SA Country Footy – North East FL: RSMU Hawks v Southern Saints (nice pics)


Peter Argent Southern Saints vs RSMU Hawks at Robertstown Oval


Peter Argent travelled to Robertstown for the NEFL final-round clash on the oval where, as a 14 year old, he made his A Grade cricket debut for Angaston  in the Barossa and Light Cricket Association in 1977.

The ‘Bush Bradman’ John JL Mosey made 149 and took 10/36 (in an innings) in that match.

“I’m still ‘dark’ about the LBW decision I got!” Peter says.

He remembers having a sly beer at the Point Pass Hotel on the way back to Angaston.

Great photos PA. Just a pity the fourth-placed Southern Saints (Eudunda/Robertstown) 13.8.86 went down to RSMU (Riverton Saddlesworth Marrabel United) 22.11.142

Peter Argent My Ball


  1. Mark Duffett says

    As one who wore the Hawks jumper for a few years, good to see them up and about. But how does Eudunda + Robertstown = ‘Southern Saints’? Back in the day (early 80s), Eudunda were in a red and white Swans-like strip, so I guess that might account for part of the merged entity’s colours, but if memory serves, Robertstown were in a Pecker-like green and gold. Not to mention Robertstown and Eudunda are as much east of the NEFL as south, though admittedly ‘Eastern Saints’ doesn’t have much of an alliterative ring.

  2. Mark Duffett says

    PS Too right about the pics. I particularly like how the names ‘Pfitzner and Kleinig’ on the advertising hoarding are an even stronger evocation of sense of place as the mallee, plains and paddocks in the background.

  3. PA

    Great stuff.

    I played a season with the great JL Mosey, and son JR, and nephew. PLayed quite a few games at Eudunda, but never at Robertstown.

    Played at Riverton – huge. Ovals seemed to be based on the dimensions of the Adelaide Oval, only wider.

    Really nice pics.

    And Mark, yes, my father was one of the Lutheran pastors at Eudunda (parish included Neale’s Flat, Julia, Bower, Peep Hill) and of a town of 900, 600 would be at Christmas Eve service.

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