Crio’s Question: What should be the criteria for Goal of the Year?

It may not seem important, but don’t you get annoyed at some of the hyperbole surrounding selection for Goal of the Year? It’s been reignited by this week’s Fev-freak and some commentators’ retrospective criticism of Lloydy’s cute back-tap a couple of seasons ago. Should it be the run-and-carry, the flukey snap, the critical or long [Read more]

Footy Prediction: 1997 revisited?

  by Sam Steele     It was all set to be the year when one of the AFL’s Cinderellas finally went to the ball.  That was until the heartless, tradition-less Adelaide Crows crashed the party, three times in three weeks.  Is history about to repeat?   In the extraordinary 1997 season, St Kilda, Geelong [Read more]

AFL Round 15: View From Shepparton

By Peter Schumacher I suppose  that I should feel elated over Brisbane’s win over Geelong and I guess that I do. In fact I found watching the telecast really gripping as I waited for the inevitable Geelong fightback, but wait … it was not happening. Yet I could not get around the fact that this [Read more]

AFL Round 15: The Wrap

By John Mosig What a week it’s been in Footy Eddie.  Who needs Michael Jackson when you have The Maggies and The Doggies to treat you to a Thriller?  Both these sides are up there with the Big 1½, however, on this occasion it was The Woodsmen who took home the bacon.  THE TIGERS made [Read more]

General Footy Writing: Get some gusto, Cats

By Helen Dunne I grew up in Geelong with parents who moved to Victoria from interstate in the 1960s. Naturally, I supported my home-town team, the Cats. Having parents with no allegiance to a VFL team also meant that football was not eaten and breathed in our house. However, living only 200 metres from Kardinia [Read more]

From the couch: A look in all directions – more surnames in sport by Tom Riordan

by Tom Riordan   Tom Riordan: Gee, Marcus North is playing out of his skin. Chris Riordan: Sure is… You know, Marcus North isn’t the only directional surname that there is in sports. TR: What do you mean by directional surnames? CR: Well, say former Aussie ashes one-gamer Ken Eastwood, actually, he was a Footscray [Read more]

Middle East Correspondent: The Bahrain Blues are coming

by Rocket Gillett   The Australian football frontier has just been extended to Bahrain. The Bahrain Blues Australian Football Club has been formed and will enter the Middle East AFL competition next season when it starts in October – after Ramadan. This will bring the number of teams in the Middle East AFL to 7 [Read more]

The Richmond Question: What are you afraid of Caro?

By Andrew Gigacz   Caroline Wilson’s call for Kevin Sheedy to remove himself from the running for the Richmond coaching job (The Age, 8th July, 2009) highlights a number of issues. Firstly, Wilson suggests that Sheedy’s decision to put his hand up for the job is potentially divisive to the club. If that is so, [Read more]

General Footy Writing: Have a snag at St Vinnies match at Punt Road before heading across to the ‘G

By Zoe Clare St Vincent De Paul soup vans have been feeding homeless and disadvantaged men and women in the Collingwood area for years. And all volunteers who work on the vans quickly learn that, in order to have a chat with the regulars, you must know your footy. If not, you fake it. The [Read more]

General Footy Writing: The state of Tom Hawkins’ play

By David Hyland        Being an avid football follower I have never in my life of 39 years seen a developing young player subjected to such harsh analysis and vitriol as Tom Hawkins. Firstly I have to declare an interest in Tom Hawkins the young man. I have been his player sponsor at Geelong for [Read more]

Round 14: The View from Shepparton

by Peter Schumacher Well what a match that was. The grab from Gardiner was certainly as has already been pointed out very reminiscent of Leo Barry’s effort a couple of years ago. I don’t agree with those who argue that the result proved nothing, in fact it proved that St Kilda are the premier team [Read more]

Sports Science: Clint Youlden reckons he can have you kicking longer in an instant

The Cannonball – “Instantly ad metres to your kick” by Clint Youlden If you are a right-hander (and presumably a right foot kick) and I asked you which leg is your strongest leg, most of you would answer “my right leg `cause I kick with it”, you would however, be incorrect. Most people believe that [Read more]

General Footy Writing: Being a fan keeps us young forever

By Michael Mueller I wish I could remember from where I read this particular snippet of information, but a survey of British football fans a few years ago revealed that the loyalty they show to their clubs– albeit tempered by periods of extreme desperation and agony – far exceeded the loyalty and perseverance they displayed [Read more]

The Pre-Wrap: Round 14: Barry Hall deserves our sympathy

By John Mosig What a week it’s been in Footy Eddie.  The embarrassing loss to Arch Rivals Essendon has seen the big timber tumbling around at Royal Parade.  First to get the axe was ex-President in Waiting John Elliott.  With Big Jack’s moral compass awry again he found himself catapulted back into yesterday.  And just [Read more]

Weekend Read: Irish and Australian football are different and that’s a good thing

By Paul Daffey I enjoyed Irishman Cormac McCormack’s piece on the lack of humour and connection in the AFL, and although I can’t help but think that Cormac is looking at sport in his homeland through porter-coloured glasses, I agree with much of what he says.

General Footy Writing: 2008 draft to be considered among the best

I think in a few years time, we’ll be talking about the 2008 national draft as a draft to match the super-draft of 2001 which saw Chris Judd, Luke Ball and Luke Hodge start their careers. The 2008 top-10 saw the likes of Daniel Rich, Jack Watts, Jack Ziebell, Nick Naitanui and Stephen Hill taken [Read more]

Sports science: AFL players should practice kicking far more often

By Clint Youlden I’m a sports scientist who specialises in biomechanics. As a sports scientist who’s interested in footy, it destroys me to see the lack of effort that AFL players put into practising kicking. I heard Matthew Richardson say that “players would have 40 to 50 shots on goal a week … but you [Read more]

General Footy Writing: I’ve decided what I want to be

ByDanielle Eid We all grow up with a career in mind.  When you’re a five year old girl, you want to be a princess. Younger boys want to be firefighters or superheroes. We grow up with an imaginative, “anything is possible” attitude, which dissolves by the time you hit high school. In the early years [Read more]

Funny teams: Dale Thomas in, Nick Stevens out of line-up of two-first-namers

By Tom Riordan You’d think that the school holidays would bring a break to writing, compiling, or even thinking. But on the first day of the holidays I had the idea, after watching the promising debut of Liam Anthony for North Melbourne at the MCG the day before, of naming a team of AFL players [Read more]

Middle East Correspondent: Huey’s cherry-ripe for the Swans job

By Rod Gillett The news that Sydney Swans chief executive officer Myles Baron-Hay is stepping down at the end of the season will spark speculation in the Melbourne media about a replacement from the football managerial stocks, with all the usual suspects being given a run. The best man to run the club in my [Read more]