Enough is Enough (yes, the Goodes saga)

Saint66 calls for the “Chill Pill” in this whole “Goodes saga”. Here he explains his position.

The Draft: A brief note for Yvette and other passionate Sainters

As I live in Qld and more than likely do not know the intimate details  as much as you do about the Saints (although have followed for over 50 years), do you not think that a couple of good or maybe up and coming defenders might have helped our cause. Have no problems with our [Read more]

Very small tribute

From the Doc, from Stewie, the Cowboy, Big Carl,  from Barcs, Plugger,  Harves and Nick. From the bottom of my grandson’s heart, who, when he sees a game of football, asks where’s Lenny.  It has been an pleasure  to watch you play, it has given so much enjoyment to all who have the luck to [Read more]

Who Booed Goodes: a discussion?

Saint66 discusses the discussion around the booing of Adam Goodes. [Saint66 presents a cross section of views held by others here, and gives a sense of the process of coming to some sort of position of understanding]

I am sure you have!

Inspired by Glen’s supporter stereotype article, Mick Parkes recalls a less-than-pleasant outing to Victoria Park back in the day.

Who do I send the invoice to?

Saint66 has REALLY had it with the cross-promotional advertising on televised sport. Who knew that My Restaurant Rules is now an Olympic sport?


Some very kind words from Saint66 to start the year. [Thanks Saint66 – Ed]

Short and Sweet!


Not your problem

Mick Parkes has a few questions for those enjoying Essendon’s fall from grace.