The Great Climate Comeback: Sport’s Role in Averting Climate Crisis

A summer of wild weather and devastating bushfires has impacted large areas of Australia, energising the climate debate and leading to widespread calls for urgent action. Anthony James draws our attention to the work of Dr Shiela Nguyen from the Sports Environment Alliance.

Short Book, Long Story: Long, Goodes & the story of reconciliation

With Martin Flanagan’s Michael Long bio ‘The Short Book’ set to hit the shelves, Anthony James examines both the culture the book discusses and the culture into which it is released [A piece worthy of Flanagan himself – Ed].

The Changed Face of Cricket and the Wisdom of Insecurity

As the First Test between Australian and India gets set to start, Anthony James ponders the ramifications of Phil Hughes’ death on the future of the game.

The Quality of Conviction: From Jock McHale to ‘Bomber’ Thompson

A thought-provoking piece by Anthony James on the value of leadership and conviction.

Bombers take the Top End

If Spain played the ‘beautiful game’ with the round ball to win the World Cup, the Tiwi Bombers played it last Saturday night with the oval ball to win the Northern Territory Football League premiership for the first time. Not that it was perfect footy. The Bomber defence took nearly half the game to get [Read more]