First match of the coaching season

We love living across the road from a football ground. Helen and I moved into our current abode 14 years ago. The school football ground was part of the attraction. Many family hours have been spent flying kites, throwing frisbees, kicking footballs, catching lacrosse balls, learning to ride bicycles or just running around. We always [Read more]

Round 1

As many have said, so why not one more, not much can be taken out of the first of 22 rounds. Still, I would rather be a Brisbane  than a Richmond supporter as the Lions commence their relentless march to the finals. Hope that they don’t expect to keep on winning though by producing one [Read more]

The New Magpies – guest writer Mark O’Connell

Despite two wooden spoons in my lifetime, no season could ever be as bad as 1982. Coming off 3 grand final appearances in a row, we slipped to 10th in a 12 team competition with only 4 wins for the season. We were only propped up by perennial whipping boys St Kilda and Footscray. In [Read more]

NAB Cup Practice Oops Grand Final Match Geelong v Collingwood by Carolyn Straford

I went to the NAB cup grand final full of optimism and a little confused. Being a Hawthorn supporter I had no allegiance although I went with two Collingwood fans. However I do admit secretly to having a soft spot for Collingwood, (I may be the only Hawthorn supporter that does). My excuse is that [Read more]

Coaching Dilemma

The telephone number flashed up on the screen and I recognised it immediately. Mark Hunter is an ex- Bulldogs player – 130 senior games. And he has demonstrated over the past few years that he is also a very good junior coach. His boy Lachlan and my son Bill share a year of birth and [Read more]

Canadian Pyke mounts his challenge

by Merryn Sherwood   I have to say, I’m already a little bit in love with Mike Pyke. Not just because his name rolls off the tongue so lightly, although that’s part of it, and not just because he is a Canadian international rugby fullback that just through he would give Australian Rules football a [Read more]

Slow Start by Pamela Sherpa (Snowy Mountains correspondent)

  ‘ A National game it’s supposed to be But Friday night football my team I won’t see’…. 2002 ……so began a poem I wrote    Frustration had led to inspiration.   The new TV rights agreement had led to Friday night football moving networks and  timeslots. Instead of the reasonable  8.30 timeslot it was consigned to starting [Read more]

Pumped – John Weldon

Well the footy season started and I have to say I’m excited. Very excited. In fact you could say I’m pumped, which is not to say that I’ve been pumped, because that’s not the same thing at all. I don’t want that. You don’t want that. Nobody wants that.   I am pumped, as stated, but [Read more]

He’s Talking by Pamela Sherpa (Snowy Mountains Correspondent)

The CATS are playing in a grand final. I’m surrounded by Geelong supporters and no-one is watching the game. What’s going on? There are two other sporting finals on in town tonight, but it’s not even that. JOHN HARMS has arrived in the nation’s capital and he’s talking.

Bring on Round 1 by Steve Healy (Grade 9)

I don’t mind the Nab Cup. I like seeing young players and how they are progressing, and I like to see who plays and who doesn’t. This game between Collingwood and Geelong was a game to see where both sides were at. I would be watching the game from the comfort of my own home, [Read more]