Brisbane Lions – Season Review 2014

Well the season has finished in Brisbane; the last game versus the Cats holds no meaning for this writer. So 7 wins for the season, how do you judge it? What have been the positives? Will we push for the 8 in the next couple of seasons? Have we gone backwards? How do we judge Leppa? Will we renew our memberships? What happened to the old bloke who wants it to be 1964? And more importantly who will we support this September?

So, after attending all home games this season except the GWS embarrassment, I have to say that the crew really enjoyed the season, the belief is even though we have had less wins than last season, this season has been more successful. The draft picks have been vindicated; there is a sense of 1998 in this crew. We can see young Voss, Akermanis , Lappin, Leppitsch, White, Johnson and Lynch in this team. They might not be as good – only time will tell – but names like Zorko, Green, Aish, Mayes, Taylor, Rich, Leuenberger, Papparone, McStay, Freeman, Redden, Crisp and Rockliffe give hope. What are needed are a few diamonds in the rough, a young Brown, Pike, the Scott Brothers and Mal Michael to finish off. These have been the positives: the retirement of Brown, Maloney and McGrath; the non-use of Raines and Staker; the last remnants of the Fevola years has been a fantastic boost. McGuane should be let go as well.

So will we push for the 8? Well, the biggest recruit has been Greg Swann; already members have been surveyed twice, press announcements about spending increases have been made, promises to spend the salary cap have been done and key players have been signed. The silent but most important person signed is Peter Schwab as development manager; he has been a big plus for the young players. The signs are great and I am positive they will push to the 8.

Leppa has been a revelation, he has had it easier than Vossy (how the board wanted him to have 13 wins is beyond me) as he has been able to play the kids. The injuries have been a blessing as he has put game time into Taylor, Aish, Mayes and Freeman. The game plan we can all see (although the handball to kick ratio has to even up). He has been a breath of fresh air in his press conferences and we can see the players are playing for him. Any season in which we beat the Pies and the Blues is a good year, so well done Leppa, the crew love you.

Yes we are renewing our memberships, with enthusiasm, we hope the old bloke comes back, we love hearing the noise of the crowd when we kick a goal and we love singing the song when we win. The high fives all round, the clapping of the players as they leave and the walk to the car discussing the win are what it’s all about. This is what keeps us going; this is why AFL is king. WE ARE THE PRIDE OF BRISBANE TOWN!!!!!!

Oh Yeah, this crew will be hoping for a Kangaroo or Geelong victory, we love the Scott Brothers


  1. Callum O'Connor says

    Need a young Brown?
    Don’t we all….

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