wight who I worked with when we were employed doing casual crowd control back in the 80’s & 90’s.


There’s two Terry father and son combinations, the Boards and the Brains.


One may have included Terry Towelling as a preferred fashion brand.



B:     Wheeler (Foot)            O’Neill (SM/Fitz)               Wight (Coll/Foot)                          

HB:   Keays  (Coll/Rich)        Thripp (Syd)                        Farman (Geel)


C:    Fulton (Geel)                Wallace (Haw/Rich/Fo)      Milera (St.K)

HF:   Bright  (Geel)             Daniher  (SM/Ess)                Mayne (Geel)

   Waters ( Coll)              Ingersoll  (Haw)                  Board Snr (Carl)

Foll:  Gleeson (Melb)       Smith (Rich/St K)                Brain, Snr (SM)


Inter:  Moore (NM/Haw)  Board, Jnr (Fitz), Brady (Fitz) , Brain, Jnr (SM)

Emerg:   De Koning (Foot)


The coach, let’s pick Terry Wheeler. Though he didn’t win an AFL/VFL premiership, he coached his charges to  a  preliminary final. In his stint as captain coach of Williamstown he led them to a VFA premiership in 1986. Not bad.




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  1. The uniform for this team shall include terry towelling hats

  2. Dave Nadel says

    Player security provided by Terry McCann.

  3. The team could be entertained by watching TERRYTOON CARTOONS. PAUL TERRY produced many excellent cartoons many moons ago – HECKLE AND JECKLE (those madcap magpies) and MIGHTY MOUSE are two that come to mind

    The team’s resident doctor would be TERRANCE from A COUNTRY PRACTICE.

  4. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Very handy team, Glem ! Onya Tezzas !
    When I was in Grade 5, 1980. Terry White, along with Greg Whitcroft came to my primary school to give a footy clinic. We were told it would be Ricky Barham and Peter Moore !
    Poor Terry kept getting asked when Ricky and Peter were coming and I think it put him off as he skewed a few drop punts that day. Was a handy back pocket, nevertheless.

  5. Luke Reynolds says

    Terry Keays had loads of ability but never delivered on his promise.
    I remember Terry Hecker playing his second game for Collingwood in the 1989 Elimination Final, yet finished his career with just 6 games.

    Cricketing Terry’s were hard to come by, there’s the great Terry Alderman, spin guru Terry Jenner and West Australian leg-spinner Terry MacGill (40 wickets in 12 Shield games, father of Stuart), plus early 2000’s Zimbabwean Test opener, Terry Duffin.

  6. Colin Ritchie says

    Couple of likely Terrys from the Bombers. Terry Rodgers, handy half-forward, best on ground in ’65 prelim but injured I think at training and missed ’65 Grand Final and premiership. Terry Cahill looked as though he could have been anything around middle 70s but succumbed to injury eventually mainly concussions I think and retired early.

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