Brownlow Fashion 2014

BROWNLOW FASHION 2014 – Danielle Eid

It seems that every year this night becomes less about the men and all about the gowns, and social media made it even more exciting for fashion lovers.

We normally get the first glimpse of the WAGS on the red carpet but thanks to social media many WAGS were documenting every hair style, makeup look, and sneak peak of their glam process.

When I’m in that flustered element of getting myself ready many family members laugh. My uncle teases me all the time when he sees my makeup kit in action by only saying two words: “GLAM SQUAD.” Yes I am my own glam squad.

For those of you who have no idea what I’m on about, a glam squad is the hair and makeup entourage that wave their magic brushes and turn the most exhausted ladies into cover models in record time. The funny part here though is that most WAGS are already cover models so although their glam squads may have felt the pressure, for the WAGS it’s all about the dress.

Many WAGS this year opted for bridal dress designers, if that’s not a hint to their fellas then I don’t know what is. The predicted long sleeves, lace and beaded looks were out in force. There weren’t much bright dresses, but there were a few “hot damns” and a few “oh dears.”

Without further ado my BEST DRESSED WAGS ARE:

  1. Jessie Habermann (Partner of Marc Murphy)  Yes that’s right Carlton actually won something this season. Jessie dressed to impress in Oglialorocouture worth a shocking $27,000. The light grey dress had the see-through material that has been in the rage this year, including sleeves and enough silver crystal beading to make any bride cry with envy. Simply stunning. 10/10
source: Herald Sun website

source: Herald Sun website


2. Rachel Finch (Ch. 7 Red Carpet presenter)  Yummy mummy and TV presenter Rachel Finch was also rocking the see-through sleeves and heavy beading. Wearing a gorgeous Black Paolo Sebastian gown with a sexy V-neck beaded plunge and a high split she captured both sexiness and elegance. 10/10


source: Herald Sun website

source: Herald Sun website


3.  Mardi Harwood (Partner of Patrick Dangerfield)

I absolutely loved this dress by Amaline Vitale. A safe but classy black dress with substance in its low neckline and beading on one strap. Let’s not forget the long beautiful trail. You know you have a good dress when your AFL playing boyfriend has to “fluff” your dress trail before you pose for the cameras. 9/10


Source: Herald Sun website


4. Alex Davis (Partner of Scott Pendlebury)Every year this natural beauty slays on the carpet and this year was no different. Wearing a tight navy Julie Simonelli dress cut low off the shoulders with yes, more sleeves, Alex SLAYED yet again. 9/10

Only Alex could ever make navy blue look this good to Collingwood supporters.


Source: Herald Sun website

Source: Herald Sun website


5. Amy Schulz (Partner of Jay Schulz)

It didn’t once cross my mind that a WAG would rock a lace two-piece at the Brownlow but Amy looked freakin’ gorgeous! Two-pieces can look trashy if a skirt is extra short and crop top extra plunging but this was the complete opposite. The white Nektaria two-piece had a flowing floor length skirt and a modest top with see-through sleeves. The use of lace and beading added the glitz making it perfect to wear for the Brownlow. 8/10

Source: Herald Sun website

Source: Herald Sun website


6. Ana Calle (Partner of Josh Kennedy) This Columbian stunner brought her bling to the table in a Mariana Hardwick gown. The beautiful creamy pastel gown with light gold details assured her the spotlight over her soon to be Grand Final playing boyfriend. Elegant and busty in the best way. 8/10

Source: Herald Sun website

Source: Herald Sun website



  1.  Bec Judd (Wifey of Chris Judd)  I’m pretty sure every single magazine in Australia is having a heart attack at my choice right now but I honestly didn’t like this dress at all. It made all the other best dressed lists but it certainly isn’t going to make mine. Bec had her wedding dress also made by this designer, J’Aton and that was an incredible wedding dress, BUT so far Brownlow wise for me Bec in J’Aton is So’Wrong. The high neckline is different yes but it looks like its choking the poor lady. The top of the dress has an Asian fashion influence look to it but the bottom looks like a dismantled Christmas tree. I’m not a fan at all. My only positive comment, I guess it’s a nice shade of off white. Yikes. 3/10
Source: Herald Sun website

Source: Herald Sun website


2.  Gabi Grecko (Geoffrey Edelsten’s new Barbie) Not sure if Gabi understood the point of Brownlow night and confused it with Halloween. A nightmare look I like to describe as Edward Scissor Hands meets Lady Gaga. Shocker. And you all thought Brynne was bad? 2/10



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  1. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Edelsten’s +2 was dressed by LeDumpsterdive

    For those wondering why he gets an invite every year, it is to keep the flies away from the main table.

  2. Mark: lolll ouch

  3. Great work again, Danni.
    And again I will say that Alex Davis could have worn a potato sack and all would have been right with the world.
    But again extremely disappointing that the red carpet coverage showed the same old faces (Rebecca Judd etc. yawn) when there was plenty of new faces who deserved their time in the spotlight. Please don’t get me started on the Edelsten partner..

  4. Just in a Tweet in response to this piece from the Beautiful Amy Schulz!
    “very kind write up- thank you!”


  5. Thanks Smokie!
    Yes I agree they rush to the known fashionistas meanwhile I’m yelling “OMG NO I WANNA SEE THAT DRESS” of an unknown WAG walking past in the background.

  6. There was a lot of heavy beading in our house when Rachel Finch came on.
    Would love to see a racehorse called ‘Oglialorocouture’. That would give Greg Miles kittens.
    I’m with you on Rebecca Judd’s dress – it will look great when it’s finished.
    I asked the Avenging Eagle if she was frocking up for the evening. She said as soon as I put on the tux.
    We stuck to jeans and trackies.
    Love your work Danni.

  7. Haha thanks Peter :)
    Just because they have to frock and suit up doesn’t mean we have to haha.
    I watched the count in my pjs with my hair up and had no problems sitting or breathing in my dress lol. Although if Fasolo was to take me as his date, a girl might just give up breathing for a night loo

  8. Earl O'Neill says

    Ms Judd looks like a paper roll that fell off the table and got away.

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