General Footy Writing: Birdman’s mark ranks as high as any in my mind

By John Kingsmill Late in the third quarter of the Round 22 game between Adelaide and Carlton at Etihad, Brett Burton took what Channel Ten described as the Mark of the Century. Jason Dunstall said: “During the third quarter break, I think we will probably show this mark maybe twenty times. That won’t be enough [Read more]

Crio’s Question: What is a pass mark for the top four teams?

All real fans get excited when their team reaches September and has genuine claims of raising that cup. (What is it actually?) I’d guess that, although Carlton, Essendon and Brisbane are given no chance of getting through, each would rate their season as a success. Adelaide, now contenders, also will emerge with ticks. But what [Read more]

Gigs’ Stats: Season’s highest score, flag omens and much, much more

Andrew Gigacz’s Round 22 Stat. Declaration A PLEASIN’ SEASON FOR MORE THAN ONE REASON Everyone knows who won and we know who’s playing who and where and when next week, so let’s get straight down to the stats that really don’t matter:

View From Shepparton: Lions with a home final? Wish I still lived in Queensland

Brisbane get a home final, how good is that? I never dreamed at the beginning of the year that they would achieve that. In my heart rather than my mind I thought that they might finish eighth but I wasn’t really a believer. What better test than to beat an emotionally charged Sydney in Sydney?

The Wrap: Round XXII

What a round it’s been in Footy Eddie.  THE TIGERS exit Season 2009 in pretty much the same way they entered it – with an embarrassing thumping, this time at the hands of next years’ big improver.  The Hoopers got back on the winners’ list with an impressive win in the wet down at The [Read more]

General Footy Writing: A word of thanks for Glenn Manton

I will never forget my Year 11 retreat day. Retreats in all-girl schools usually mean one thing: crying. The retreat I remember the most was Year 9 and it was the last ‘Footsteps’ session. The whole year level was lying on the carpet in a dark hall crying our eyes out as girls made up [Read more]

General Footy Writing: Musings from a Swans fan on the Eade factor

Although raised as a diehard South Melbourne supporter, I was euphoric when they moved to Sydney in 1982. Finally, I thought, I am going to be able to experience the feeling of seeing my poor, humble, working-class team win a flag.

General Footy Writing: As curious as it might sound, I’m a Crows supporter and I love my club

By Richard Arrowsmith A little while back I quoted Mark Bickley when he said on his retirement: “I have a club that I love, and it loves me back”. More recently, I wrote of Patrick Dangerfield: “… if I have anything to say about it, Danger Mouse is going to love his club, and his [Read more]

The Pre-Wrap, Round XXII: Buddy appeal a strange one for family club

For the Philosophical Marngrook Follower What a week it’s been in Footy Eddie.  The Hawks’ appeal against the one week suspension of Big Buddy (Fast becoming Bad Boy Buddy – Ed) was always doomed.  And one can only surmise why they wrote out the cheque.  Reminiscent of Black Jack’s war of attrition on the Artful [Read more]

General Footy Writing: A gap in the script

By John Kingsmill 5.20pm, Monday 24 August 2009 5AA drivetime sport radio -o- Graham Cornes: An email from John Kingsmill: “Every night, now, you two have a domestic squabble on air.” Stephen Rowe: Yeah? What about? GC: Oh, because you said something off air about Port Adelaide and I said… SR: Because I said it [Read more]

General Footy Writing: Ungarie junior premiership ushers in next generation of Danihers

On the eve of the Footy Almanac lunch on Friday 28 August, at which Anthony Daniher and Adam McNicol will talk about Adam’s recently released biography of The Danihers, comes the news out of the Riverina that there are some more Danihers on the way to the AFL! What would you expect when the Daniher [Read more]

General Footy Writing: Song of the Zealot

By Anson Cameron In the photo I am shouting. My mouth wide and my nose hooking down and an eyebrow arched, creasing my forehead. My temples are clotted with vein and my face is red. My body wracked with a weird voltage. I am shouting the one word capable of telling this story. I am [Read more]

General Footy Writing: The top ten finals according to Stainless

One of the few joys of being a Richmond supporter is that you can regularly attend finals matches without emotional involvement.  The football purist takes over and you can sit back, relax with a quiet, reflective beer and enjoy the best of what the rest of the competition has to offer. A ripper 2009 finals [Read more]

General Footy Writing: Please, Damien, make me care about the Tigers again

By Jason Feldman Being in love with Richmond is akin to being the victim of an abusive relationship. You know you’ll end up a physical and emotional mess but you just can’t let go. The Tigers keep promising that change is around the corner,  so you hang around from year to year praying for some [Read more]

View From Shepparton: Lions’ comeback tops off an engrossing round

Hate to be a St Kilda barracker when the siren sounds at the end of the Grand Final against Brisbane and Nick lines up for goal 45 metres out, having just taken a pack screamer. Actually as a keen sportsman, sorry, person, I would get no joy either way if this scenario eventuated. I guess [Read more]

The Wrap: Come Sunday and the boilovers continued

The Penultimate Home & Away Round What a round it’s been in Footy Eddie.  The Doggies chewed up The Pradas which is sure to lift spirits around at The Kennel and have The Handbags thinking about changing their brand name (Maybe to the wet paper bags – Ed).  Carlton win comfortably without looking convincing.  The [Read more]

Gigs’ Stats: Make-up of the eight is not as clear-cut as you think

Andrew Gigacz’s Round 21 Stat. Declaration FINALS PERMUTATIONS ABOUND IN FINAL SENSATIONAL ROUND As the man who inspired Ben Cousin’s torso markings once said, “so it’s come to this”.  The Pies will finish third, the Bulldogs will finish fourth and Essendon and Hawthorn will play off in a virtual elimination final.

Crio’s Question: Got any sports book recommendations? Maybe feature doubles ideas?

By Chris Riordan The success of England and Collingwood require some diversions to happier times. Father’s Day looms and it is time for Dads to be proactive and thus avoid the cursed socks and bad after-shave. When I was young Dad would get the new Miller’s Guide, but it comes out too late these days. [Read more]

General Footy Writing: Cats resemble a champion fighter on the ropes

By Damian O’Donnell Sporting greatness comes and goes, but when it is in full flight we see no end. Indeed, we don’t want to see an end. I remember when Marvellous Marvin Hagler was stopped by an irrepressible Sugar Ray Leonard in 1987 it took me some time to realise what had just happened. An [Read more]

Local Footy: Australian footy looking very healthy on NSW north coast

Australian football is now firmly established on the north coast of NSW. The game, which had humble beginnings but grand ambitions when it was started just over 30 years ago, continues to make headway and has now cemented its place on the sporting landscape.