Almanac Footy (and Life): A sense of perspective

Patrick O’Brien’s two favourite teams, Arsenal and St Kilda, endured horror Easter weekends on the field. He was distraught but two pieces of reading recalibrated his thoughts and challenged him to take a new perspective.

Almanac Soccer: FA Cup – We gotta hold on to what we got

Patrick O’Brien fondly shares nostalgic memories of watching FA Cup Finals over a forty year period in both Australia and the UK .

Almanac Rugby League: Dream of glory where there is none

Patrick O’Brien’s modest schoolboy rugby league career was more about attracting the ‘cute punk chicks’ than it was about advancing his prospects in the code!

Round 6 – Fremantle v St Kilda: Go north and multiply …

You should never count your chickens before they hatch as Patrick O’Brien found out.

Wave of jubilation

Surfers, are you looking for the perfect wave? Patrick O’Brien may just have the answer, an artificial wave pool!

Round 6 – St Kilda v Adelaide: Sheesh

Patrick O’Brien is was already apprehensive about the effect his presence has on his Saints. Saturday didn’t help.

Really happy for you, Rich

(Saint) Patrick O’Brien has been very supportive of his mate Rich for as long as he can remember, but wished that Rich would spare a thought for him.

Round 14 – St Kilda v Geelong: Sport! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing! Good God!

Patrick O’Brien reminds us winning a footy match offers solace in dark times and a glimmer of hope [Hope there are many more wins for Jill – Ed]

An Open Letter to Jake Carlisle

Some timely advice to new St Kilda recruit Jake Carlisle from Patrick O’Brien (and Noel Gallagher). Put the bloody phone away Jake, Mary doesn’t want the Saints on the front page.

How the AFL Can Get Back Our Newly Rugby-Leagued Continent

One funny kick and Rugby League finds itself at the top of the Australian sports entertainment industry. The AFL needs to act. Patrick O’Brien has the answer. It all starts with Gillon buying his daughter a Chisel CD….

Round 17 – Melbourne v St Kilda: Ground control to Saint Nick

“It was an ugly match, two teams still learning how to understand themselves running around a cold and sodden end-of-July field, but inspiration takes many forms. Riewoldt was inspiring.” writes Patrick O’Brien in this mighty fine report. What I need to explain that it was inspired by Saint Nick reminding Patrick of David Bowie.

Footy: The Community Cup

Patrick O’Brien reports on the Community Cup which was a big hit again last weekend at Elsternwick Park. This, friends, is what the game can be. [And still is, if you also wander down to Fitzroy from time to time – Ed]

Almanac Rugby League – Forza Inala!

In this classic memoir, Patrick O’Brien gives us a glimpse of the current premier’s home territory. Annastacia Palasczcuk is from Inala. Pat explains what that means by recalling the time his middle-class rugby league team took on the street-hard boys from down that way.

AFL Season Review – Sainters: What’s the frequency, Lenny?

Patrick O’Brien brings a revolution to Shoreham Beach and considers the Saints season; a season which makes him think of floods, rainbows, Lenny Hayes, the petulant strops of Supreme Beings, Cormac McCarthy and Will Self, Zac Dawson and our own Saint Yvette. [Classic Almanac stuff – JTH]

The top 20 crickety things you need to get straight for the upcoming season

Patrick O’Brien’s Saints are on holidays and his mind has turned to the summer game.

The Breathlessness of Water

A short story about swimming, breathing, doubts, life, love, regret, war. [Interesting – Ed]

Cycling (and other disciplines): Ten rule changes to fix the Tour de France, as demanded by Mr A Bolt of Melbourne

Patrick O’Brien shakes up the Tour. Or, he has Andrew Bolt shake it up.

St Kilda Season 2014 Preview: Pas ce soir, Joséphine

Patrick O’Brien analyses St Kilda’s immediate past, and his place in it, and considers the Sainters’ prospects in 2014. [Contains creative expressions of joy, or at least potential joy-Ed]

Almanac Rugby League – Dream of glory where there is none

Simply superb memoir from Patrick O’Brien on playing rugby league as a teenager in Brisbane. (Name the team?) (May have uncovered another one here – Ed)