A place for the pre-season cup

The pre-season cup should be contested by the top six clubs from the previous season, says Miles Wilks.

The View from Shepparton

Lions fan Peter Schumacher used to be cynical about the NAB Cup but is now a fervent believer.

The Fearless pre-season wrap: Huey Lewis and the News said it best – I want a new drug!

Paul Thomson unveils his Fearless pre-season wrap.

Man vs AFL with Bear Grylls – episode 3

Squirrel grips, 4&20s and hospital passes – it’s been a tough initiation for Bear Grylls and it seems the worst is yet to come.

Getting Ready

Do you hear the buzz? Yvette Wroby does.

NAB Cup – Richmond v Hawthorn: 21 candles

John Green provides yet another example of what Richmond fans must go through to support their team.

Crio’s Question: How would you improve the pre-season comp?

It’s easy to bag the AFL’s pre-season process but do you have a better system?

Conditions steamy but Pies stone cold

One sentence can sum up Collingwood’s games against Brisbane: First half scrappy but competitive, second half crappy and uncompetitive.

March Champions

Footy’s back. Hope springs eternal and magic’s in the air….roll out the cliches, it’s time to dream again. Surely the Tigers will play finals this year, writes Tom Greenaway. Surely.

As the summer fades…..

Sal Ciardulli reflects on the summer of cricket and looks ahead to the weekend’s footy and racing.

An illustrated view of the NAB Cup

What exactly does the NAB Cup count for? And does it give an accurate reflection into the performances of the players and teams’ season ahead?

A few Floreat Pica Society observations on the Pies’ opener

Just as NAB Cup Round 1 is not really footy as we know it, this is not really a match report, but a series of dot-point observations as the Pies build into a new season.

Numb, we roll on

Andrew Starkie has heard it all before.

Hot and Hotter, and Everybody Wins.

Hot and Hotter and Everybody Wins: So it’s started for St.Kilda (and Geelong and Sydney Swans).  It started in a night of 100% humidity and 36 degree weather, with a good NAB Cup crowd of 18,000+ at the Etihad Stadium.  I make a bet (in my head) that the players felt worse in the heat [Read more]

Asparagus salads and denim shorts

Call me a traditionalist, or whatever you want, but asparagus salads and denim shorts don’t belong in the football world. To me, if I’m trotting off to the football on a Friday night I should be MCG bound. The air should be fresh, brisk, the kind that slaps you across the cheeks and says, “Wake [Read more]

Theo takes a great leap forward at Princes Park

Saturday morning. Sunny and mild, but the breeze picking up, and bringing with it northern stickiness. Family Harms is pottering about: no plans. I am thinking about Collingwood. They have done it pretty easily the night before. Dawes and Daisy Thomas continue to mature. They are good, and there is much improvement in the squad [Read more]

Yes we won the NAB Cup but I want Medders back!

I kinda thought it would be pretty exciting to win the NAB Cup, but when it happend I wasn’t exactly happy dancing or anything. The year could not have started any worse, with our deteriorating backline of champions sidelined with injury, our captain tweeting photos of himself in a hospital bed (mind you in seeing that [Read more]

Giga Bites 3 – Director’s Cut

Below is an extended version of Giga Bites, which appeared in the Saturday Age on 19th February, 2011. by Andrew Gigacz FIRST UP WINNERS With cricket’s one-day World Cup kicking off tonight, advice might be in order for the captain who ends up winning the toss in the final on April 2. In seven of [Read more]

NAB Cup: Melbourne V Essendon

By Steve Healy I was needed by the Melbourne Football Club. It easily surpassed the need for me to stay home ‘because it’s my sister’s birthday’. The Dees needed my support at Etihad. And footy was back. Four-quarter footy, two team footy. Strangely, it seemed to be a distant memory after the two weeks of [Read more]

NAB Cup: Geelong v North v Bulldogs

This had been scheduled in for some months now. Even though I hadn’t asked Dad about it, my main means of transport to games, as soon as I saw Geelong v North Melbourne (and the Bulldogs) playing at Skilled Stadium on February 20 for the NAB Cup, I knew I’d be going. One, because it [Read more]