Almanac (Golf) Archives: Golfing Heaven and Hell

As US Masters time draws near, let’s revisit this gem from the archives. Our golfing correspondent PJ Flynn (the Henry Longhurst of the Almanac) tells of the day that the fate of the US Masters championship landed in his lap. Fame rests in our hands, if they would only stop shaking.

Almanac Snooker: A celebration of Ronnie O’Sullivan, the cavalier world champion (again).

Peter Flynn brings us a Friday afternoon celebration of the genius of Ronnie O’Sullivan. Some terrific YouTube clips here.

Flashback: Chelsea v Wolves at Stamford Bridge

Another taste of the Almanac’s early days. Our roaming correspondent at large, the peripatetic Peter Flynn, was at Stamford Bridge to watch Chelsea take on Wolves. The cab ride was a mistake, as was the unfortunate mention of Frank Skinner.

Ashes 2009 – First Test Day 3: Australians bat on, and on

Back in 2009 the first Ashes test was played in Cardiff. Peter Flynn reported on a strong Australian batting effort on Day 3, whilst contemplating which watering hole the Boonies might choose.

Almanac Tributes: Hugh McIlvanney – one of sports writing’s finest

Peter Flynn has been a regular visit to the Antipodes over many years. As a result he has come to appreciate the fine sports writing on offer there – especially the descriptive and insightful prose of Hugh McIlvanney. Sadly McIlvanney died last week. P. Flynn went looking for the Scotsman’s powerful piece on Johnny Owen’s tragic final fight.

Round 21 (2015) – St Kilda v Geelong: The Performer

Dips O’Donnell has nominated this P. Flynn piece on Stevie J as an Almanac Classic. (send your noms in to [email protected])

So you want to understand Johnno? P.J. Flynn revels in the magic and madness of old mate Stevie J.

Round 4 – Essendon v Geelong: 9 Darts in Belfast

Peter Flynn posts from Belfast, watching Geelong and attending a Premier League Darts night with the Old Muckers, clearly darts was the winner. He was part of something very special.

Battles with Bart

Everyday people, especially punters, ‘knew’ Bart, interacted with Bart, and were ‘Barted’ from time to time. P. Flynn with some thoughts on the character of the opponent and the nature of the battle.

Our Caller Jack

P. Flynn’s salute to Jack Styring.

Racing: Mad Dog Morgan, Lord Lucan, Jack Styring … it’s a great cast at Hanging Rock

P. Flynn on Jack Styring and the Hanging Rock Cup.

Everyday Obituaries: Old Mate Allan Way

Allan Way loved life. This is P. Flynn’s eulogy of a great character.

[Wonderful tribute of a ripper bloke from a dear friend – Ed]

AFL Round 1 – Geelong v Adelaide: Old Mate Jimmy

P. Flynn is puzzled by Terrace-references to P.J. Roadhouse and other literary figures while admiring another master in his 250th.

Adelaide Test – Day 3: I Put a Spell on You – Because You’re Mine

P. Flynn is still shaking his head at Mitchell Johnson’s sensational spell on the third day of the Adelaide Test.

AFL Round 7 – Geelong v Essendon: Geelong Time.

P. Flynn braves the desert zephyr, quenches his thirst with a wine of the desert, and takes in some Geelong Time. [Now with a copy of John Burke’s Footy Record from the day]

A Night at the Garden

Peter Flynn deals with Sabres and Rangers in New York. It’s a brutal affair.


Peter Flynn’s grandfather would have turned 100 today. He shares the eulogy he prepared in 2010.

AFL Grand Final: The Pride of the North London Lions

It is AFL Grand Final eve and Peter Flynn arrives at the North London Lions presentation night.

Round 19 Geelong (v Hawthorn) player ratings

Round 19 Geelong (v Hawthorn) Player Ratings Jimmy Bartel Eased himself into the game. Played an elder-statesman scaffolding role.   Rating: 10/10   Paul Chapman As reliable as an atomic clock. Needed a jaw as hard as tungsten carbide to complete a fine game.   Rating: 10/10   Allen Christensen Copped a sly elbow. Often [Read more]

The Old Firm Saves the Day

It’s a balmy and breezy Sunday at Kardinia Park. While it’s a problematic zephyr for wig wearers, it’s a beautiful wind to unfurl a premiership flag. A flag success that many thought could not be achieved by an ageing list, a virgin coach and sans number 29. The now biennial flag unfurling conducted by retired [Read more]

Bubba Golf prevails

High above, in a stately Georgian pine, a bird merrily tweets away. It’s the only noise that can be heard. We are in a cone of silence that only a place like Augusta National can create. Down below, thousands have congregated for that most tense of sporting finales, a playoff to decide the Green Jacket. [Read more]