Brent Crosswell, Martin Flanagan and 1970

Marty Gleason on the significance of Brent Crosswell as a figure of both humanity and dissent.

Nick Riewoldt snippets

Nick Riewoldt has announced that this season will be his last. Marty Gleeson makes some observations from outside the Saints bubble.

Why GWS will never win the premiership, or a history of colour

Marty Gleason has noticed an alarming pattern, and it’s not just the design of the GWS guernsey. Could a garish jumper ruin a team’s chances at a premiership?

Finals Week 3 – GWS v Western Bulldogs: What the Western Bulldogs Mean To Me

Heading into this weeks Preliminary Final, Bulldog fan Marty Gleason reminisces on his team’s finals campaigns of the past few decades.

On Phil Walsh and being a man

Marty Gleason ponders masculinity in the wake of the Phil Walsh tragedy. ‘Perhaps it’s simply a case of muscle and toughness being non-negotiables…’

Round 9 – Western Bulldogs v GWS: The Ryan Griffen Cup

A euphoric Mary Gleason reports on the Bulldogs performance while acknowledging former captain Ryan Griffen.

Round 6 – Western Bulldogs v St Kilda: The Anti-miracle

A second half implosion against the Saints is merely a minor setback in the young Bulldogs’ rejuvenation… or so Marty Gleason hopes.

Round 5 – North Melbourne v Hawthorn: The Limits of Eyesight

Hawthorn’s aura, be it manufactured or as real as Brisbane’s of the early 2000s, is growing every week. Marty Gleason on the weekend witnessed another example of why the Hawks are every bit as good as that famous Lions team.

Round 4 – Western Bulldogs v Adelaide: Massacre Under the Roof

The Old Dogs of 2014 are rendered New Pups with an impressive thrashing of Adelaide at Etihad Stadium.