A grievance from the ‘Unrealistic Attempt’

Unrealistic marking attempts are due more respect for their attempt from the umpires than they presently receive argues Punxsutawney Pete.

Chappelli always knew when he nicked one

Pubxsutawney Pete takes on Ian Chappell on a point of logic, and has a swipe at S.K. Warne for good measure.

Almanac Teams: Aussie Rules butchered by Marvel Studios’ god awful CGI

Have you ever wondered how an AFL team animated by Marvel would line up? Well, wonder no more

Viv on “being in the zone”

Viv Tufnell is a Tassie cricketer in an alternate Sheffield Shield universe. He lies, makes excuses and eeks runs at a 28.3 strike rate, while all the while being very much an [email protected]#*hole. Punxsutawney Pete, with tongue firmly in cheek, presents Viv’s interview with Rick Havill about “being in the zone”.

Viv Tufnell on Gilchrist the walker; Eamon the idiot.

Viv Tufnell’s back. His teammate Eamon wants to take a leaf out of the Gilly playbook. Viv doesn’t share his enthusiasm.

Soft free

Punxsutawney Pete waxes eloquently about the “soft free”.

GWS: Cursed by injuries

You may have missed some of the freak accidents down at GWS. Pete gives us a laugh or two for Thursday morning.

Life in between losing it at the footy – Part 1: Me, the menace to society

Pete muses about trains and hip and shoulders, the link between Twisties and orangutans, and the game of Guess Who, because sadly, there are breaks between footy matches!

Test Cricket and T20: they’re family

‘You can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family’: Cricket is family to Pete, and it’s as much of an obligation as it is love.

Port’s jumper

There’s something about Port’s current jumper that Punxsutawney Pete finds jarring. The way the teal sits on the black he finds nauseous so with tongue firmly in cheek, he has decided to do something about it by coming with some new designs. What do you think of his suggestions?

Dodgy Wikipedia player profiles. No.1: Isaac Heeney

Pete gives a quirky profile of young-gun Swan Isaac Heeney.

MythBusters: Cricket Edition

Do you really get a Baggy Green with your New South Wales Blues Cap? Punxsutawney Pete, with the help of the Mythbusters team, delves deeper into some cricket myths.

Almanac Footy: The Dark Age of the .01 percenters is coming

“The AFL player in 2030 will have long left behind sledges about mums wearing army boots. He will have a degree in sports psychology and spend all 4 quarters messing with opponents heads.”

If The Fonz were a cricketer

What if the Fonz played cricket? What type of deliveries would Cosmo Kramer bowl? And would Bill Murray continually be dismissed in the 90’s? Some whimsical musings from Punxsutawney Pete (of course, with a reference to Punxsutawney Pete)

India v Australia – Pune Test: What we learnt from Pune

Seven things Pete has taken away from the First Test in Pune including India’s horrible use of the DRS.

Almanac (Cricket) Satire – Indian fans may be a little overconfident

The Australian Cricket team are in for a world of hurt if the Indian crickets fans online are correct.

Adam Voges seeks advice from Steve Bradbury …

This conversation may or may not have taken place.

Matthew Wade is an inspiration to the butterfingered

A light-hearted look at Matthew Wade’s Australian career and the inspiration it provides those people in the community who suffer a rare condition.

Almanac (Cricket) Satire: ICC backflip in record time

With tongue firmly in cheek, Punxsutawney Pete considers the revolutionary proposal to give International cricket more context which the ICC have announced as unworkable.

Australia select unknown to replace Matthew Wade in Nu’Zuland

In continuing their policy to fast track young talent, Australia’s selectors have chosen unknown, Timmy Bieber-Culkin, to replace Matthew Wade in the Chappell-Hadlee Trophy series currently being played in Nu’Zuland. Wade was ruled out with a back injury yesterday, and Australia’s selectors immediately announced that Bieber-Culkin would be flown over to reinforce the squad. “Timmy [Read more]