Yes we won the NAB Cup but I want Medders back!

I kinda thought it would be pretty exciting to win the NAB Cup, but when it happend I wasn’t exactly happy dancing or anything.

The year could not have started any worse, with our deteriorating backline of champions sidelined with injury, our captain tweeting photos

of himself in a hospital bed (mind you in seeing that photo i didn’t know if I should laugh or cry) and baby Magpie Tom Hunter out of the hunt with a neck injury.

So while I knew my boys would win I wasnt exactly smiley about making the NAB Cup final.

With bathroom renovations happening at my house I’ve moved in with my grandparents who have not stopped feeding me since arrival.

According to my grandmother-

1- I don’t eat enough.

2- I’m scared of getting fat.

3- two big pancakes is not enough as breakfast and I should be eating toast and lots of fruit right afterwards.

Now let me clear this up-

1- I do enough, I just can’t eat big breakfasts or eat two different meals right after each other.

2- I wouldn’t say I’m scared of getting fat, I’d say chubby lol.

3-where the hell was I going to fit in toast after those pancakes!

So anyway this timeIi was able to watch the game with my Uncle Jack ( A Carlton man who hates Essendon)

He kindly put up with my yelling (although it was mostly him yelling at the umps for giving Essendon freebies) and my dramatic crying

over the loss of Medders everytime that new number 7 got near the footy.

“…. I want my Meddddyyyyy!!!!!! *cries*”   – came everytime the new number 7 (yes I know his name but I simply refuse to acknowledge him) got the ball.

He’s just not the same :(Ii miss Meddy’s muzza hair, puppy eyes, cute figure, classiness, sharp kicking and the teddybear stubble he brought to the club.

Medders is one of those guys that makes you drop your books when he walks past you in the hallway, I miss him so MUCH… *cries*

It is the weirdest thing knowing that we got Medders from the Tarrant trade, losing Medders and seeing Tazz back in the Collingwood jumper.

For those wondering, no i do not think bringing Tarrant back to Collingwood will be the bestest thing ever and my uncle’s obervations I’m thinking it’s going to be a really big problem.

First off I think that the coaching staff turned Leon into ‘running defender’ so he can pick up the slack that Tarrant is leaving. My uncle and I watched Tazz very closly and if he is going to play out the year like that, then it’s best we leave him to model our jumpers if anything.

My uncle’s observations state that while Tarrant played brilliantly for Freo, so far at Collingwood he lacks confidence. I agree with this.

If you watch closely, when Tazz does get the footy he seems to be overthinking what he is supposed to do with it, where he is supposed to put it.

My uncle thinks it’s mental scarring, in wearing the Collingwood jumnper again bad memories are flooding back for Tazz, maybe it’s true- something doesn’t seem right with Tazz.

Even though it was a messy game overall I did manage to get some highlights-

Travis Cloke- just over all! LOVE YA TRAV! (although it doesn’t help him that white shorts make the rear look wider)

Alan Toovey’s legs- don’t go there.. my uncle wouldn’t stop talking about them..although I think he was just trying to make me laugh and get me to stop crying over Medders lol.

The wrestle between Heath Shaw and Ryder- “RIP HIS HEAD OFF HEATH!!!” – yeah I was pretty feisty lol.

The woman in the cheersquad with the sign – ‘Give me a Brazillian Harry’ – wayy WAYYY AWKWARD lol

OH and did anyone see that sign- “SAY YES DANIELLE’ I dunno why it was there but- yes YES I WILL MARRY YOU JACK ANTHONY! lol

And the best till last- Heath Shaw’s reaction to the streamer guns going off- LOL gold!

So as Collingwood adds another piece of silverware to the collection, I can’t wait for another Heath Shaw gun reaction! This time at the end of the year.

About Danielle Eid

Im 23, cute and most importantly im the Collingwood Football Club's very own PRINCESS!! :) A Latrobe Uni graduate from Bachelor of Journalism. Admirer of Samantha Lane and Jon Ralph. Not your typical 'Robot Journalist' Loves Alex Fasolo


  1. John Butler says

    Nice work Danni

    Strange affliction Mr Tarrant has to the Collingwood jumper. I have only good memories of it myself- 70, 79, 81.

    Your uncle sounds like a wise man.

  2. Thanks JB :)
    Yeah i dunni what it is with Tazz but he better get into action and soon!
    :) Yup my uncle is a wise man, im his favourite neice ( and his only one lol)

  3. Since when was Taz ever right? I’d like to see him play up forward. Haven’t seen him take a specky in a while.

    Good read Danni, I was also amused at Shaw at the end of the game.

    How good is that Collingwood clash strip eh?

    Bring on Round 2.

  4. Steve Healy says

    Nicely written words Danni, I’m glad to hear from you again. INTERESTING to see you’ve moved in with your grandparents. Collingwood are a bloody good team I say. Tarrant is a bit past his time and there is too much hype that he will do amazing things at Collingwood in my opinion. Krakouer, however, is looking good.

    I wish you well

  5. The Pies are as big a certainty to win the flag this year as Geelong was in 2008.

  6. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, and as big a certainty as ANYONE OTHER THAN JUDD was to win the brownlow in 2010.

  7. Thanks for the comments peeps.
    Tazz up forward is not going to happen, hes far too nervous infront of goal these days.
    Grr please dont talk about that clash strip! it hurts my eyes to look at it!
    YES! bring on round 2 :P
    Steve- i agree with our about Tazz but i disagree with you about…that new number 7.

  8. hi Dips! :) *waves*

  9. Steve Healy says

    haha well he kicked 3 GOALS! WELL lucky there isn’t a new number 9 ey? They’d would have a fair deal of criticism from the mouth of you. Unless of course, they were to kick a goal to win V Adelaide, and in progress have a picture taken of them and a year and a half later sent to their number one fan as an act of repentance.

  10. Sorry Danni, but……….young cracker (Poh Ha) is much, much, much,much better than the other (what was his name?)number 7. He is an absolute gun.

    Now that you are 18 and at the ‘unitdeversity’ you can’t be sheltered any more even though the truth is sometimes unpalatable.

  11. :( Phantom! you are supposed to take my side!! I thought i was your favourite! :(

  12. Danni,

    I won’t take your entire side but I must admit there are a few from the Magpies that would fit into the Cats.

    They would need a little ‘eddercashion’ and attitude adjustment but some of them show a bit of potential.

  13. Dave Nadel says

    As an old straight man I have no idea whether Medders was “cute”, but Andrew Krakouer will help us win our second flag and surely you have to like that, Danni.

  14. Dave…not you too! :(
    Collingwood won the flag without the new number 7 anyway so its not like we NEED him.

  15. Dave Nadel says

    A second flag in succession is actually harder to win than the first (see Geelong in 2008 or Essendon in 2001) so we actually have to improve on last year. Andrew’s Dad, Jimmy, when he wasn’t being distracted by racist sledging, was one of the best small players I have ever seen. If Andrew has inherited even half his Dad’s skill he will add extra bite to what is already a lethal forward line. It works for me.

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