AFL Round 10: The View From Shepparton

by Peter Schumacher   The main point of point of interest that has arisen from this round is not that Ben Cousins has been caught acting stupidly again but rather what do these excursions to the dressing rooms add to the footy coverage anyway? I would have thought that in general what happens on the [Read more]

General footy writing: It’s all about confidence

Confidence is very definitely a big element in on-field success in any sport. This weekend, well known football identity Kevin Bartlett, on Saturday morning radio, gave his preview of the Round 10 Fremantle Richmond match. ‘KB’ showed a surprising level of faith in the Tigers, when he said he expected Richmond to win and win [Read more]

General Footy Writing: Coach turns umpire under the Westgate Bridge

By Andrew Fithall   Williamstown v Spotswood – Under 16Ds Dickie Fry and I have been sharing the coaching responsibilities of the Williamstown Juniors Under 16Ds. At the beginning of the year when I was first approached to be coach, Dickie was one whose name had come up but was unavailable. He still plays super-rules [Read more]

Putting the farm back into footy – Part 1

In the first of a two-pronged attack, 1960s “footballers” Graeme Willingham (Camperdown and Daylesford FCs) and Owen Beaton (Camperdown, Heywood, Birregurra and Colac FCs) have a plan to put the farm back into footy, real grassroots style.   Secretly, they’ve always been our favourites, the ones we look out for, and indeed watch over. Because [Read more]

Speccie voting

Greatest speccie of all time voting   Shaun Smith at the Gabba                                 45 Jezza    1970 GF                                              36 Gary Ablett over Pert                                       23 Ashley Sampi v Melb                                        20 Trevor Barker on the wing at teh Lake Oval  12 Gary Ablett (snr) v Melb 1989              10 Gary Moorcroft v Doggies                                14 Chris Tarrant v Melbourne 2002                       7 Brett [Read more]

General footy writing: Carn the Arckos!

Tired of going to the Royal Park after games at the MCG? Punters looking for a more cerebral letdown after four quarters of footy might consider walking past the Royal Park and heading onto the Richmond Uniting Church in Church Street, where Tim Phillips’ Arcko Symphonic Project is putting on a Pulling the Strings recital [Read more]

General footy writing: The top ten stepladders

By Paul Daffey 1. Garry Lyon The former Melbourne captain is to be commended for his habit of getting in front. But such are the pitfalls of this noble practice that it made him the ideal stepladder for some towering marks from spring-heeled teammates. In 1995, Lyon got into the spirit of the construction work [Read more]

Yarra Man: The lowdown on the elite

By Tavis Perry THE talk of whether Lou Richards should be inducted into the AFL hall of fame coincided with Jason Akermanis’ 300th game. Aker is undoubtedly one of my favourite all-time players. The subsequent articles on him and the hall of fame inductees made for some interesting reading on one of my favourite topics: [Read more]

General footy writing: The speccie revisited

By John Harms You only have to be in a crowd, big or small, at the MCG or way out in the bush, to know the significance of the speccie. We take it for granted. But consider the response of people at the instant the footballer is high on an opponent’s (or teammate’s shoulder). And [Read more]

General Footy Writing: Under the wing of Gull

by Paul Mitchell There seemed no reason for our bit part ruck/forward to be nicknamed ‘Gull’. I attributed the moniker to the fact that his mullet stuck out ingloriously at the sides, made him look like a windblown seagull. I didn’t know his real name, but that didn’t matter – when I called out ‘Gull!’ he [Read more]

AFL Round 9: The View From Shepparton

by Peter SchumacherSydney and Adelaide. How I fervently wish that Brisbane and Western Bulldogs had been in that list. Can’t blame the umpies for Brisbane‘s loss, though as one correspondent was quoted as texting on Jon Faine’s (ABC Melbourne) program this morning  Brown doesn’t have a back apparently or words to that effect.Tasmania has officially said [Read more]

Jones files: The lighter side of broadcasting in PNG

By Richard Jones I’VE been broadcasting either from the studio or from outside locations since the mid-1960s. I lived in Papua New Guinea from 1963-76. PNG was the Territory of Papua New Guinea before self-government in 1973 and independence in 1975. When I started calling amateur boxing tournaments from ringside for the ABC’s 9PA Port [Read more]

General Footy Writing: The Roys are back in town

By Adam Muyt Royboys.  It’s got to be one of the best nicknames in Australian football, conjuring up all sorts of affectionate images of a footy club and the people who followed it, most blessed with a particular (peculiar?) outlook and attitude.  And now it’s the title of a doco having its first airing at [Read more]

General footy writing: It’s time mulligans were introduced to footy

By Darren Smith No one can accuse this forum of not covering the big issues … I recently used the term “mulligan” in a description of the Round 7 game between St Kilda and Essendon, suggesting that, if Essendon could have taken a mulligan for their first quarter, they would have. This claim was met [Read more]

General footy writing: Cats need Moons to cut funny business

By Damian O’Donnell Has the first crack appeared in the Geelong armour? For the last three seasons the Cats have been an organised, well-drilled organism. They have honoured “the process” and broken the game down to a few basic key-performance indicators. The group has overwhelmed the individual, and, to quote Pink Floyd, all the players [Read more]

General footy writing: Middle East correspondent: Make it a grand national final

By Rod Gillett The AFL’s threat to play the Grand Final in Sydney after the contract with the MCG expires in 2032 begs the question: why not play the Grand Final around on a rotational basis so that each city in the competition gets to host the game? If the game is truly to become [Read more]

General footy writing: May 17, 1859 and the codification of footy

by John Harms   The date, May 17, is of great significance to the Australian nation. Especially footy-lovers.   Not that too many of us know about it.   On May 17, 1859, at the Parade Hotel, on Wellington Parade, East Melbourne, four men from the committee of the fledgling Melbourne Football Club (and maybe [Read more]

General footy writing: New coach: Grounds for change on tackle rule

By Andrew Fithall Crikey, the grounds are hard. In Round 1 a Williamstown Juniors under-16Ds player hit the turf and broke his arm. The ground hasn’t got any softer since then. It is Tuesday afternoon. I am at home when I should be at work. I am on carer’s leave. Bill is on a nearby [Read more]

General footy writing: Away strips make me want to look away

By Andrew Gigacz It shouldn’t bother me but it does. On Friday night Hawthorn played away and wore a guernsey that was wrong on just too many levels. It was ugly – not just ugly to look at, but a representation of the ugliness that is modern footy marketing. Of course the AFL will tell [Read more]

View from Shepparton: Round 8

By Peter Schumacher I reckon the the games in Sydney and Adelaide prove that footy is the best code of all. A few years ago Kevin Sheedy asked why people would be bothered watching a game where one or two goals might be scored when they could watch our game and see many goals being [Read more]