Crio’s Question: How would you improve the pre-season comp?

It is easy to bag the AFL’s pre-season process….

-coaches hate the travel and the “experiments”
-club members resent paying for practice games
-armchair experts complain at (lack of) TV coverage
blah, blah, blah…
Anyone got a better system?


  1. Mark Seja says

    It seems to me that you’re never going to please everybody, no matter what happens pre-season. Coaches may hate the travel, but they should remember they are touting this as the ‘National Competition’ so it follows that they should be prepared to travel to reach the widest possible audience.
    Ardent club members will go to the footy irrespective of where it is (if they can possibly afford the time and money), and the armchair experts should get out of their armchair and actually go to the match!
    It seems that the AFL is caught between a rock and a hard place. If they don’t have a pre-season, they the clubs complain that they don’t have a chance to blood young players and there is increased chance of injuries starting the season “cold”. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not an apologist for the AFL, I just think that there should be less whinging and more going to the footy!

  2. Andrew Weiss says

    One simple thing should occur – if a team is on the top of the ladder undefeated then they should play the Grand Final in their home state. Oh wait, thats what the AFL said was going to happen until they realised Brisbane was going to be that team, then went very quickly back on their word / ruling. Another example that the AFL is really the VFl in disguise!!

  3. If the NAB Cup comp could be aligned with a stage of the draft to determine priority picks as well as cash for the clubs, may provide a win/win for palyers, club, supporters, AFL. All teams need practice and the opportunity to gain a priority pick for clubs may renew enthusiasm for the comp. The Swans may choose to be competitive rather than experimental for example. Rules involving the number of new recruits, established underplayed & non-played recruits, etc need to be established. A large incentive such as a priority draft pick should equate to determined involvement (maybe)

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