SANFL Grand Final – Norwood v Port Adelaide: The Greatest Win of All

Norwood 12 10 82 def Port Adelaide 11 12 78
Best Players
Norwood: McGuinness Panos, Baulderstone, Phillips, Bode, Webber, Rooke, Smart,
Chippendale Dawe, Kirwan, Allan
Port Adelaide: Mitchell, Summerton, Young , Stevenson, Clurey, Krakouer, Newton, Shaw
Goal Kickers:
Norwood: Phillips 4, Davis 3, Newton 2, Panos, Baulderstone, Donohue
Port Adelaide: Krakouer 3, Newton, Shaw 2, Summerton, Hitchcock, Mitchell, AhChee
Crowd: 38,644 at the Adelaide Oval
Jack Oatey Medallist: Matthew Panos (Norwood)
Norwood Football Club are the 2014 SANFL Premiers winning their 3rd Premiership in succession.
Norwood last achieved this feat in 1887 – 89 (I missed those). Personally I believe this is Norwood’s greatest ever achievement for so many varied reasons. Having to play a side with 19 AFL listed players (No AFL in the SANFL, have a national reserves comp you clowns) and not a basket case of an AFL club with no depth and very average left overs, we beat genuine quality and all their advantages of being full time, their training and technological advantages. We won because it meant more. We were 21 mates against individuals more worried about their next contract. An interesting observance picked up by an astute Norwood official was about how after the final siren Port players flopped on the ground and stayed where they were as individuals for a long time. Where was the sticking together as a team and 1 club??
Norwood lost 12 players from last year’s Premiership side, their dual premiership coach
Nathan Bassett to the AFL and a change of President from Joe Tripodi to Paul Di lulio. Norwoods win was one for the ages. It was guts, determination and character brilliantly led by Kieran McGuiness and Jace Bode and coached superbly by Ben Warren.
Back to the start of the day, Pembroke Cricket Club’s Matt Ray Ray Raymond has played in the reserves flag for Woodville West Torrens. I am rapt for Ray Ray, Raf Sterk has it up on our Facebook page within seconds we’ll done Rafa, same colours too so the Kings will claim that one also Ray Ray!! The pre match entertainment is ok but I am one for hurry up and get the main event on.
Norwood race out of the blocks with  Sam Baulderstone clearly on top in ruck and Liam Davis proving to be a handful for Port Power, err Magpies kicking 2 early goals. These two are fascinating stories plucked from obscurity, Baulderstone from country footy, an overweight big man with raw talent he has got fair dinkum and lost a casual 45 kgs and is a huge chance to be drafted. Davis was playing with his mates in div 7 amateur footy for Houghton, enter Nathan Bassett, who plays a game for Houghton when they bid for his services when Bassett is helping raise money for diabetes. Bass is impressed with Liam and invites him out to the parade and the rest is history. Simon Phillips kicks 2 early goals and in a blink of a eye the ‘legs are out to a 5 goal lead. Port steady & kick their 1st and then in the 2nd quarter the roles are reversed Port are cleaner and stretch Norwood with their pace. Kane Mitchell, Aaron Young (other AFL clubs would be mad not to target him) & Ben Newton are running strongly and breaking the lines. Norwood 2013 Premiership player Lewis Stevenson is contributing while Mason Shaw and Nathan Krakouer look dangerous. The power reserves hit the front but a late goal to Callum Bartlett has the ‘legs up by 7 pts at half time.
After half time the game becomes a goal for goal affair with some individual brilliance by the speed machine Wilson, setting up Panos for a goal while Mitchell and skipper Steve Summerton are providing the spark for the magpies, err power reserves. At 3 quarter time it is 4 pts the difference with Port to come home with the aid of a slight breeze. In the last quarter Norwood dominate possesion but can’t hammer it home. Juice Newton, who has had a quiet day, marks strongly and converts. Port from one of their few inside 50’s find Krakouer out wide who with a magnificent kick brings the margin back down to under a goal. Norwood have opportunities to convert but are unable to do so, Port always look threatening on the counter attack, Summerton has a set shot but just misses it’s become a game of sheer will and g & d. The ‘legs battle and hold the ball in and lock the play down. I notice Norwood runner for the day, Robbie “Not the real Bob Neil” ‘Scratcher’ Neill on the ground signalling 1 minute to go, Port receive a shocking free kick and Paul Stewart who has been very quiet gets on to a monster torpedo punt as the players are just about to compete for the mark the most wonderful sound on the planet occurs THE SIREN and the ‘legs are home by 4 pts!!
 To quote Ex Uni Premiership coach, John Griffen, “it is a fine line between pleasure and pain!” Significant factors on the day were K Mac absolutely towelling  John Butcher up he is definitely a case of unskilled labour.  Jimmy Allan was decisive early, Chipper and Dr Webber continue there outstanding finals series, Matt Panos’ move in to the midfield has been a revelation and reignited his career, yet another idea devised at the red rooster chicken shop where all great coaching moves are created.
It was a win for the good guys (great sponsors too) the ‘legs aka Harry Potter defeat the dark side.
The scenes after the game are just pure euphoria, on the victory lap it is great to have some wonderful memories with K Mac, Josh D, Juice and Bodey in particular and Jace, I am claiming you as my gun recruit, getting you to the parade has been proven to be a stunning success.
Prison radio taking Daniel and Campbell home is unusual as always, hello to Steve B in ward H 8. Celebrations back at the parade are huge with a estimated 6 thousand in attendance  (incredible since it is a Sunday and the next day is a working and school day). Past great players such as
Michael and Andrew Aish, Glen Rosser, Brenton Klaebe, Roger Woodcock and Wayne Schmaal among many others are pumped and hailing this magnificent group of men’s achievement, it was great also to catch up with Ben Warren and Nathan Bassett.
As I leave the parade walking back to my car there is massive irony as the song
You’ll never tear us apart is played well no Ken you can’t and Ben yes we can you beauty !
Folks where do you rate this Norwood flag ? What are your favorite memories of the day ?
Please send on to any one interested and make the Footy Almanac truly red and blue blooded!
Go you Legs!!!!!
Malcolm 'Rulebook' Ashwood (right) with Norwood coach Ben Warren

Malcolm ‘Rulebook’ Ashwood (right) with Norwood coach Ben Warren


Rulebook with Kristian Rooke

Rulebook with Kristian Rooke


  1. Best day at the footy. EVER.
    Personal highlight for me was Dugga coming straight over for a hug, love him!!
    Great write up mate.

  2. Happy days on The Parade. Love an underdog win, especially against big business. The Baulderstone story is great. A made for TV movie right there! Good job Malcolm.

  3. John Topperwien says

    Once again a great write up on the game Mal, particularly for those of us that don’t get to the footy anymore.One of the personal highlights for me was to see how much my grandson enjoyed the game, itlooks like we have another one following the family tradition of following the Legs.

  4. Nice work! It is definitely the finest finals campaign I have witnessed. Lesser teams would have buckled in the last quarter of those three games.

    Particular highlights were Rabbs’ two goal assists and Juice’s last quarter goal. Jimmy Allen meant that the hard tag didn’t go to Panos while Baulderstone proved Matt Zurbo’s work about the importance of ruckmen. Very proud of the team and have enjoyed being along for the ride this season.

  5. Andrew Weiss says

    Great write up Rulebook.
    To me this win was right up there with the ’84 premiership. The atmosphere was as good as any AFL game with close to 40,000 real, passionate supporters.

    I thought we may have blown it when Josh Donahue kicked it out of bounds with a couple of minutes to go.

    The only negative is realizing that we might lose a number of players to either retirement or getting picked up in the AFL draft. How good would this Redlegs team have been if these things hadn’t occurred over the last couple of seasons.

    Great to see Kieran McGuniness hold up that cup. A great player for the Redlegs and someone who will be sadly missed.

    Go you Legs!!!

  6. Yeah big call Malcolm but the right one I reckon – this was my immediate post-match thought too, for the reasons you note. Sadly couldn’t be there in person but rode every bump, tackle & smother on 891. Your review by far the best I’ve read; well done. Don’t know what’s wrong with me – Blacks, Legs & Pear in their respective comps seems a curious combination but there you have it. The truth is there is a commonality about the quality of their respective personnel & ethos to which I am naturally drawn. Carn the mighty Legs.

  7. In time, the true greatness of this group will be realised.
    In spite of recruiting bans and salary restrictions, we have won 3 Premierships,, how powerful can this club be with the shackles removed.
    We have provided so many AFL players that I have lost count and who knows, an AFL coach may be appointed soon.
    A dominant time for the mighty Redlegs
    May the rein continue

  8. Going back-to-back-to-back, against the Port Power Reserves and then some quality prison radio. Fantastic day!

    Go the Legs!

  9. Great win true Grit and determination. Great to see all the Red and Blue support. The noise from the forward pocket in the last quarter was sensational.

    Go Leggies

  10. Rulebook, are you sure you didn’t sneak up to the room and press the siren a little early?? I seem to remember you know exactly where it is..
    Great win Legs!!
    After a Coach change, multiple player change and competition change it’s great to see the Club overcome these challenges and win their 3rd premiership in a row. There’s a bigger story to be written here.
    ps. The playing surface at Norwood Oval is long overdue for an upgrade.

  11. Got a call from a mate in Oslo last night who was listening to the game dressed in his Norwood gear.
    He said he found it so much more emotional not being at the GF in person and I could detect he choke in his voice.

    Anyway off to watch the unveiling of the Norwood colours at the Brewery chimney this morning with the wife.

    So proud of the boys and one of the finest GF wins ever.

    God I love this club.

  12. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Great write up ‘Book.

    Did Baulderstone stay at the legendary Carmel Court when he came down from from the country? I’m predicting a movie, starring Anne Wills as the matron-in-charge – it could be called “The Fat Side”

  13. Sunday was a fantastic game of football and just showed that a team that works for each other will come out on top of a team thrown together.

    Baulderstones ruck work was very impressive and McGuiness’ calmness at the back was huge.

    The “one club” deal – before the game the “magpies” have 40 Power staff (all wearing power polo shirts) on the field working with the team during warm up. After the game (prior/during presentations) there was about 5 “team/support staff” with the players – which i think is appalling – barely looked like the coaching staff were even there. While i was happy as a pig in s**t to see port lose – i think it’s pretty appalling to not have anyone from the “team” supporting the blokes who tried but just weren’t good enough. – Poor form Power, poor form

    But awesome day and an amazing team – Go you mighty legs!

  14. Michelle Bria says

    bloody awesum win by our boys true legends Red N Blue Norwood Premiers 2014 #3peat

  15. What a win.

    Can honestly say that it was equal to the 84 flag and the best Norwood victory I have seen live. I was very concerned that we didn’t score more in our dominating start to the last quarter but they lads held on. Thank god Ed Smart has long arms as that deflection probably saved the game. Panos and Baulderstone were amazing and Norwood’s inside mid work was critical to the outcome. Bode and McGunniess were also important, sweeping out the ball from defence. I noticed from the second semi that the Magpies struggled to clear from defence. I think this also showed up a little in the GF as they couldn’t get clean outside ball when it mattered. Port looked very dangerous when they had space but they just couldn’t get any. I also feel very happy for Jimmy Allan. Was a good player on the day but his decision to come over to the Redlegs is now vindicated.

    Carn the legs!

  16. Great article Malcolm,
    Reading this makes me a little sad that I wasn’t able to see the game. It sounds like it was so exciting. Then again, I probably could have done without the excitement given the Prelim I attended the night before when my Hawks gave me a few more grey hairs, bitten down fingernails, and a very croaky voice!
    Well done to the Redlegs, a remarkable achievement. It’s the team I remember from my childhood, they were champions back then too. The Redlegs are the reason I found and developed a love for this game so despite living in Melbourne for most of my life, the mighty Redlegs will always have a special spot in my life.

  17. Robert Allevi says

    Yes we can ,and yes we did ,proud of our past , excited about our future.what will 2015 bring us 4 in a row maybe beat the crows next year .I want it all and I got it now

  18. It’s a grand old flag…..wooohooo

  19. Great game and great to watch. When the game got close and Port’s run got closed down they struggled for answers. Norwood dominated the last quarter and Krakour’s goal was completely against the run of play.
    Sixth premiership I have seen live!

    Go you legs.

  20. The sound of that siren was like the calling of an angel… So proud of the club, best win I’ve ever seen…

  21. I’m proud to be red and blue blooded! Saw on FB we won, sounds as good as ’84. great article Book.

  22. Great win and great wrote up, mate. I’ve been away from Adelaide for 20 years but the Redlegs are a special part of home.

    i saw us roll West and North at The Royal Exhibition in Surry Hills in Sydney but this year watched the scores on the SANFL site in between a day out with the family at Cronulla and dinner at the Sushi Train. At the 25 min mark of the last quarter – after Summertons point – the good ol’ SANFL site crashed I imagine cos all us nervous bastards were refreshing the screen constantly waiting for the siren. I was in a daze. My wife walked back to to the table with my son and I said ” the sites crashed. It’s crashed. The games almost done and its crashed. ” after about 30 seconds of panic my phone “buzzed”. And I knew it had to be my brother and we must’ve won so I grabbed the phone and read his simple SMS, “WooHoo!!!!!” and knew we’d won it. And the guy in Oslo is right. It’s hard to listen or follow the GF alone and like him I had the croak in my voice and the brilliant Ed Smart ( great game !! ) 2011 face at the end of it.

  23. Fantastic write up and photos Rulebook.

    Great weather, amazing crowd, awesome game, and a history making result – GO YOU LEGGIES! Glad I was there to witness it in person – one of the great SANFL GF’s of all time.

    It will always be a grand old, high flying Red and Blue Flag! REDLEGS FOREVER

  24. Sensational stuff, Rulebook. A mate and ex-Whitefriars boy coached the Panthers this year and they also had a ripper season.

    This victory was very similar to the Dogs beating Box Hill (Hawthorn affiliate club) in the VFL. The Dogs won because it meant more and they were a team.

    Enjoy the celebrations.

  25. Paul Di Iulio says

    Great write up Malcolm, what a day for the Norwood Footy Club, it’s one of our greatest wins ever. I could not be prouder of Ben and all the players they were absolutely magnificent. I also want to say thankyou to all the volunteers and support staff that helped the boys get over the line and the thousands and thousands of supporters at Adelaide Oval that cheered the boys home, we have the best supporters in the league and their continued support home and away is absolutely amazing and appreciated.

  26. John Warhurst says

    Terrific report Malcolm. Redlegs are a great club and keep turning out terrific players and coaches. Go The Parade! The crowd numbers are indicative of the tremendous community support for the SANFL compared to WAFL and VFL. Well done Adelaide and Adelaide Oval.

  27. Froggy murdoch says

    Great report Mal
    I couldn’t be prouder to be red and blue blooded. It was a win equal to ’84. To lose so many premiership players and our gun coach and still win the flag was an amazing performance speaking volumes of everyone involved at our great club.
    Fantastic stories of the boys coming out of country and amateur football proving what hard work and discipline can achieve. Looking forward to 4 in a row this time next year.

  28. Luke Reynolds says

    Great stuff Malcolm. Well done Norwood.

    With the Adelaide Oval being filled nearly every week for Power and Crows games, is it time for a Rulebook led Norwood bid for a third South Australian AFL license??

  29. Dwayne Fuller says

    75,78,82,84,97,12,13 and now 2014. All of these Premierships that I have experienced as a supporter of NFC have had great moments and I’ve enjoyed them all but 2014 possibly goes down as Norwood’s finest success story. The second semi final when Port kicked the first goal of the final 1/4 would have been enough to kill off any other club, but the resolve guts and determination to win that game showed how much character and will to win this Norwood team has. It set us up to have a real crack at this year title. I personally have never been so satisfied to hear a bloody siren sound, it was pure exhilaration. Thanks Malcolm for a great article and to all at NFC what a year we’ve had, a lot of changes as we all know and I seriously doubt any other club could do what NFC has under the circumstances, I’ll never forget season 2014 it’s been truly incredible. REDLEGS 100%

  30. Well written Mal, again spot on. Mitchell did worry me running around like an unregistered dog at times, but his disposal did let him down as usual. It was a real gutsy win, really ground out compared to the last two years.
    I guess we have beaten west, north and port; only south remains for 2015!!! Go you Redlegs!!

  31. sometimes i couldnt bear to watch in that last quarter but it was an unbelievable finish and i am so proud of our team at the parade and proud to be part of the cheersquad as the boys appreciate it especially standing out on the oval on such an amazing day i love the redlegs and now i cant wait till next season 3 in a row is awesome but we cant get cocky and will see what next year will bring for the red and the blue

  32. Couldnt have summed it up better rulebook. Fantastic day. Best ever, not sure only because they are different for different reasons. To get a 3peat though is an extraordinary achievement and congratulations goes to the structures out in place by the NFC Board, its coaching staff past and present, its players past and present and its volunteers!!!
    Hopefully this will lead to a dynasty beyond that of Central Districts and Port Adelaide Football Clubs. Keep up the good work Rulebook, you are certainly to be congratulated too! neags48.

  33. This flag rates as high as 1984! They said we couldn’t win from 5th! They were so wrong. Go forward 30 years. Two AFL reserves sides in the SANFL. A punting man would say Port v Crows for the flag. How wrong they were again! 12 gone from last year we shouldn’t have even been in the top 5 for that matter & half way through the year we were looking rather average. But then the guys got their feet & jelled ( sorry if spelt wrong). These guys are true champions. ( a word that gets used way too much these days) but they are. Port Adelaide use the catch phrase 1 club. Well in my eyes 1 club has only one set of colors, one history ( not dig up a past from half of our club) & one emblem. & my friends! That is the Norwood Football Club. 1 club, 1 pasion. 2012, 2013 & 2014 Premiers!!

    p.s. this has been achieved without any assistance from the SANFL like the Centrals dynasty. & to be honest I dont think the ride is over just yet. Look out 2015!!

    Great article Malcolm. Its just a pity Im not closer to have been there on the day & maybe have a beer together to celebrate.

    Cheers to all the Red & Blue faithful.

  34. Stacey Warne says

    Well written Malcolm, I think it was a very good game kept us on the edge of our seats. But it was a memorable game beating our arch rivals Port. Go The Redlegs…very proud of our boys. Let’s go for our fourth flag!!!

  35. Joe paradiso says

    Brilliant . Can remember us drifting out to 15/1 early in the year. Finals win against sturt was exceptional to . Pure grit ur teeth stuff . Ben and the boys can be proud

  36. Reuben Smith says

    Brilliant again ashy

  37. Great day for footy and perfect match between two arch rivals for first grand final back at Adelaide Oval. . Best crowd for long time, greatest result.. Norwood were sensational on the day and through out finals. Had an awesome night back at the parade also… Go you legs three in a row you beauty.

  38. Well researched it’s a shame you weren’t part of the history group we need modern thinkers who don’t live in the past like most off them most have little relevance too the new direction the Norwood club is heading in

  39. Great summation Book. Agree has to be one of the best Grand Final wins but to split different years is really tough. ’84 what great memories we still have of that game – KT mark, Aishy run down the outer wing, Craig Balme and Tim Evans dancing etc. I’m sure in 30 years we will have equal memories of this famous victory.
    3 in a row…nah let’s get greedy and go for 4 or more!!

  40. Thanks Malcolm, Your a true credit to the Norwood football club with your articles that tell it how it is….. I listen to the game over here in Dublin Ireland on 5AA and was lucky to be the first caller on air to thank the 5AA crew for an awesome call on the game… (not the first time ive been up at 5.00am) 5AA were behind the redlegs seemed obvious to me, especially the comment at the start before the game that all Sth Aussies should get behind the legs and what they can achieve….. looking forward to coming home in a few short weeks to see my family and friends and go to the parade for my new three in a row t-shirt, my late grand pop installed the ‘heart beats true for the red and the blue’ at a very young age,,,,,,, later all redleg fans ENJOY! regards Mark

  41. Well done Mal good summary congrats to the Group now for Clubroom to celebrate in to the wee hours like old times!

  42. from Mark Compare
    10:28pm Sep 23
    Gone are the days of playing for the jumper in the AFL, now it’s all about the $. It’s not an equal playing field, clubs with higher salary caps, rule changes every year, umpires influencing outcomes of games cos they want to be in the spotlight, free agency and a bullshit fixture. I could go on but I’d be here all night. What I saw on Sunday was 21 mates playing for the jumper, for each other, playing as one, and that’s gonna beat a team of 21 individuals anyday of the week no matter how good they think they are. I’ve only witnessed the last 5 premierships but to me it was the greatest of them all by far. My heart will always beat true. AWESOME ARTICLE Malcolm Ashwood. Love ya work.

  43. Very nice ‘book. I was in the car on the way back from Melbourne frantically trying to tune the radio station to catch the SANFL rather than the VFL. Even on the radio the atmosphere was incredible

  44. Leanne Cross says

    Well said Malcolm….good summary of what was an awesome game.

  45. Great story, OBP.
    Mighty efforts from S Baulderstone and L Davis – love the “roughy comes good” storyline.
    Another example of the enormous strength found by the Davids against the Goliaths; the us against the them.
    Well done ‘legs.
    Well done Port.
    Well done SANFL.

  46. rulebook, great report and the build up through the lines was very evocative. camera work exemplary. legs now have three on the trot. This baulderstone bloke sounds like a ruck soldier in the vein of Candles Thompson. Redlegs should now challenge an AFL side to get a benchmark. Perhaps Melbourne with livery adjustments. I have often wondered how the best of the state leagues would go against AFL sides.


  47. Brilliant read Malcolm. Was a amazing achievement for our proud football club to sustain success, considering the exodus both on and off field.

    It really is a ‘Grand old flag’!

  48. Port losing both AFL Prelim and SANFL GF on same weekend by less than a goal, oh dear.

  49. Sweet result and bang on the money as always Book. Nearly missed the start due to ticket balls-up – surely it’s not that hard to sell tickets is it Book? All we need is Norwood v Sturt next year to fill the oval. As you were.

  50. Tom warhurst says

    Great wrap Malcolm. Must firstly admit I was not there but followed the game with Gia and son Jack in HK . Unfortunately planned the trip months ago when I doubted a GF berth was possible I rated the semi win over the Maggies as one of the clubs greatest. But this win must even top that and I can’t wait to watch the replay over and over when I return It’s a ‘pity ‘ the maggies don’t make too many grannies any more as its worth double when u beat them. Congrats to Ben and the lads especially Old Ignatians Rooke and Chippendale And old Joggers world employee Kane Murphy Well done to all Paul and Geoff and support staff and committees involved Bring on a fourth straight flag as I’m over Gags and Piano being the only 4x premiership players !! on a final note. I had lunch here in HK with an old ex Adelaide Priest and Redlegs supporter Fr Jim Mulroney who described PaFc. As ‘representing all that is dark and evil in the world ‘!!! ha Ha. He’s right. Very sweet victory ,Thank you NFC.

  51. Well done Malcolm. It’s great to be red and blue blooded!

  52. When the final siren sounded last Sunday I was shocked beyond belief that we had actually won.. It took about 15 mins for the reality of it to finally sneak in.. So proud of the boys for bring able to pull off the win..

  53. Michael Aish says

    Well written Malcolm. To me this was the finest win i have seen or experienced . The Norwood football club as we know plays an important part in the lives of those who have not only had the privilege to play but also those who have worked and supported the club over the years.What Nathan Basset brought to the club 5 years ago with his passion and knowledge and ability to mold a team into a disciplined outfit has been nothing more than sensational. To lose the amount of players over the last two years along with the senior coach and others and to beat an afl listed group of players ( not to mention the arch enemy) was a day that i will remember forever. Congratulations to Ben what a terrific effort from you and the assistants and the management.

  54. 2012 was more relief this year will be etched in my memory forever one of the greatest finals I’ve seen it had it all was brilliant… Top write up

  55. Ricci centofanti says

    This has got to be the sweetest victory I have seen. Playing against AFL reserves. I’m red and blue blooded through and through. Great write up Malcolm. Go you LEGGIES!!

  56. Malcolm Rulebook Ashwood says

    Thanks folks the sheer excitement and raw emotion from past players to supporters united as 1 it is truly great to be red and blue blooded

  57. Malcolm Rulebook Ashwood says

    Brenton Barnett 7:46pm Sep 24
    Mal I think its a great reflection…. Flip’s goal in the 3rd quarter and Wilson pace are my memories, The final siren was the best tho

  58. Epic EPIC GAME. The best game I have seen in my life

    Mal I think its a great reflection…. Flip’s goal in the 3rd quarter and Wilson pace are my memories, The final siren was the best though!!

  59. Martin Rumsby says

    I’ve been very fortunate to see a number of great premiership victories by the Redlegs. 1978 and 1984 stand out because they were truly against the odds and I can still remember the elation felt at the final siren in those Grand Finals. This one was a bit different. There was a real sense of the moment. A new era of the SANFL. Could we back up winning the last GF at Footy Park with winning the first back at Adelaide Oval? Could we win three in a row for the first time in over 100 years? The two teams were very evenly matched. We’d beaten them two times out of three this year, but all three were all hard-fought games. The other SANFL coaches all predicted a close game. I couldn’t be prouder of the effort the boys put in and the sense of relief and exhilaration at the final siren matches that of 1978 and 1984. One of the finest moment in the history of a great footy club. Go the ‘Legs.

  60. Tried waiting til Id settled down to leave a comment, but having just watched the replay again it’s still hard to keep emotion out of it. Was lucky enough to be at the 84′ GF but as a kid it probably didn’t hit home enough how difficult Grand Finals are to win. This one is hard to describe, did my best Ed Smart impersonation when the siren went and hugged mates and family alike and will never, ever forget those moments. So proud of the boys, every single one of them with a heart bigger than Phar Lap. My old man started following us in 51′ and never got to see us win a flag in Adelaide Oval, but our boys have us the chance to experience it forever, I am so indebted to our club and will never be able to thank them to thank them enough. Fortis In Procella on display bigtime!!

  61. Rymill Bonython says

    “What a bastard.”
    – Russell Ebert, 1984.

    “What another bastard.”
    – Rymill Bonython, 2014.

  62. What a great win by the Mighty Redlegs, especially over the Power Reserves (Aka Magpies. Ha! Who are they trying to kid?). I’m sure deep down Keith Thomas enjoyed this win as much as his win with Norwood over Port in 1984, he just can’t be seen doing anything other than following the One Club spin (or is it better now as Two Teams, One Club, Zero Flags?). I enjoyed reading your article Rulebook.

    Norwood has set the standard over recent years, and hopefully it can continue, even if the team is again decimated by A(V)FL clubs taking a large number of Norwood players as was the case last year.

    On a side matter, I think the SANFL should make the most of the refurbished Adelaide Oval (AO). 38,000 fans at the SANFL Grand Final and 10,000 at the Norwood v North Adelaide minor round held at AO on Anzac Day show that there is a real appetite for SANFL footy at the refurbished AO. I think the SANFL should allow each of the 8 real SANFL clubs/teams to host two “home” games at AO, making 16 games for the season (Crows Reserves don’t have home games, Power Reserves can stay at Alberton). It will get the crowd numbers up and, as long as the SMA are reasonable, return more cash to the SANFL clubs. It should also raise the profile of the SANFL, perhaps bringing in more sponsorship opportunities.

  63. Have followed the redlegs for over 35 years – winning 3 in a row is an awesome effort for the club. My little one is 6 years old and has been to 4 grand finals and 3 winning ones, he is so fortunate. As everyone else here when that final siren went it was a pure adrenaline rush such an exciting game, a real nail biter. I’ve watched the last 10 minutes several times now, and I still count down the minutes till the siren goes – my heart still races!!! Congratulations to Ben, all the coaches and the red and blue blooded players – the 21 mates, who put themselves on the line, they deserved the win. 1 club, 1 heart, 1 purpose = the Norwood Football Club.

  64. Great write up Malcolm. That grand final was the best ever. To beat an AFL side, is just brilliant. I must admit, I was panicing in that last few minutes. But when that siren blew, it was the best feeling. Well done to Dugga and the players. To see our colours on that chimney again, is just fantastic.

  65. Great summary Book
    I was in country Qld camping and had to climb to top of hill to get reception and listen to Tuneinradio. Agree with TW, there is nothing better than winning a GF under the circumstances we did, but to do it against Port just made the beers taste so sweet back at the camp.
    I will remember next year to not book holidays in GF week so that I can come down and watch the team again, has been too long.
    Go you mighty REDLEGS

  66. Great review Rulebook, must be a thrill for you to have football royalty (M Aish) commenting on your review! Really hard to compare flags across the years, particularly since the advent of the Crows in 1991 (and subsequently the Power) with their listed players going back to clubs, and again with such a significant change to the league this year with the AFL reserves teams. The first flag I remember vividly is 1978, the first time I watched a game on a colour TV! All have been special for different reasons, but beating Port (in whatever form they take) is always extra special.
    With the changes to playing personnel, coach, and the SANFL structure this year, 2014 will always be special.
    A Champion team triumphing against a team of (potential?) champions, simply brilliant!

  67. Mighty Legs!

  68. Malcolm Rulebook Ashwood says

    Ralph Mudge 9:48am Sep 25
    Thank u ,gr8 read it was a gr8 game ,my heart eas in my mouth ,i was yelling out almost screaming ,”blow the fkn siren”over and over from the 24 minute mark . It was an amazing feeling when the siren blew and all the redleg fans erupted and then burst into the team song

  69. You da man Rulebook. Spot on once again. I had that horrible feeling they were going to steal it just like Hodges in that Prelim! The guts and determination shown by the playing group was a privilege to watch. Well done to the Super Coach and to Bass for laying the foundations for this great Club. Bring on 2015!

  70. What a result!! It was great to read Rulebooks account of the game. Brings back very fond memories of being associated with such an excellent club. Obviously the quality of the players, the coaches, support staff, club administrators, volunteers and supporters continues to be as strong as ever. A wonderful achievement…. (and dont we love beating PAFC in close GF’s!)

    port adelaide power magpies – IT DOESN’T GET ANY BETTER THAN THAT .

  72. Michael Rehn says

    Michael Rehn 4:21pm Sep 25
    It’s great to see Balmey and other past players commenting on the club’s success. Their love of the club, their team spirit and their bond in their shared struggle for the ultimate prize doesn’t diminish with time. How many of those Power Reserves players will even remember their team-mates names in 5 years time ? You lhave lost a lot more than a Grand

  73. Daryl Harper says

    Surely this was a premiership that was never supposed to happen. After the stirring victories in ’13 and ’12, who really thought that a recipe for success in ’14 could be created and successfully implemented? When you factor in all of those hurdles mentioned by others, it was madness to think that the three-peat was possible. And yet, as I looked at the final scoreline, more memories stirred from a by-gone era…82-78 They were two more premiership years that put a sparkle into the eyes of anyone who is red and blue blooded. Thanks to Ben and the boys for their dedication.
    (I’m a little worried about Sam Baulderstone. His weight loss increases every report!)
    If it wasn’t our greatest win ever, it was certainly one for the modern era.
    Thanks Malcolm for continuing to keep the passion alive…

  74. The passion lives, from the frustrating memories of watching the Mighty Redlegs going down to Port twice, North and West as a child in the late fifties and early sixties to following from far off Hong Kong on the SANFL website, only for it to crash on me with four minutes to go and four points up you still have to know that you are red and blue blooded.
    And sweet is victory. Three in a row, never to have been dreamed about, and sweeter still to do it against Port Adelaide. There is still great thrill in beating them, especially by a small margin. One point may have been sweeter, but I suppose there is football indigestion as well. Here’s to four next year.

  75. Great read Book! Even better with Port losing two finals in two days. Interested to see what happens with the likes of Smart who could be a future leader at Norwood or possibly a spot on an AFL list

  76. Malcolm Rulebook Ashwood says

    Thanks, Malcolm. Looks like a very impressive presentation. Well done, Norwood & Jimmy Allen & Sam Baulderstone in particular. Great a true SANFL side claimed the prize, mate! :-)Bruce Schulz

  77. Richard Wallace says

    Great write up Malcolm, it actually brings back some great memories as sitting in the stand the game ending up being a seesaw battle you sometimes forget some of the events that happens during the day. Reading feedback from legends of the club and general members and supporters just goes to show how much this win means to everyone # golegs

  78. My family and I were most fortunate to witness Norwood’s remarkable victory last Sunday. and what a joy it was. Last year I was on an ‘enforced’ sojourn in Paris for my wife’s birthday and missed the Grand Final by a day. Despite this I have continued to impress upon my 3 young sons (and my eldest son and daughter) that Norwood is the greatest club in the world and that ‘we never give up’ – I think Keith stole this from us – how true it was on this occasion! I note Tommy Warhurst’s comment that he is “over Gags and Piano being the only 4x premiership players”. Quite frankly this is one of the only times I am forced to agree with Tommy as I would be very thrilled to see several of our current players winning 4, 5, 6 or more Premierships.
    As an addendum, I must also say that it was one of the only times that I have experienced big Johnny Hall give something away for nothing when I enjoyed an exquisite serve of Salt and Pepper Squid from his “Squid Ink” caravan at Adelaide Oval that same day. Please make it your duty to partake in some first rate sustenance at a sporting event sometime in the near future. Just say Piano sent you!

  79. great write up Rulebook!
    Only saw the last quarter, being a Port Hater since the day i started following football. Was great to see a tea, of mates beat a team of individuals (as you so rightly said).

    Congratulations on a mighty fine win, and to the treble!

  80. Malcolm Rulebook Ashwood says

    If you plan to understand successful football. I believe you should be watching the 2014 sanfl grand final. Norwood applied relentless pressure. It was an incredible effort. Simple, powerful, relentless. The tackling was stunning. Great tackling and strong inside work created space. You can only use true pace if you can tackle and then use the time made by the Bunny

  81. Malcolm Rulebook Ashwood says

    I am loving the comments made by the past players and supporters they are capturing the emotion, excitement and sheer joy of capturing one of the of the greatest premiership wins in Sanfl history . On Sunday night it was indeed a massive talking point among so many where this flag rates the comments made show perfectly !
    Supporters wise the volume of comments and passion in them are sensational and to have comments made from , China , Dublin , Hong Kong , England , Oslo and right around , Australia shows how much red and blue blood is in the world , go you mighty legs

  82. Malcolm Rulebook Ashwood says

    well done Ashy…….

    I think that it is probably one of the greatest moments, not only in Norwood’s history, but in the 131 year history of the sanfl…….be struggling to find another team that loses 12 players and a coach and a president and still backs up the next year

    Go the Legs……greed is good……I like the number 4 !!
    By Alan Favell

  83. Brenton Klaebe says

    Well said Shaggy.. Sunday was a great day for the club.. The boys truly lived up to the NFC creed “FORTIS IN PROCELLA”.. I never ever get to excited at the footy but Sunday I was out of my seat.. I was amazed how composed and well drilled our team is.. Well done to Bass and Ben Warren, they’ve done a terrific job getting the club playing a consistently good brand of football.. Out supporters can be very proud of what the players have achieved and they deserve their success.. On a personal note the absolute highlight of the day was having a beer with my childhood favourite player Greg Turbill.. I call him Grandpa now.. He coached me when I was 12.. became a great friend as I grew up.. It was awesome to see him looking healthy and enjoying the day.. I think you’ve summed it up pretty well Malcolm.. Our guys played like a team.. It’s pretty hard to beat a group that play for each other.. Im one of many very proud NFC supporters.. Great story mate..!!!!

  84. Geoff Wilson says

    I agree with Aishy, especially with what Norwood means to all of us, great comment Michael and a great summary Malcolm, lets make it 4 in a row in 2015, Go The Mighty Redlegs.

  85. Great write up Malcoim…the final siren was amazing!

  86. David Hossen says

    Malcolm, gr8 article and it was a great game and I believe last Sunday was a great spectacle for the SANFL. As a Port Magpie supporter, I left the ground disappointed but hey, the best team won on the day and probably the best result for the SANFL with Norwood winning too. It’s easy to say in hindsight, but as I have said for the past 22 years, the AFL/SANFL got it so wrong in 1990. It should have been Norwood and Port into the AFL, along with Subiaco & East or South Fremantle from WA and then there would have been a greater rivalry built on club footy and NOT a state based side like W.C Eagles and Crows. Cheers Hoss

  87. After reading and hearing from people about how good this grand final was it’s an amazing club how we managed to create this feeling of emotion over the decades of Norwood Football Club. The people that went before us at the NFC created by Heidenreich, Baulderstone and Tripodi created a great environment for people to get involved and be a success in football and their life off the field.

  88. Andrew Geisler says

    Firstl I’d like to congratulate Ben Warren, a daunting task taking over the reins of a successful club that’s just won 2 premierships and then lost 12 players, coaches nightmare! Bassett has left a legacy, also a great coach of the future! I’m very happy that David beat Goliath as this season for me as a Crows/ Norwood supporter has been frustrating to say the least:-(( I didn’t get to see the game as I’d only just returned from overseas but it’s great to see the Norwood/ Port rivalry continue on Grand Final day and to hear of all the past Legends still getting to the club. I must say my old favourite was Jimmy Thiele/RIP what a monster of a man but a gentleman! Go the legs!!

  89. David Zampatti says

    David H, you were going along okay until you said Subiaco should have been one of the clubs elevated to AFL status from WA. Where did you get that bizarre idea from? Poorly supported, perennial bunnies, living off the teat of a grandfather deal at Subi Oval that gave them an income stream not available to other clubs.

    If you want to know which WA club should have been elevated into the the AFL, just ask John Wynne.

    (Apologies to Austin Robertson)

  90. A great win! And it should be noted that support for the red and blue was huge!
    We easily outnumbered the Port supporters. And I supported the club again today with the purchase of a “3 in a row Redlegs Premiers” stubby holder, which I may put to use right now… Cheers!

  91. Best and most satisfying day of football in my life so far. Seeing past players when they greeted each other back at the parade, the noise out of the south east pocket when we ran out and the looks on old friends faces after the game was priceless. That and Ross saying that trust me we’ll be here again… stirs the passion enough to keep this club grand for many years to come. So proud of our men of Norwood.

  92. Malcolm Rulebook Ashwood says

    Michael Rehn 7:12pm Sep 26
    Wynney’s comment is so spot on……we have been lucky to have had so many quality people over the years that have guided and driven this great club. We usually remember the playing heroes and senior coaches, and so we should, but we have also had many, many great off field leaders too. Those who have had the forsight to look ahead, those who know how to deliver the financial resources and those who know how to keep the ship sailing smoothly, who also deserve to be remembered.

  93. Malcolm Rulebook Ashwood says


    As you know I’m in bali and ashamed that I thought we probably would not make it to the grand final this year. As the season rolled on I could see bennys plan coming together along with the resolve of the playing group. I could say so much more but to try to sum it up in a few words from a personal perspective as I listened to the call on 5aa In my resort I can’t recall ever being so nervous as I know we deserved victory so much more than port did. I commend Buddha in his after game words but are unsure if they are genuine?
    The right result was achieved and it’s one of the best games in NFC history. For what it’s worth the 93 prelim was the most satisfying to watch with such a young group under Niel Craig, but the eagles stitched us up a week later.

    We may never ever realise how good this win was.
    NFC for ever by Daniel

  94. Malcolm- I reckon if I was looking to start a cult, in say Korea, I’d enlist you. Another amazing response to your post! Well done.

  95. leigh turbill says

    Luckily enough to see 4 flags, last Sunday was the best (with all due respect to the others). This will sound stupid but arguably my favourite year was 2010. We didn’t win the flag (damn we came close) but the turn around from where we were was unbelievable, we played with heart and spirit and everyweek we had a massive crack- I think the same of the 2014 team. To lose the players we did to play against 19 AFL players and win- unbelievable.
    Loved the article, especially the first and last paragraphs

  96. Malcolm Rulebook Ashwood says

    Thanks mate. Another great read Braden

  97. Malcolm Musolino says

    Great article Malcolm. This would be the best victory I have seen. Words can’t describe what this club means to me. The character these guys showed in both finals is unbelievable. I had tears in my eyes on the siren,never expecting to experience a dominant Norwood side winning 3 in a row. My father who is looking down upon us would be very proud of what this club has achieved. Lets hope we back it up with 4 in a row. Legs4life

  98. Shane Donohue says

    Who would of that my son josh would be a dual premiership 100game player for this magnificent club i have always been red and blue blooded so proud how sweet it is

  99. Tony Tremonte says

    Great article Malcolm. After watching the first trial game at Noarlunga, I thought we were going to be in for a long season. Been to every game this season and it has been great watching the team develop. To see the young guys like Kristian Roocke and Kane Murphy get rewarded for all there hard work during the year was great to see. The grand final without a doubt was the best football game I have ever witnessed, the roar on the siren will stay with me for a very long time.

  100. A good read Malcolm and i especially like the way you tell it as if it was like yesterday and i hope to continue my great work with the football club and achieve more and more success along the way. Well done to all the players and match day staff as we pulled of one of the best wins ever that i have ever been involved in as a trainer for Norwood in the last 3yrs… Keep up the good work Malcolm see you in 2015 !..

  101. Malcolm Rulebook Ashwood says

    Your writ-up was tops Malcolm.
    More than a few stalwarts in response.
    I enjoyed the game immensely, a bit hot facing the western sun, although I did think that the Legs would shit in their own nest the way they fucked around with the ball in the last quarter.
    Ronald McDonald

  102. Brilliant write up Malcolm, summed up the day beautifully mate!!! Cheers for the notification to the site….. On my personal thoughts of the day, it’s probably the proudest Redlegs moment of my life. There’s been many times over the 30+ years I’ve supported the NFC that I’ve been immensely proud to support such a great club. However this win stands alone in my mind as my proudest. RED AND BLUE BLOODED FOREVER….100%…. ONE CLUB.. NFC.

  103. Dizzy Sheehan says

    The only thing better than wining a Premiership over Port by 4 points is Hawthorne beating the Power by 4 points( and going on to win a premiership by 63 points might I add) is Echunga going up from country division premiers… To win central division 2014 just to be relegated… Joke HFL… Back to Back, Back to Back, Back to Back…. Does your heart beat true Red and Blue 2015?????.. Does Norwood need a reserves side??? Go the Leggies …. Regards Dizzy Sheehan

  104. Firstly, fantastic write-up Malcolm – meticulously constructed and articulated well! What a day for the mighty Norwood Football Club!! Before 2012, our last flag was 1997, when I was a child of barely three months! But my God it was worth the wait!! Three in a row is special and I commend everyone involved – from the players whose determination and pride in the Norwood Football Club is showcased on a weekly basis, particularly on Sunday, when we battled a professional outfit, and emerged victorious!, to the coach Ben Warren, the Board under the able direction of Paul Di Iulio, as well as the supporters and sponsors!!! The Norwood community is truly a family and anyone would be honoured to be a part of such a terrific football club!
    – Cristian

  105. Another Greta write up Malcolm. One of the few times I have shed a tear at the footy. Couldn’t have possibly been prouder when that final siren went!

  106. Found a pub in Melbourne in 2012, flew to Adelaide in 2013, found myself walking the laneways of Bangkok last week, (Thanks wifey for booking a trip during sanfl and afl gf week), streaming a feed on my phone, sweating n cheering, heart in mouth, phone in hand, coconut juice in other hand.
    Can’t believe I was so nervous and excited watching a feed.
    Awesome win. Boys did a great job to adjust to Duggas style and make a move mid season to peak straight time.
    I may have cheered for Port (afl) on Saturday, but hated the jumper. Hated it more Sunday!
    Go leggies! Well done to everyone, coach, players, hierarchy, paid up members. A real team effort against adversity.
    Oh and nice work Book.

  107. Max Pfitzner says

    What a sensational game. I have witnessed them all since 75 and I reckon this one takes the cake! Mind you, we were all out of our seats in the dying moments of the 78 final against Sturt….but there is nothing like beating the old enemy. One of life’s more memorable days!

  108. Great summation Mal.
    I can honestly say that I have NEVER shed a tear at a footy match but found them rolling down my cheeks as I walked across the oval on my way to join the boys in their celebration. It was made even worse when our “hard case” Jace Bode embraced me with a waterfall running down his face. This was followed by more embraces from players also “tearing up”. This premiership meant so much to them all, whether it be their third or first.
    I congratulate the boys on their hard earned win, they have been through hell and back to achieve it but I would also like to spare a thought for all the volunteers who are equally deserving of praise.
    Unashamedly I would like to thank our Medical team who have been with the boys from first day of pre-season right through to the last siren of GF Day. Both Doctors, Physio and trainers. All have sacrificed a great deal. They are there before the players arrive for each session/game and are often the last to leave, giving our boys the necessary care and attention that is required to get them on the park each week. There is no better Med team in the SANFL, and I say that without fear of contradiction.
    Once again, congratulations to all involved in making this a Premiership to remember for so many different reasons. #21MATES

  109. Nathan Janda says

    Great article Malcolm! Everything about this premiership was special, the odds were completely stacked against us, but our true determination showed. This year, we had to overcome the hurdles of losing 12 players (with recruiting restrictions in place) and our (messiah) coach. We had to bounce back from a poor start to the season and then play a (nearly full strength) AFL Reserves team in the Grand Final (on a field they train on weekly). On top of overcoming all those hurdles, we were chasing the history of winning three premierships in a row and the first premiership on the redeveloped Adelaide Oval.

    I have to admit, I questioned Benny Warren’s appointment last year. When news broke on 5AA, my jaw hit the floor. I understood why they chose Benny, but I couldn’t see us being as successful, let alone winning a premiership. I’m thankful to admit, I was completely wrong (While I wasn’t gonna admit that earlier this season!!!).

    I can’t even remember the siren ringing, it’s all a bit of a blur for me. That torpedo sailing into their F50 looked dangerous, I was panicking until the siren went. That’s when the pure emotion came out with the sense of relief that we had defied all the odds. I even broke my flag from waving it too much after the siren (It had enough and snapped in half) while I watched the little Magpies fan next to me, ball his eyes out.

    The after-party was amazing too. Seeing that many people back at the Parade on a Sunday (work/school) night was incredible. Honestly, I couldn’t care that I had school the next morning, I belted out that song (or the National Anthem as we like to call it), like never before.

    Could not be any prouder of the Norwood Football Club and everyone involved. The song doesn’t lie when it says ‘Every heart beats true for the Red and the Blue’!
    Bring on 2015, because this passion and determination is only going to get bigger! It will be another big season! Go the Redlegs!!!

  110. Malcolm Rulebook Ashwood says

    Thank you the comments continue to show the love of the Norwood FC and hom much the lag has meant to us all from , Ben in Bangcok , Nathan love how much the redlegs mean to you . Baldy volunteers are the life blood of all sporting clubs being on the committee of Adelaide Uni FC and Pembroke OSCC quite frankly work gets in the way of spott a lot of the time . Overall in this era of saturation of the afl it has been mind blowing to see the passion for the redlegs to be so strong , thanks folks ! Go the legs

  111. As a lifetime supporter, and member of the Port Adelaide Football Club and a life member of the Port Adelaide Cricket Club, and having spent many years, days and hours out on the sacred oval, and under the hallowed grandstands, it’s hard to get enthused about a Norwood victory.

  112. Michael Coligan says

    Wonderful and passionate summary of the game Malcolm. The ‘turn up’ from the Redlegs faithful was a credit for the support our club has enjoyed for decades, probably since 1975. So many great efforts by all the players who now join the elite status of Norwood premiership player and have it recognised on their locker. Special cheer to Kane Murphy and Christian Rooke for their persistence and claiming a premiership medal. It was quoted that coach Hocking made reference, in his post match address in the Norwood rooms, to Smarty’s effort in the last quarter out muscling three Power players to be a defining moment in the result. It was an extraordinary achievement given the ‘concessions’ afforded the arch rival this season, and all the more remarkable how a virtual novice coaching group was able to ensure the Bassett game plan held up against all odds. The Norwood faithful will still be talking about this magnificent win in June next year when we celebrate the reunion of the 1975 league and seconds premierships, the 1974 seconds premiership and induct five more Men of Norwood into its Hall of Fame.

  113. Malcolm Rulebook Ashwood says

    Great article book , loved every minute of the game , loved every word of the article
    Brilliant game better result thanks for sharing rulebook , go the legs . Anthony Davies

  114. Great work again Book, harnessing the faithful through social media, email and incessant phone calls.

    Are your services available to campaign for other organisations? Nigel Smart must be kicking himself he didn’t have you onside for the 2006 election.

    It stings a bit that you’ve jumped straight off the Blacks and onto the Redlegs but at least another semi-worthy cause is getting your full attention. Very impressive to see the big names from the Parade contributing above. It’s a real testament to your persistence, or harassment, as the case may be.

  115. Malcolm
    Great Article
    Great Day
    Great Win
    Great Club that has won 30 premierships while remaining loyal and true to all of its supporters and given the reaction to the win there are many.

  116. Darren Watson says

    Great write up , Malcolm love it accurate and precise thank you

  117. Great Win Great Report Malcolm

  118. Great article. All the best coaching moves are made from Red Rooster…..classic but true.

  119. Fantastic article Malcolm.

    From (this) supporters view point, I’ve never been so relieved and yet excited when the siren went with the ball in mid air.

    No need to worry about the “what ifs”, as has been the case on some previous Prelims or Grand Finals.

    Just so proud what the NFC has achieved with the 3peat. And so pleased for the players, coches, but especially Ben Warren. Hopefully, this can be repeated over and over again. No, I’m not being greedy!

    Cheers, Bill.

  120. Warren Packer says

    What a great win. Especially in the wake of the personnel changes from last year. 28 you got it right with these young men building a great tradition that is NFC. Great report Malcolm.

  121. Fantastic read , Malcolm your football brain shone thru but you didn’t get to technical a perfect blend well done .
    Enjoyed the personal stories of Baulderstone and Davis . A magnificent win by the legs against the odds .
    The club rightfully are receiving a lot of praise right thru the whole football industry . The two clubs with
    the best structures won thru in the end in the hawks and the legs no coincidence . We’ll done , Malcolm

  122. Luke Jericho says

    Haha thanks mate, good read. Was disappointed I couldn’t get down for it!

  123. How about a bit more in relation to the main game at 11:25? 2 blokes stretchered off and big all in brawl at half time.. It was all happening and not even a mention! ;)

    However without seeing the game it is a very valid point! I think what a lot of people don’t take into consideration about port and the crows is the added stress and pressure of playing for your next contract.. Although it all seems like fun and where you want to be, it is also a full time job for these guys and I certainly feel without being at the level that not knowing whether you were playing AFL or SANFL each week would completely mess with my preperation and routine! I think what Norwood and all the other successful clubs have that Port and Crows SANFL struggle to find is that commraderie.. Although there is a majority of AFL players in the team, rocking up and playing with a half a dozen ‘SANFL’ listed players or ‘top-up’ players and seeing them for the first time on game day would be stressful and hard and I personally think that what Port and Crows SANFL have in time (full-time footballers), they certainly more than lack in team and list stability! Norwood went in favourites and should have won! It is a credit to the culture and club they have created over the past few years!

    Up the eagles!! Watch up for the 2015 premiers wearing yellow, green and gold! ;)

  124. Chris Wellington says

    Interesting read, but the footy finished for me when the doggies didn’t make it. However much I dislike Norwood, they bought home the bacon for the real SANFL clubs. I had no interest and did not even listen to the game!

  125. Malcolm Rulebook Ashwood says

    Thanks folks , TM entertaining as always and loving comments by both supporters and past players and coaches showing well and truly how much feeling there is for the red and blue and what a amazing win and accomplishment , 3 peat truly is

  126. Duncan Fosdike says

    A great read and I had the pleasure to see the game with James Pyke along with friends from Jamestown and enjoyed every minute. I have witnessed the last 3 premierships and it gives you great excitement and makes you proud to be a part of the NFC and the history it has created. Congrats to everyone involved !

  127. Nicely summarised rulebook. What a fantastic game to be a part of. You can tell how much it meant to all involved with the ecstasy and relief shown straight after the game. Backs against the wall all year, this group is clearly one of the more resilient Norwood teams to ever pull on the guernsey, that’s what makes me extremely proud is to know how far the club has come in that regard.

  128. Dale Fleming says

    Great summary Malcolm, passion that was equal of the boys on the day. I for one don’t like to compare premierships wins because they are all great and ranking only diminishes the greatness of each individual premiership win by the players, the trainers, the officials, the supporters…….the Norwood Club of that era. They are that bloody hard to win, no point comparing, just enjoy each as they come along.

    I do agree though with many of your points and 2014 had plenty of extra reasons that made it great. Beating PortPies is doubly special because its the old enemy with all the help of an AFL program and they still couldn’t beat the SANFL Norwood Program established by a favourite Son (Bassett) and driven to another level by a first year coach and another favourite Son (Warren). Then the occasion of the first Grand Final at Adelaide Oval since the redevelopment and what a great day it was.

    The win was great, 3 in a row is greater, 4 will be even greater..but all 30 flags has put us in rarefied air and we all know who else breaths that air. Lets hunt the mongrels down and till we stand alone as the greatest and most successful club in Australian Football!!!!

  129. Nice write up Book, good to see people are so happy that they beat our 2nd’s. Almost wish Norwood had been good enough to make the grade when they tried to over through the SANFL when they tried to team up with Sturt to get into the big time. I would of liked to of beaten Sturt / Norwood, (with the demographics they could have been called “Toorak Blue legs”), in the AFL instead of a totally contrived Crows. Enjoy the moment guys, now can we all head of to Sams Disco for a beer!

  130. I rate this win as the best that I have seen.

    While there was no biffo during the national anthem nor a run into the coaches box it was just great footy.

    I thought the runner had signaled two minutes and in any case the siren went 26 seconds later.

    I think that the last two Finals games we played were some of the best I have seen Norwood play.

    A stark contrast what we saw and how we felt after that loss early in the year at Noarlunga.

    My daughter who thinks that Norwood just win premierships told me in the car on the way home that night don’t be sad we will win the flag.

  131. Now lets get the “Toorak Blue legs”, into the AFL national reserves league. Then we can get some great reserves games on Adelaide oval before the main game.

  132. Great read. Well done to Norwood

  133. Malcolm Rulebook Ashwood says

    Thanks Fossie , Flemmo awesome , Jvb your role and importance at the parade is vial now , Farmboy totally agree and yep my son is only used to us winning flags , Gubby afl football clubs are not football clubs in the traditional way they are multi million dollar corporations , give me , Norwood with the friendship with so many of the players , being. a real part of it the actual Norwood community. to me just means so much more and being on the committee etc with , Ad Uni FC equally so

  134. Neil Woodroofe says

    Great read , Malcolm red and blue blooded forever , it’s a family tradition .
    My Grandfather Thomas Ernest Harold Woodroofe played from , 1931 to 38
    Captain for 5 yrs co coached , b and f in 35 and 3rd in the Magarey
    We are also descendants of the famous drink company ( proudly )
    Go the legs , 3 in a row wow ! Thank you

  135. Mike George says

    Great job Ashy!
    Cracking game – a win for team/club vs big league money!
    Bass, and now Benny, both clearly understand the Norwood ethos and embraced the culture of ‘The Parade’ to bring the boys together then get the best out of them year in year out.
    Congratulations – an inspiring win I’ll never forget!

  136. My son sent me the link to this article and it made my day. I read and reread the comments. Malcolm’s words have evoked a remarkable spontaneous response, which is now enshrined in the internet forever. Mike Coward should pen another “Men of Norwood” chapter to describe how in 2014 our team won three incredible finals (including the old enemy twice) to take out this most historic flag. In 2014 it was as if we won in triplicate. An extraordinary achievement by any comparison and the stamp of a great club. More!

  137. Roger Pinches says

    Roger H Pinches # 18 A really great Write up on the GF on Sunday 21st / Malcolm / the atmosphere electric Poulter / Menze / Colligan / Kingo / & many Norwood Stalwarts were in the function room at the Oval…with me. excellent win from Norwood to make it three in a row …….( I flew in on Sat from 6 months living in our villa on the ocean overseas keen to watch Norwood in GF my old team ) …
    The 5 goal start and to hang in there for the last 10 mins was a highlight .. Just like 1971 @ Adelaide Oval when i played and we won by 1 point v Port Adelaide / Michael Taylor / Craigy /
    From that side went on to have Big Careers in AFL … We lived @ Carmel Court recruits from the country an interesting culture from age 18 with Wynne / Poulter / Carman / Pettingill /young Craigy under the guide of Robert Oaty coach & mentor … 44 years of wonderful memories of the NFC club & officials who shaped our lives through these 8 early years in this great Game !
    Till next year… Aloha

  138. Scott Tolhurst says

    Awesome stuff Rulebook
    Thanks for keeping me in the loop
    What a win!

  139. Dingo Dalton says

    Great summary Ashy, some of your finest work.
    Under the circumstances, if not the greatest result in the clubs history, then would have to be top 3.
    Great atmosphere, great day and nothing better that beating them.
    Makes up a little for some of those wasted years in the mid 80’s to early 90’s, when we probably should have won at least 3 more.
    Norwood Forever!

  140. Lovely Lisa says

    Being in Kunming, China Book is the only I can keep up to date with……. The greatest football club in the world AKA The Blacks, my mighty Redlegs, The Crows & soon the cricket!
    God bless you Book, love your work xxxx

  141. So firstly, great article written with passion. 3 in a row is a great achievement no matter the era, so well done Norwood!

    Now that I’ve got that out of the way I feel I have to put things in perspective in regards to the Port Adelaide side that lined up in the Grand Final. Ashy you claim that Norwood played against 19 AFL listed players, but if you take at a look at the team sheet you will find that this number was 14. Of those 14 players, 6 haven’t actually played an AFL game (Daniel Flynn is playing his first year of football total). 3 have played less than 10 games, and only 5 have played more than 20 games… And 2 of those have since been delisted…

    When you then look at the Port Adelaide SANFL stats you find that only 1 player in that team played more than 100 games and only another 3 played more than 50. They had an average age of 22 y.o with 9 players (almost half the team) 20 years or younger…

    Compare this to the Norwood side who had 6 players who had played more than 100 games and another 6 played more than 50. They had an average age of 25 y.o with no players under the age of 21. So a David and Goliath story I think not!

    Ultimately Norwood are the premiers and to the premiers go the spoils. But to quote Chopper Reade “never let the truth get in the way of a good yarn”..

  142. Cheryl Critchley says

    Great stuff Malcolm. What an amazing day for all the fans. Sounds like the atmosphere was like an AFL game in the good old days. Keep up the good work and fingers crossed for another one next year.

  143. Gary Alby Menzel says

    Brilliant article , Malcolm you have captured the passion , excitement and wow factor perfectly .
    Your account of the game is precise and correct as I would expect from you .
    The comments show the respect which is held for the Norwood Football club .
    Never been so proud to be a past player of the redlegs , thanks Malcolm

  144. With each years grand final account Baulderstone’s weight loss increases. (2013 =30 2014 = 45 ) If we win 4 in a row there won’t be anything left.

    Maybe Baldy could publish a weight loss program for the old blokes who have been in the good top paddock and need to get back to playing weight. Could be a best seller at some of the reunions I have attended in recent years.

  145. Malcolm Rulebook Ashwood says

    Thanks Folks greatly appreciated Neil fascinating re your grandfather , Thomas Woodroofe and certainly a famous , SA name . !
    Nick Dean loved your comment , Geo , Dingo , Scotty T , Cheryl thank you
    Roger no wonder , Alby was speaking right arm , Egyptian back at the parade and thank you both re commenting ( Alby was certainly in better nick at past players meeting last night ! ) Patrick 1st off thank you for commenting esp 1st paragraph but , Port played 19 afl listed players , Summerton and Krakouer were there non afl listed players as per the rules which were in place any afl listed player if available must play which was why , Bruggemann did not play ( not inj he made himself available and was not picked ) if he played either , Summerton or Krakouer had to miss out , yes the power res ( not magpies ) did have some inexperienced players but with the advantage of being full time footballers re coaching resources available and technological advantages such as tracking devices etc , port power res had huge advantages and also , Port were a genuine strength in the afl and had some depth were all still playing and training . Ports fitness was a major strength in the afl this year so there for there res should have had a massive advantage over a Sanfl side that they did not was a testament to , Norwoods strength and character and that it meant more to the legs . In so many ways a win for ,
    David over Goliath . Fortis in Procella , Strength in adversity go the legs !

  146. Kevin Frick says

    Thanks for that. BRILLIANT

  147. Dean Hewitson says

    What a team! what a club! when people ask me do I barrack for Port Adelaide or The Crrows my answer is simple: I’m a Norwood man. Keep up the great work Malcolm.

  148. Anthony Cameron says

    Top up player Kraquour has played AFL so 20 AFL players actually. Also if you add up senior VFL & WAFL games there is more experience than we think in ports team. The Irishman is on AFL list so is AFL player, full time & professional. If power are silly enough to use one of their places on non footballer it’s their problem. They could have had less AFL if impey who didn’t qualify in minor round anyway didn’t play. Simple thing is port bent rules to get best top up players & played to win gf but failed.

  149. Jono Abraham says

    Great summary Malcolm – congratulations.

    A truly staggering result, especially in light of players lost from 2013 premiership, Nathan Bassett’s move to Essendon and the obvious ‘leg up’ that Port Adelaide received via the new SANFL 2014 structure… was a greatest premiership win.

    It was also another proud day for Onka Valley Football Club with Ben Jefferies, Andrew Kirwan and Ed Smart being significant contributors again…..

    “Every heart beats true…..”

  150. Adrian Hines says

    Everyone’s used to Port people trotting out different versions of ‘the truth’ to suit thier argument – like no mention above of full-time v part-time, wages, facilities, coaches, etc. Maybe this is why when it comes to them, no one should let ‘the truth’ get in the way of a good yarn.

  151. It was a great win Malcolm. For the players, for the staff, the volunteers, the members and the supporters.
    The only things that game lacked were
    Jace Bode paying a visit to Budha Hocking in the coachs’ box
    Lewis Stevenson not playing in a red and blue guernsey
    KMac and John Butcher going toe to toe during the National Anthem
    Michael Aish hit a target with his handball after his run down the wing and we got a goal. Wilson tried the same but ran out of puff and the pass went astray
    Just as Gags got HTB and kicked the winning goal in 78, Dawe should have got HTB on Flynne and done the same at CHF, 23mins into the last qu. of 2014.

    The Channel 7 broadcast was rubbish though. Soders cant do play by play; Wilson should be auditioning to host Beauty and the Geek; And dont EVER switch broadcast channels (from C7 to 73Mate) half way through the medal presentation – that is just disrespectful to the game.

    As for radio, Life FM did a great job as usual, and Neil Cross on RPH, but where was Mr SANFL Everywhere (Phil Aspinall) on the day? He missed the big dance altogether – must have lost his glass slipper at midnight the night before?

    ThreePeat? YES WE DID

  152. Not the real Bob Neil says

    Well Mal, I know you have been waiting a good 12 days for the runners perspective on the famous victory, so here it is:

    On Friday arvo before the decider, Dugga wandered up the stairs from the coaches room to my office “Scratch, do you want to be the runner? Shane Wooley has a f….. achilles and can’t get through the game”. Initially I thought no, as I would prefer to sip Adelaide Oval latte’s in the members and watch the action from there, but as time got closer, my appetite for the job grew. In speaking to Shane on the Friday night at training, he said that he should be ok and I shouldn’t be required (he still sounded nervy). So to keep to my fitness tradition I did 7.5km of fartlek running on Sat and Sun morning believing I wouldn’t be required. I had breaky with Nathan Bassett, David Oatey and Mat Suckiling at 10am prior to the reserves GF and we talked alot of shit. By 11.34am we were on our way to the oval to watch Sturt v Eagles in the curtain raiser. At about 12.00pm, Mark Ross gave me a call and said “Mate, I think Wooley is f….. – he will try the warm up, but I reckon you’re in!”. I lobbed over the the rooms at about 1.15pm with Bass, as he was invited to have a quick chat to the players by Dugga at the team meeting. By this time, Shane had tried to run in the warm up, but was no good… the NFC’s version of David Armfield was now in the starting 22!
    I have good experience at U18 level as far as being the mailman is concerned, however, you cover a lot more territory at league level. Most players get off the ground well as part of their rotation, but Gavin Hughes looks at you and almost goes into denial that he has to depart for his rest. If you don’t get off near enough to your scheduled time, it impacts those further down the chain.
    Over the course of the day I received a couple of warnings from the match adjudicators for offering some advice to certain people (including them). My line of thinking was “I’m never going to do this again and as long as I don’t give away a free or a 25/50m penalty, surely I’m adding to the pressure on the opposition”.
    With 2 mins to go, I was ordered to let the players know the time remaing and what phase of play we were in to ensure we could control the game. I got back to the bench and I was advised there was 40 secs to go – I bolted on again to let anyone in my vacinity know, especially the defenders, so they could scream at the mids and forwards to get back behind the ball and protect the corridor. Port had possession at half back after a free against Tim Webber, I lingered on the field to assist in protecting the short 45’s so they couldn’t accelerate the game. We stopped Port from playing on after 2 short kicks (great work from Flipper), then Paul Stewart went “bang” with his barrel. I thought there was still 20 secs on the clock, until I heard that great sound of the siren! Sammy Baulderstone was the closest man to me, so I lept into his arms (I certainly wasn’t going to let it be the other way around!).
    After about 23km for the day, I was rooted and totally envious of the players experiencing something that I hadn’t experienced since the U13’s in Canberra (that’s if you don’t count the Saints smashing the Blues in the 1996 Ansett Cup Final – for young readers, ask your old man who Ansett were).
    It was a great affort by the players, Dugga and his coaching staff – not to mention the band of officials, medical staff and volunteers. As the NFC talent manager, seeing 10 players from our zone experience a league premiership with our great club is priceless. Roll on 2015!

  153. Great work Malcolm. Thorough summary and I agree with you that in will go down in the history of the Norwood Football Club as one of it’s best premierships against the odds of not only the sheer volume of player turnover over the last three years, a young rookie coach having to cope with this plus a very slow start to the season, and of course 2 AFL resourced teams in the competition for the first time. It also is a great reflection on Nathan Bassett’s work and the club’s administration for setting up lasting structures, protocols, leadership and disciplines. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the match and catching up with some friends as well as some past players. The standard of play and on-field disciplined structures in place by our coach / players was most impressive for semi-professional athletes compared with fully professional athletes. The difference in the end was a truly bonded team playing for each other against individuals, and the sheer will to win and to dig deeper. A sensational day, venue and crowd. I walked away after having a kick on the ground after the boys left and all I could think of was “You get what your deserve..” If I hear that meaningless throw- away line one more time from that club, I will vomit!

  154. Even the Bays beat Port – must be our “greatest ever” wooden spoon.

  155. David Potts says

    Awesome read Malcolm, it was the best of them all by a country mile, I was so very proud of our boys, simply 21 mates be a team of individuals. My late grandad who played for the mighty Redlegs and won a premiership back in 1949, would be so happy. I have watched so many games As a young kid with him, and he loved the Norwood v Port games. Also my grandpa who was brought up a Norwood man, it was such a great passion on both sides of my family, and I absolutely love it, and will keep it going with the birth of our new baby in the coming weeks, I can assure you it will be Red And Blue Blooded through and through.
    Thanks for you awesome write up.

    Cheers David

  156. Manuel The Man From Barcelona Mainas says

    Fantastic to read such an article and written from yourself let me tell you Malcolm thus would rate as norwoods finest wins against all odds I have now witnessed 8 flags my dad was also a trainer for the legs in the 60s and 70 s geez I love this club

  157. Craig Keil says

    Thanks Malcolm, great write up!

  158. Jimmy Allan says

    i will never forget how I felt when the siren went. At first it was pure relief and it took some time to come to the realisation of what we’d just done. This has been everything I thought winning a flag would be, plus more.
    We have seen lots of each other in the last two weeks and that is coming to end now for a while but this time since the Grand Final will be my fondest in footy. We have talked a lot of crap and even snuck a few beers in but it is great to be around good people. Great clubs are built on the back of quality people and I’ll be forever grateful that the Norwood Football Club gave me the opportunity to play a small part in something so great!

  159. Matt Franks says

    I thought the win was our sweetest of the last three as it was against the arch enemy with so many afl listed players in their side, it showed we wanted it more and played with the true norwood spirit and pride

  160. Great article rulebook a little biased against the reserves sustem but still good to read

  161. Kieran McGuinness says

    Enjoyed the read.

    Very much thrilled to note the past players/legends (they are all legends) enjoying the day. It means a hell of a lot that people that have pulled on the guernsey are enjoying what we have created.

    Not sure we beat Port because their ‘players were more interested in their next contract’. I thought they gave everything they could on the day, respecting the competition, and i though we just beat them because we were better.

    Enjoyed the read Malcolm. A day that will live with us forever

  162. Dennis Brown says

    Probably the sentence that sums up the game best was re it is good v evil. Good won.
    The best ever. I suppose all things considered, probably. The issue that still will never be fixed. Port shouldn’t have been in gf. South should. The best two grand finals I have seen was 58 when the goal post was cut down and 65. Both port wins.
    The tragedy is port supporters just don’t get it. In letter to editor last week a port supporter wrote to editor condemned the sanfl for taking away port zone.
    By the way. After the 65 grand final. Sturt first for 28 years they say jack oatey speech after game was the most important of his career. Always mr positive. He started the speech with.
    This has been the most successful day in the history of sturt football club for 28 years
    I think we should push to emulate what rugby do. Before the nrl grand final the curtain raiser is match between Brisbane and Sydney league premiers. I reckon we should push for same before afl gf. This year would be Norwood v Footscrayj

  163. Robert Allevi says

    A couple of weeks later and I still get goose bumps, thanks so much for the memories to all involved ,especially my friend and president of the NFC paull (dials ) Diulio still freaks me out paul great achievement buddy .and I really hope Dale Flemmings last comment comes true to stand alone as the best fc in this great country legs for life

  164. phil casburn says

    great artical mal” rulebook” i have to agree with dale flemming all premierships are precious& special due to how hard they are to win not only on the day but the proceding 52weeks.this is special in the way that 2 teams were not playing with the same rules as 8 others. the other reason is the massive turnover of players &coaching staff over the last 4 years.i am sure no other club in history& any league has that many in short period of time & still able to win the premirtship


  165. Chris Kendall says

    Hi Malcom, an entertaining read that captured the emotion of the day well, liked the back stories of the lads such as Bauldy, a strong monument to on one of the club’s proudest days

  166. Great article Malcolm. Of the three grand final wins that was by far the best. It was great not to be bored during the game. It was an awesome game and the boys did us all proud.

  167. Going back through these comments and getting that warm tingle in my stomach!!
    The SANFL and especially Norwood Football Club are as relevant as ever, and it’s up to all of us to keep it that way!!

  168. Malcolm Rulebook Ashwood says

    Thanks folks I continue to be blown away with the response David love the family relevance , Crio great comment , Ducks thanks mate , Not the real Bob Neil a great insight to your day and thank you ! Congrats re the birth of another daughter keep going ! Dean succinct as always , Jono love the local flavor . Jimmy thank you for coming to the parade and knocking back offers for far more dollars elsewhere the news of your broken wrist came thru when I was at the g at the pies v power game with the greys plus almanac lunch my 1 word very loud response even raised eyebrows at a Collingwood game rapt that you made it back and played a vital part in the flag thank you !
    Kmacs concern and care for every 1 is legendary your ability as a player will be sorely missed how you are not a 200 game afl player has me stuffed , champion player even better bloke thank you , EVERY 1 re reading and commenting .Go the legs

  169. Great write up malcolm

    Ive thought a lot about 2014 & 84 and i can’t separate them, they’re the best two for mine, I probably don’t want to separate them, i want each to have their own mystique and standing forever

    84 was the last game with my late mum, her reaction will live with me forever, she passed shortly after, a great win against the arch rival from 5th with some plays that remain as folklore (still spine tingling 30 yrs on) “HISTORY MAKERS” , The best slogan ever, Port dominated that season and were cocky as…made it sweet as

    2014 I was there with my mate, just like in 78, when siren went we hugged and yelled just like 36 yrs ago, I then rang the old man, he can’t go much these days and wasn’t there, we both choked up and couldn’t talk, this win wasn’t just about beating port its also “we voted yes” for us, we accepted it and did everything we could to defend our title and we believed in the new SANFL when other club officials and fans threw in the towel………IAGOF

  170. Kane Murphy says

    Love the article , Malcolm it is hard to find the words to describe how surreal the past two weeks have been.
    I couldn’t imagine anything better than being part of a premiership at Norwood and spending every day celebrating
    with great mates and fantastic supporters . Over the past three years I have learnt how important it is to work
    hard and persist through the tough times , as things normally don’t come easy , this has enabled me to achieve
    something special that I only dreamt about for so long . I would like to thank everyone for all the well wishes and
    support as I couldn’t have done it without you .

  171. Rick Bizz Sarre says

    I remember this premiership a little better than the one in 1984, because I was a little more awake. The same group of us who sat together 2 weeks ago in the Western stand of the Adelaide Oval had driven back 30 years ago overnight from the Essendon win at the MCG. After all, who would have thought the Legs would be there, from starting in 5th position (so we got tickets to the MCG). We got to our seats at Footy Park at 2pm having left Melbourne at about 4 in the morning and sat down as Craig Balme and Tim Evans introduced themselves to each other right in front of us. I do remember Keith Thomas played a blinder … I am not sure that he would have mentioned that when called upon to speak at the Pies end of year dinner.

  172. Great Article depicting a great day Malcolm. Blessed to be a legs supporter in recent history & always extra special getting a win over The Maggies. Loved seeing Joshy D become a premiership player

  173. Absolute masterpiece loved it well played , Ashy

  174. Rowland Pengilly says

    Malcolm you are one of the great supporters of the NFC, i enjoy your support of the club through Rowey and Bone, Mate I have followed Norwood since I was 5.
    I have been involved with the development program since 1984, I have worked with David Oatey I think since 2002 and I am an absolute devotee to the process he has provided.
    The contribution to the club of the Oatey family can not be denied, even now, Robert specialist skills coach (kicking), Raelee Medical staff, (Gee i hope i have that right, she is my favourite lady at Norwood.
    We can all get involved in the emotion of the day, but This is our finest hour in my lifetime, I had a text from a great mate of mine and we agreed over 2-3 texts that “TODAY WAS WHAT OUR GREAT GAME IS ALL ABOUT”
    p.s He is a devout Port supporter

  175. Great win and good to see a strong ‘Kings’ connection on the day…in both the ressies and league by the sounds of it! The final siren couldn’t have come at a better time

  176. Michael Newton says

    Good read mate. Winning the gf was unbelievable but beating port made it so much better! Bring on 2015

  177. Peter Chenoweth says

    Fantastic write up of a fantastic day. Ive missed the last 2 GFs being based in Singapore but wasnt going to miss this one. This was my 8 year old’s first grand final and the first game ive been to with him in 3 years since moving. He was glued to it as was I at the same age for the 1978 grand final where my love for the Redlegs really started. I heard him singing the club song last night. Hes hooked and a new generation begins!

  178. Andrew Goss says

    Hi buddy!!
    Norwood supporter all my life and excited big time over the past three years.
    Agreed, this win was truly against the odds!! Makes it even sweeter!
    Beautifully written article, too!!
    Well done – I can see you are a popular figure down on The Parade!

  179. Cameron Glenn says

    Certainly one of the greatest wins I have seen despite 3 frustrating quarters. Brilliant start by the legs. I do think that the 4th quarter in the semi final was far greater than the final quarter in the gf but the excitement after the siren of the last game was unreal.

    I have only seen 3 SANFL Grand finals, all Norwood victories. My interest in the game was minor and it grew during the 2011 AFL GF when Geelong defeated Collingwood. It grew further in 2012. I did not support a team in the SANFL but got into Norwood because someone I was working for was a Norwood fan. When Norwood made the GF, we ended up going to the game. First time seeing Norwood play was a 15 year drought breaking win over West. Really enjoyed that experience. We saw the next GF against North, another great win while I saw a few games during the 2013 season at the Parade and another at Glenelg (on a wet day ugh). 2014 saw me going to more games, seeing every team play, win and lose and go to every ground, seeing different matchups (not all featuring Norwood of course). Really enjoyed the Friday night games, the Thursday night ones and the twilight game against the Crows (would not have enjoyed that if the Crows didn’t come in. Byes are boring haha). The Crows thrilling win over North in June was another game that I really enjoyed like Norwood’s last 2!

    While I see some fans are not happy with the “AFL reserves”, I am happy with the changes. It has enabled the non-AFL clubs like Norwood to play more of their own players and to have them spending more time together rather than have a few come in and out, in and out. Feels like the clubs have more control over their players now. Crows evening up the comp helps (bye bye to the bye) and even they have provided some great matches. So much better seeing Power players playing for their club in the SANFL rather than being the enemy to the Alberton faithful. The changes helped bring more people to games, sadly not as much as we would have liked. It did see some clubs fall like West,North and Central while some rose like South and Sturt. Norwood dropped a bit but still won the flag. I wonder who would have missed out had Norwood still had Power and Crows listed players? Lewis Stevenson and Mitch Grigg would have been likely inclusions had things stayed the same. These changes helped a few Norwood guys to be premiership players otherwise they would have missed out.

    Back to the 2014 GF. Weather was perfect, celebrations were great, nice to go back to the club afterwards. Walking back after that win was amazing. Yes, I walked from Adelaide Oval to Norwood Oval. To win the granny losing so many players, the coach, having a shaky start, after already winning the last 2 flags in a row and against a side that had AFL listed players made it a very sweet victory. It would have still been sweet against Sturt, South or the Eagles as a 3peat is such a tough assignment and where the leg came from with all the changes, the opponent would not have mattered too much. The wins over West and North were more convincing with far greater defense, being less stressful and more of a 4 qtr display but not as special as this one. A 4peat is next on the cards. I think they can do it. Some players will be looking for their first premiership come next September while others their 2nd, 3rd or 4th. Hope a 4peat will become a reality.

    Gavin and K-Mac will be missed and wish them all the best. Pity they can’t play forever. All the players deserve credit for their success at Norwood as well as coaches, support staff etc. They have worked really hard and certainly look forward to seeing most of them back in 2015 with some more fresh faces. The newbies could easily became fast favs and would look handsome with premiership medals around their neck just like the 2014 premiers did on Sept 21.

    I ramble on a bit haha. Norwood is a great club so plenty of things to talk about. Look forward to seeing the legs in 2015. Bring it on!

  180. Debbie blades says

    Thankyou Malcolm for allowing me to relive the excitement of winning the grand final by reading your pages. It is hard to be on the winning side of a few points so to me that makes the win even sweeter. I can only hope my two boys in norwood at the moment get an opportunity to experience the kind of euphoria this level can bring. I’d like to say that mine and my husbands greatest moment for the grand final was seeing Gavin Hughes receiving a grand final medal before he retired as my husband coached him as a kid and said from day dot he would go a long way in his footy. All I can say now is go legs 2015.

  181. Harry Butler says

    Dear Rulebook,
    I’d love to post a few remarks. I enjoy similar memories. I remember us in 1984 rushing into our seats just as the National Anthem commenced, and what a start! Rick and I had both spent time in the US and remarked on the difference between the cultures. In America when the anthem is played the players and supporters alike stand with caps off, hands on hearts, and with tearful eyes gazing on the flag. Back in Oz there’s a punch up in the goal square!
    Back to this year. My birthday, a few beers at Bob Neil’s house, and a spring stroll through Norwood, the city, and Adelaide Uni . A chance encounter with Gary Mc Intosh entering the ground, and then a nail-biting win against the old enemy in the company of life long (ex Black) mates, before singing the club song with the whole bus returning to the Eastern ‘burbs’. Does it get any better than that?
    Congratulations to Norwood. To make it three in a row against such strong (professional) opposition with the better half of last year’s team gone and a rookie coach is an achievement nothing short of incredible.
    Harry Butler

  182. What a way to write our way into the record books as one of the powerhouse teams of the modern era! A spirited, brutally-fought for win was well deserved, particularly against a side like the Magpies, with whom we have forged a bitter rivalry with over the years.

  183. Mark Window says

    It is difficult to compare each premiership, but what is without doubt is how special the 2014 Premiership is. Having to overcome losing 12 premiership players, ‘The Messiah’ in Nathan Bassett, & a poor start to the season which would have sent a weaker club into pessimism, but this football club has a ruthless passion for premierships, not just in words, but in spirit. Our season hung by a thread when Adelaide kicked the first five on a Friday night, but this only awakened a sleeping giant. The memories of this season, one of the great wins in the 2nd Semi-Final & the titanic battle in the Grand Final will never diminish. This season will eventually become part of folklore, & forever a testament, & a measuring stick, of what the Norwood Football Club is all about. FORTIS IN PROCELLA!

  184. Great read , Malcolm and fantastic to see so many past players and current premiership players comment . Wow !

  185. Alex Forster says

    Awesome mate! Love it

  186. Thanks Rulebook. Terrific write up as usual. The players resilience through out 2014 was remarkable. Firstly after a 2-4 start and then being challenged in the 2nd Semi and then the GF against a side who 19 AFL players, Krakouer and the coaches best player, Summerton.
    A big tick to the assistant coaches and all players on the playing list in 2014.
    We must improve again in 2015.

  187. Malcolm Rulebook Ashwood says

    Thanks every 1 ! KH love the family highlight and emotion .Henners and Janno appreciated .Murph a victory for persistence , passion and playing your role . Rowley you are a great man a huge part of the Norwood fabric thank you for your kind words .
    Thanks Tommy tucker . Juice by your own admission not your greatest day but you kicked the goal that mattered and thank you after the game meant a lot to me mate .
    Harry and Bizz May Bob be with you and he was ! Peter a fantastic post what a special day and rapt to have another generation redleg . Andrew , Debbie , Cameron , Erin the individual stories are special in there own way . Thanks Alex a legs premiership player I has a fantastic ring to it . Mark you are a vital part of Norwoods success and culture thank you . Ben your strength of character , honesty ability to stay true to your word has played a massive part in this sensational achievement thanks mate you are a star !

  188. Thank you. Awesome win. Cheers

  189. Anthony Reilly says

    Great article a fantastic historical win

  190. Bill Perepelicia says

    Thanks Malcolm I live in Thailand now so appreciate you sending this thru so any news about the mighty legs is appreciated
    ( did manage to see a few highlights ) loved your article written from the heart . You have made me go back to my youth when I walked aroung Norwood oval the first time I was seven years old. From then on when it was footy season .My mate and I,
    colected bottles and sold papers outside the oval. While the enterprise was fun, being at the footy made it so much better, Even played mini-league a couple times. Norwood oval was my Saturday afternoon paradise. I hung out with my best mate. I made a few dollars. I watched the footy.Phil Carmen. Michael Aish, Pkil Gallager and a true legend Gary McIntosh (I was a little older than 13 by then). Great memories, Thank you too to the Norwood Football Club that give me great memories today. Three in a row, fantastic, may every fan of the “Leggies” enjoy it.

  191. Lissa Hutter says

    Hi Malcolm – thank you SO MUCH! For sending me this what a great write up on a magnificent win. My dear Dad was a passionate Norwood supporter & I come from a long line of them. He passed away the first GF year in 2012 & they’ve won for him each year since. My earliest memories are going with my aunt and poppa to watch the legs when John Wynne and Michael Taylor were
    Captain and Vice I had number 29 on the back of my beige duffle coat mum wouldn’t let me have a black one not cool !

  192. Ross Johnson says

    Great article Malcolm and what a response fantastic reading the comments from supporters all around the world , makes me
    living in Gawler seem next door to the parade . Past and current players comments show how special this premiership is
    to so many people and I suspect re who has commented in the respect you are held Malcolm well done !

  193. As a neutral Bay supporter, who hates Port, I luved it. The bit about the Port blokes slumping at the siren and staying where they were was rubbish tho… any team who loses in those circumstances does the exact same thing… citing the “one club” mantra there was way off the mark.

    Either way, it capped a great weekend for Port haters! And my Bays are in the running to win 3 in a row next year too!

  194. Malcolm Rulebook Ashwood says

    Thanks folks as I have said love the comments and especially family connections .
    Jamesey a number of people have made the same point re the after siren happenings I firmly believe it was a very astute observation

  195. David Palm says

    always the man with the news..great story.
    Always great to see the old home side relishing in a win against one of our many arch enemies.
    I still reckon 1978 was not a bad GF either !

  196. Thanks Malcolm for sending thru loved reliving a great day ( far better then the boring advertiser rubbish ). and the brilliant
    comments that have followed . Go you mighty legs

  197. such a huge achievement considering all the challenges associated with the last 12 months. Full credit goes to Nathan Basset for leaving the Club in a healthy position but also to Club management for taking a risk on a rookie coach to follow suit. Its is so unique the coaching caper, some Clubs need a rookie so players relate well too, some need an experienced coach to be hard and ruthless in all areas to challenge every facet of a Club.

    Each Clubs requires a different Model, the important aspect is the Club have a good off field team to understand what the players need from a coach at the time of a changing coaches. The easy decision is to go with a trend or the past history – the tough decision is to do what no other club has done before.

  198. Blacks#180 says

    Amazing win. Power reserves is an unfair concept and to win like that was truly special.

  199. Mahatma Coat says

    Book – it was a win to savour and one for the ages. A tight, tense game with the mighty ‘Legs victorious. I shed a tear when the final siren went and probably would have balled had we lost. The Power Reserves (kidding themselves to call it the Magpies – it might be one club, but the Magpies have nothing to do with it.) seemed to have the momentum. Newton’s last quarter goal was crucial, as was Summerton’s miss (he judged the arched run well and nearly steered it through).

    I loved the way the game changed from clean, possession-style in the first half to “g&d” in the second, although I think Norwood’s poise at times in the last quarter was as significant as their fast start in getting them over the line. I like the flair that Ben Warren has added to Bassett’s game style.

    WIth Port’s advantage of most of the side being full time footballers, I was nervous before the game. My mate Chris thought Norwood would be alright as it had an even side and Port was carried by a few stars. In the end I think this was definitely the case. The star team won the battle.

    I disagree about the Port players’ reaction – had they been 21 individuals only interested in AFL selection I think they would not have slumped to the ground. A loss like that would render me motionless for a while too.

    There were many highlights (Davis’ first quarter, Wilson’s pace – but then he handballed to no-one…) but mine is having my son (second time at a Norwood winning GF) and daughter (first time, at the tender age of 8 months) with me at the game. As my wife put on facebook #onehappydaddy.

    Red and Blue forever.

    Mahatma Coat.

  200. Belinda Holman says

    Was an awesome read… Its the only thing I miss since moving to the Gold Coast a year ago. My beloved Legs, I listen to the games on the computer as there not shown up here.. And I’m a devoted fan I dont like any AFL teams… I stick with the best NORWOOD !!!

  201. Great write up malcolm i love this bit (You’ll never tear us apart is played well no Ken you can’t and Ben yes we can you beauty)
    3 in a row!!!

  202. Ran rings around the AFL grand final. Super effort by the legs. Having been on the receiving end of abuse, broken bottles and arrogance on the hill at the Parade; great to get another one back!!! Great advertisement for the Pride of the Legs & the SANFL.

  203. Hiram Holliday says

    Yep, was a great win and a well written article, particularly the G and D. I take my hat off to Rabbits Warren for such a smooth transition into the Bass gameplan and coaches box! Incredible.

  204. A fantastic write up of a great game , way better than the afl gf . Enjoyed the passion of the article and the comments that have followed . It’s great to be red and blue blooded

  205. Rob Wilson says

    Thanks Malcolm, Would have loved to have been there to watch the legs win a tight one over the ol’ enemy. I even missed the call of the game, so thanks for summarising so well. It’s a grand ol’ flag…

  206. Never thought I would see Norwood win 3 flags in a row, and never imagined it would taste so sweet. Thanks for the write up Malcolm.

  207. Chicko roll says

    Loved it informative and passionate thanks for sharing go the legs

  208. Great stuff, brought all the emotion out again, then I had to go watch the replay again, good work Mal

  209. Our last 3 flags have been won against sides that beat us last time The ‘Legs played them in a GF. Our boys still owe Centrals for 2010 & the Weagles for the 1993 debacle. Hopefully things will fall into place over the next couple of years so that the favours can be repaid!!! ;-)

  210. Thanks mate awesome write up of a amazing effort go the 3 peat legs

  211. A picture of Gough in a Port Adelaide guernsey was posted this week. And Don Dunstan was a Norwood supporter. Both did so much for South Australia and Australia. Vale Gough. Vale Don.

  212. Sharon Rooney says

    Thank you for this it was a fantastic game I was in the original Norwood Cheer Squad 31 years ago & we had a reunion last year at the grand final at the last football game at Aami

  213. Malcolm Rulebook Ashwood says

    “for a pure SANFL club to have won the state league premiership this season – beating the AFL- resourced Magpies – stands as one of the greatest feats in SA sporting history” –
    From Michelango Rucci in today’s advertise and so true !

  214. Malcolm Rulebook Ashwood says
  215. Great article. Thanks for sharing

  216. John Curry says

    Read your article Mal your heart definitely beats true for the red and the blue loyal yes one eyed bloody oath your a true champion for the redleg cause.

  217. Paul Curry says

    Isint it great to support the best football club in the world, all of this is a great read, thank you.

  218. What a great read biased but funny unlike , Rucci should make you the advertiser footy writer

  219. What a fantastic read , genuine emotion and excitement both in the game and the article . Give me the real
    SANFL over the artificial and corporate afl any day ( loved the comments as well )

  220. Aslee Neumann says

    What a game that was ay so proud ov the boys in that last qtr many other teams would have crumbled not us great win over a huge rivalry ;)

  221. Ralph Mudge says

    Thank u ,gr8 read it was a gr8 game ,my heart eas in my mouth ,i was yelling out almost screaming ,”blow the fkn siren”over and over from the 24 minute mark . It was an amazing feeling when the siren blew and all the redleg fans erupted and then burst into the team song

  222. Karyn Cunningham says

    Malcolm I agree it was a win for the ages! Great article. To beat the arch enemy by less than a kick when all the odds were in their favour made it even more enjoyable! My favourite moment had to be when the final siren went. I find it difficult to rate against our prior Premierships as they are all good!

  223. Fantastic article , Malcolm thanks for sharing you brought all those wonderful memories back , lot more entertaining
    than the boring advertiser rubbish too . Impressive who has commented as well you could pick a very good side
    out of all that !

  224. Geoff Riddle says

    Great article and read mate! Awesome day which still gives me goose bumps. Makes me realise the honour & privilege I got now of being involved with Norwood FC! Well done.

  225. Great read of yep the greatest win , thanks for sharing

  226. Fantastic summary , Malcolm on what was a brilliant win against a strong afl reserves side . I am stunned that , K Mac
    has missed out on having a successful afl career when the bulldogs haven’t had a gun defender after letting him go .
    K Mac has been a incredible recruit and quite rightly won the b and f this season , he is a mile in front of most afl
    defenders in my opinion ( I thought he should have won the Jack Oatey medal as well ) a amazing player .
    Will be interesting to see who we lose to the afl . It is great to be a redleg supporter am getting a house full of
    premiership merchandise thanks , Malcolm

  227. Stephen Jones says

    Thanks Malcolm – terrific article that will now live forever. It was a pleasure to see the game at close quarters and to share that final siren experience of momentary disbelief followed by pure joy and happiness and then the sense that this win truly was one of the great moments in the history of a great football club.

    The jump we got in the first quater was amazing and set us up for the rest of the game but my lasting memory will be the entire last quarter. The drive, determination and the composure displayed against the fitness of the opposition produced local football of a quality that has not been seen in a generation.

    NFC should be so proud on so many levels of the way that it has raised the bar of SANFL football and it’s now up to the rest of the competition to keep up if they want to contend.

    On a final note, I thought Sam Baulderstone was massive in the last quarter and outstanding across the whole game and he got my nod for BOG. Does anyone remember the Seiko Award?

    Thanks to everyone who supports this great club – it’s one of life’s joys to be red and blue blooded.

  228. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks folks , Sterlo totally agree . Thanks Karyn from Hamburg . Radar side to come . Merks it is incredible in that I have had contact with officials in various roles with 8 afl clubs since who all admit it is a farce that , KMac has not been playing afl personally I and many others think he should have been a elite afl player if nurtured and used correctly . Steve Jones succinct and spot on as usual . I have been rapt re number of hits and comments re this article thank you

  229. john Griffen says

    Wow go the Book
    covered everything and even got me in the Report Speciallllllll, Had a nice photo with Benny in front of the Panther flag just to remind him his roots the another night at SANFL Coaches award.
    Happy to receive an Award for Service to Coaching alongside David Oatey.
    I also told Benny how i spotted him as a kid running around with the Creek .Organised Ando and myself to meet at Strathalbyn drive to the Creek to meet his mum and dad and get him out of the Sturt zone.
    Rest, history captained South etc and perhaps if Ronnie could have had a bit more insight he probably would have finished at the Panthers.

    Gone now , 2 time premiership player , Premiership Coach at Norwood ,what a coup.
    Well done Book you write with a bit of Chocko , some Madden like comments and your own flair
    cheers incoming call

  230. Loved the article , brilliant comments . What a day what a football club !

  231. Fantastic write up , Malcolm very impressive who has commented as well some genuine guns ! Totally agree
    Re KMac one of the best players in the country would love to have him at tigerland

  232. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Coach if things had turned out the way they should have who knows hey ? .
    Thanks Jim and TJ KMac gun player even better bloke will be involved in the afl system in 2015

  233. Mike Chartres says

    You have put the overpaid so called journalists of the “elite” media to shame.well done , Malcolm

  234. As a former Federal Member of Parliament ,Adelaide,Libs ,the good guys!! i can have it both ways ,I can sit on the fence etc.!984 defeating Port from 5 th was the best premiership LAST CENTURY. 2014 Norwood Amateurs beating Port Power/Magpies was the best premiership THIS CENTURY. What i won’t to see Ashwood is a matrix where you place the 84 team over the 2014 team. Viz ,yes I am using big words here . Balme on Mcguinness, Macca on Panos?,Payne on Phillips, Roberts on the Jooce, Balme [Neil] on Warren…Scanlon,Warhurst,Ross,Bruce Winter,Fosdike…Thomas and Aish. Plus Mike Olsen and I were the ‘Marketing Genius’s /genii at the time .We sold more History Making Merchandise than Essendon [pre Peptides!] Premiership. There is a Redlegs Review with spot the T shirts.and one on a London give a Premiership rating per player out of 10 and i reckon you will find 84 pips 2014. Plus more wriggle room for an Ex is 84 the BEST at Footy Park and 2014 the first and BEST at Adelaide Oval

  235. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Mike . Pratty I will willingly concede , 84 premiership side had more ability than this years side but let’s be honest the 84 side should have finished the minor round a lot higher than 5 th . Aish , McIntosh , Roberts , Gallagher etc as N Balme regularly pointed out there’s lots of good footballers in sa who would be more than good players in the VFL comp . The 2014 side to win after losing so many players , the coach and the changing landscape of SANFL footy ( idiotic that there is not a national reserves competition ) is just a incredible achievement hell even , M Rucvi acknowledged that ! Go the legs

  236. Wow ! Brilliant article and I am blown away by who has commented complete and utter football royalty .
    Malcolm you are obviously held in very high regard . I fancy you are a legend at the parade well played !

  237. Great link, and wrap up, enjoyed the emotion of jimmys comment andthe others, so good to see

  238. Nick Rafanelli says

    cheers, i’ve been red and blue blooded since i was 7/8 YO, and for me this 3 in a row is akin to ’84 coming from 5th. In ’86 i spent the year in the RAH and the visits from players and support from the club helped me through s tough time. My kids are 5 & 7 and think you play in a grand final every year, we can only hope.

  239. Great game and memories from this win. I took my son along to his first Norwood Grand Final. He was amazes by the experience and definitely learnt more about the traditional from this grand old club

  240. Saturday May 10, 2014, my location GIO Stadium AKA Canberra or Bruce Stadium. I was in Canberra for work purposes, I thought it was a good chance to spread the word about the Mighty Redlegs, Myself and another Redlegs mate who lives in Canberra and I decided to go watch the Brumbies v Sharks in the Super Rugby(Brumbies won 16-9). Of course we wore our Redlegs gear…I looked splendid in my Jacket and scarfe, and he looked the part in his beanie. Anyway. Throughout the night, I regularly pulled the phone out of the pocket and checked the SANFL app for score updates. Seems things did not go to plan and Panther Park that night and the boys got a hiding. Later found out that there had been a few injuries to us during the game which did not help.

    Fast forward to Saturday September 6, 2014, my location Adelaide Oval. 3 quarter time v Port Power reserves, down by 12 points. Enter Simon “Flipper” Phillips…..kicked one out of his bum in the old scoreboard pocket(sometimes referred to as the Eddie Betts pocket – who is he? A shoe salesman?) and the whole team seemed to lift. Another in the goalsquare from Flipper. A set shot from Panos, a goal on the run from Donohue(after an awesome tap from Bauldy) and we were in front! What a win!!

    Sunday, September 21, 2014. What a day. 3 quarter time and the difference was 4 points. We just had to hang on for the final 30 or so minutes.
    And hang on we did.
    The feeling experienced when the siren went was like nothing else.
    The roar from the estimated 28,000 Norwood fans was just amazing(I am sure that there were a few neutrals there supporting us which is always good!)

    The party back at The Parade was awesome. It’s just unfortunate that the day after wasn’t a public holiday otherwise the turnout may have been even bigger. All the players were great and enjoyed having their photos taken with the clubs supporters.

    I have been a member of this great club in some shape or form since 1980 and this year decided to up it to Captains Club for the first time(after all I did have a wad of spare cash in my wallet after I told the Crows where to shove their membership renewal).

    I made it to 19 of the possible 21 games this year(1 missed due to work commitments & the other explained above).

    2014 has to go down as the Greatest in the History of the 136 year old Norwood Football Club.

    Bring on 2015!! & the 2012,2013,2014 Premiership reunions!!!

  241. Stan the Man says

    Great stuff Malcolm. Absolutely spot on with the comment – all the best moves are made at the Red Rooster (lol) with PANOS into the midfield. Q: Would that make him the first Greek/ Italian to win the Jack O medal? As for which was the best 1984 or 2014….I saw a computerized “fight” between Ali and Rocky Marciano once, I think it ended up in a draw but it was a great talking point. I spoke to Anthony Wilsons father after the game and he said when Anthony was a kid he used to turn off his bedroom light at night and before he left the room it was on again … and Anthony was still in bed….now that’s fast !!!

  242. Gayl Sutton says

    Great replay of a great game. Got tingles all over again. Cant wait to buy the Movie Tuesday arvo before Xmas drinks ????. Sure takes up a lot of space on Foxtel tape! Def the greatest grand final ever.

  243. Nice piece Malcolm. Nearly three months after the Grand Final I think I can put the win in better perspective. The comparisons to ’84 are understandable – playing Port and against the odds we just get over the line. Certainly the flag in ‘ 84 was amazing but I believe this year’ win just pips it. Fiumnily enough despite the 1997 flag against Port I have never felt satisfied that it was revenge for the 1986 Preliminary Final . But this year’s win has changed that for me. Still there is work ahead for the boys. They need to stay hungry to make it four flags in a decade just like 1922-23, 1925 and 1929; 1941, 1946, 1948 and 1950; 1975, 1978, 1982 and 1984. This will make this era equal to those eras.

  244. A couple of Italian extraction in Fiacchi and Zorzi, Stan

  245. Stan the Man says

    True Dave, but its the GREEK 50% that got him over the line, he is one of ours lol. Zorzi aka as ZORBA is down as an honourary Greek and we certainly loved his work that’s for sure – what a great Norwood man

  246. A brilliant article on what was a amazing day thank you for bringing the memories back . As pointed out above
    football royalty has commented and about how much the flag meant to them .. I totally agree it is fantastic
    to be red and blue blooded and you are obviously highly regarded thanks , Malcolm

  247. Mate, I was sitting on the bench and can’t remember that amount of detail. Brilliant analysis . Don’t underestimate Robbie Neil’s contribution as runner. His knowledge of the boys system and his direction in the backend of the last quarter whilst out on the ground, outstanding. Young kids rookie and Chippendale sensational, cool hand luke joffa late very good and my old mate muffa just brilliant. Surprised but glad bauldy and panos didn’t get picked up. With suckers and Alex back, and Bampton practically a new recruit next year looks as we will be in good nick again. Benny warren , a jet bloke, humble yet proud, will prepare the boys beautifully with bass and our leadership group all over it!! Well played Malcolm , HNY

  248. Thanks Malcolm- great review – the game was thrilling and I was on a high for weeks following- indeed, I still am so happy with the win – we are on an incredible roll and I would love to now win 4 in a row

  249. Agree with nearly all those comments, spectacular win for the true believers. Just a breath behind ’78, the ultimate win.

  250. Greg Champion says

    Some of us who have been living in East Pinnaroo [Melbourne] for way too long
    were nevertheless overjoyed by the Mighty Redlegs’ SANFL victory –
    especially as it was over the Dark Forces at the end of Port Road.

    The love for Norwood FC runs deep – and wide.
    When your blood runs red and blue it’s in your DNA for life.
    Congrats, Mighty Redlegs

  251. What a great day this was. Was so proud to see us overcome the odds. Goes to show a champion team will always beat a team of champions. Hopefully we can do it again this year.

  252. The Knaggs Family says

    Hi Malcolm sorry a bit tardy answering. Really enjoyed reading your copy. Brought back many memories.
    I really enjoyed Father Jim’s comment that Port Adelaide “was dark and evil” which goes to show God is a Redlegs supporter.
    Living in Queensland makes it very difficult to be up to date with what’s going on with footy in Adelaide. Especially as we only get who the Lions are playing or the Suns and the occasional game from the new magnificent Adelaide Oval.
    We only have our smart phone as we had to move last year to Redcliffe and no connection here for lsnd line or our old computer only Foxtel which is too expensive.
    You obviously are a very dedicated football follower with a wealth of knowledge. Kind regards Dean and Val

  253. Rulebook says
  254. Would you believe I’ve only just discovered your article Rulebook? Absolutely superb. I well remember being absolutely glued to the TV as events unfolded. As the game neared its closure I feared the ‘Pies were going to steal it but no – the fighting spirit of those Mighty Legs came to the fore.. Just as well I wasn’t at the oval that arvo for I most certainly would have heart palpitations.(or worse). Not only did i love your impressions but also really enjoyed reading past players and supporters comments. Pity the lads were unable to bring home the bacon this season but I look forward to season 2019. Incidentally I have recently read the latest book 140 years of Norwood – brilliant.

  255. I’ve just finished re-reading your fabulous article Rulebook. As I got into it I felt the hairs on my arms and legs rise in excitement. And then the great comments from past players and supporters – what a good read when your feeling a little down. I saw my first game, with my Dad, in ’57, the grand final, between Norwood and Port, no less. Dad wad furious at the loss which he always referred to as “The Butchers’ Picnic” From then on I always savoured all Redlegs victories over those pesky Magpies, now Power Reserves to give them their proper name. Even though we lost last year’s GF it was a real pleasure to see the Power Reserves miss the finals – a good consultation prize..Reading your superb articles has brought back wonderful memories of our magnificent Redlegs. – well done Malcolm.

  256. I’ve just skim read down the comments section and came across those by Craig Balme. Craig was a most underestimated player by some , even our supporters. Not so by me. I really enjoyed his efforts, especially when rucking. He didn’t get every knock, but when he did a Redleg always took clean possession. When given the chance, he played centre half forward extremely well and some (most) of his long goals were a treat to watch. Obviously I was most impressed that he refused to allow Tim Evans to intimidate him in our outstanding victory over the real Maggies in ’84. In my humble opinion, Craig Balme was yet another in an extremely long list of Norwood champions.

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