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I have resurrected myself from my summer slumbers during which I had nightmarish visions of our cricket team, our tennis players going nowhere in Melbourne, and allegations of illegal  drug use  in sport. In terms of the footy codes, thank goodness Essendon came clean first! How fabulously sporting of them.


I have to say that in relation to the AFL the NAB cup is the most brilliantly conceived pre season comp ever established, indeed in any code for that matter. It must be so because Adelaide showed themselves off last year at this time and now the Brisbane Lions have pulled Malt Mickhouse’s Carlton apart this year. What a fabulous way to start the year. I used to be cynical about this competition but now am a fervent believer in its usefulness in picking form.


Of course we had the usual gripes, Brisbane earned the right to play up north so that the match was immediately rescheduled to Melbourne. The Channel 7 commentators pre match gushed all over Carlton with Jarrad Waite providing the incidental expert commentary for the first quarter, or at least I think that that is the period of time that he was on for. I reckon it must be ten times worse for Queensland NRL supporters during the State of Origin games when Nine’s commentary team seems to be loaded with NSW NRL entities.  Anyway Brisbane for two glorious quarters were very reminiscent of the way they were in 2001 – 2003. During the summer I looked at the 2001 Grand Final a few times to relieve the otherwise sporting gloom and viewing the game the other night was pretty exciting in comparison. Poor old Blues didn’t know what hit them. By the way, what is the difference between a strong motivational talk and bullying as evidenced in Malt’s quarter time address? Just asking.


For the rest of the games in the NAB Cup I have retreated to my previously held position that the games are totally meaningless, I mean, I can’t remember the results of any of them!


My ladder at the end of the minor round is:


Hawthorn (Presuming that Franklin learns to kick straight)





West Coast


North Melbourne



Adelaide (Break out year last year but doubt that they will sustain it this year).


St Kilda

Port Adelaide


Western Bulldogs

Greater Western Sydney

Gold Coast


Highlight of the year thus far. Western Sydney Wanderer’s ten in a row and way out of top of the A League. Suppose that I should mention Black Caviar as well.


Worst (of many) Sam Stosur going out in the second round of the Australian Open and the timid manner in the way she lost from a seemingly winning position.

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  1. Great work Peter, love your newfound enthusiasm for the NAB cup! Like the look of your Lions, big chance to make the 8. And the Wanderers have been brilliant, can’t remember a more impressive debut season on and off the field by a club in any code.

  2. Graeme Rule says

    Absolute conversion on the way to the Darklands, or was it on the way home with a carful of Blues supporters. Peter spoke truly and wisely , only quarrel, royboys and roygirls barrack for the Lions.

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