Getting Ready


Buddy by Yvette Wroby

There’s so much “preparation” happening all around.  The NAB Cup is upon us tomorrow night and that always signals the final practice matches that are part of the beginning of the new season.  The preparation for the Grand Prix is all in place and I can hear the cars already buzzing.  We are ready to see if the Australian Cricket Team is any more ready for this match than any of the others in India, and it all starts in 3 hours.  Now there’s one nervous bunch of boys.

The Football radio and TV and newspapers are all ramping up, as are the supporters who are beginning to think of the first games coming up in only a few weeks.  Family days have been had. Memberships are being paid for, or Clubs are reminding their members, hey, come again, keep supporting, keep the faith.  All teams have been analysed and scrutinized and examined, where will they sit in the end of the season ladder, what are their premiership chances, who has come and who has gone from the lists, how are they all rated, catalogued, dream teamed.  Footy tipping preparations have begun.  Footy is in the air in Melbourne.  How does it begin in all our sister states?  Is it this crazy?

On top of the normal, beginning of the footy season thoughts, I have been preparing for my own homage to football and madness.  My exhibition “Wonderful Obsessions” is going along at a cracking pace.  I have produced more artwork (of most other football teams) since setting the date (other than cartoons) than over the last three years.  I am in a frenzy of painting and drawing and it’s a blast.  I have sent out invitations and continue to send invitations.  When friends say, have you sent it to…….and I haven’t, well, I do.  Step by step, the date is getting closer, the work finessing and parts of the whole swinging in the wind hopefully all coming together, like a footy team, to go well on the night and the time ahead.

Getting ready.  Go “Wonderful Obsession”.  Go Saints.   I’m already loving 2013.

Yvette Wroby

Exhibition: “Wonderful Obessions” A Footy Art Exhbiition, Gallery 261 Hawthorn Road, Caulfield.  Opening Night Thursday 4th April 2013 7pm.  John Harms will be opening night speaker.  Dates of Exhibition: 4th – 14th April.

For more information, contact Yvette Wroby on [email protected] or 0412 030 467

About Yvette Wroby

Yvette Wroby writes, cartoons, paints through life and gets most pleasure when it's about football, and more specifically the Saints. Believes in following dreams and having a go.


  1. Love your buddy Yvette. It’s really affecting.

    And I feel the buzz of a new season too ..

  2. Can’t wait for the opening, Yvette! I love all your portraits, especially the Lenny one.

    T Bone, hope to see you there, too.

  3. Phil Dimitriadis says

    Great stuff Yvette. Look forward to seeing your work. Wonder if you’ll be painting Buddy in black and white stripes come 2014?

  4. Thanks lads, I’m really pleased with the pastels, they are really effective. Phil, I’ve painted Brendon in the Saints colours (in the last year or so) but for therapeutic purposes, now have him in Essendon Colours. So he’ll be represented in both. It helps the adjustments. Buddy had a great face to paint, and Gigs, I’ve done one of Adam Cooney in gouache. I’m trying to make sure I have someone from every team, even if they are in prints and not framed and hanging. Still go a few weeks to achieve this. Working harder than I ever remember, but so much fun!

    Of course, there’s a predominance of Saints boys that started this idea off, and the wonderful Lenny who is my inspiration. Just trying to put the kind of effort in that he does every week. Very inspiring.

    So glad I’ll see you soon


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