Poetry: Twilight by Andrew Gigacz



by Andrew Gigacz



Footy is not for Twilight


Footy is for Highlights and Lowlights

And Friday night Floodlights


Twilight is not for footy


Twilight is for Goths

For Stephanie Meyer and Bella Swan


It’s not for footy


Twilight is for teenagers and Kristen Stewart

It’s for Robbie Pattinson and Billy Burke


But it’s not for footy


Twilight is for Rod Serling and his Zone

For Steven Spielberg and Dan Ackroyd


But it wasn’t for Vic Morrow (he died)


And it isn’t for footy


Twilight is for catching the early train to work

It’s for walking the dogs in the park


Twilight is for barbecues and beer in the evening

And for babies and bed-wetting in the morning


But twilight is not for footy


Twilight is for Terry Wallace

For Richo and Aka and Lloyd


It’s for them

But not their game

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  1. Stephen Cooke says:

    Just stumbled across this Gigs, great stuff.

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