Geoff Sinclair’s Home and Away Games – Round 15

ROUND 15 Melbourne versus Essendon Sunday, July 11th.  M.C.G. Arnold, the Human Question Mark, is back on Monday, bright and early.  His beloved Saints have had a gritty, 35-point win over the Melbourne Demons.  Is he happy about that? he asks me.  I tell him he probably is, and he agrees.  Is he also happy [Read more]

Geoff Sinclair’s “Home and Away Games”: Round 1

by Geoff Sinclair I’m out of here. I slide across the seat, side-step the kid asleep in the pusher and skip down the steps a split second before the doors jam me rigid.  I stand on the footpath and consider the situation.  I don’t know what piece of Melbourne I am standing in, but I’m [Read more]

AFL Round 1: Ah, Cats, it’s good to have you back

Paul and I meet Dave and Heather, fresh from their engagement party the week before, just outside the Bunton Room. It’s about 80% full and we’ve got 10 minutes to fight our way through the crowd, get served, knock over a pot and then get a good vantage point before the season officially begins for [Read more]

Late starts all round as Cats eventually triumph

Geelong VS Essendon Melbourne Cricket Ground 7:40 26th March By Steven Ingham There is nothing quite like the feeling you get through your spine when the umpire holds the ball up and the siren to start proceedings on your team’s season sounds. Unfortunately for me, I enjoyed this on the radio while stuck in traffic, [Read more]

So many questions in Freo first up win.

Fremantle VS Adelaide Subiaco Oval 5:10 28th March By Steven Ingham As a football – but not Freo – lover, the Dockers polarise me. When they made a prelim a few years ago and my own team’s season finished by about Round 10, I was well and truly on the bandwagon. Their fall from grace [Read more]

The Swans offer hope

By Keiran Croker “There’s always next year”.  That’s what my Dad used to say.  And growing up a South Melbourne supporter in the 60’s, the hope of the next footy season was what you held onto.  That and perhaps a glimpse of seeing Bobby Skilton play.  In those days as kids we were only ever [Read more]

Round 1 – Ess v Geel: the wait is over.

When I was a kid in Shepparton, I remember that long, long wait for footy to start. Cricket had finished and the linseed oil was put away, and the sports pages were filled with footy again. I remember the first Saturday morning of the season when I was about seven years old. Getting up and [Read more]

AFL Round 1 – Sydney v St Kilda: The Swans offer hope!

by Kieran Croker  “There’s always next year”.  That’s what my Dad used to say.  And growing up a South Melbourne supporter in the 60’s, the hope of the next footy season was what you held onto.  That and perhaps a glimpse of seeing Bobby Skilton play.  In those days as kids we were only ever [Read more]

AFL Round 1 – Port Adelaide v North Melbourne: Kangaroos on the right path

By Andrew Starkie   12.40pm, Sunday, March 28 AAMI Stadium I’m at the Rose Hotel, Fitzroy.  The magnificent 1899 Fitzroy team photo hangs on the wall while a few regulars sit at the bar.  I’m chatting to Sean, a fellow Roo, who I often see at games and exchange a ‘G’day’ with.  We shared a [Read more]

Round 1: Same old story for Tigers v Blues

What a difference a year makes. 12 months ago I went to the opening match expecting a Richmond victory that would lead us to a finals berth with nothing but big things ahead. This year all I’m hoping is that Richmond are competitive. The spiralling downfall that was ‘Richmond ’09 has left me no hope [Read more]

Round 1: A new dawn, same old Tigers

By Tony Robb Thursday 25 March 2010, a new dawn, a new season. Like a child on Christmas morning, there are no more sleeps. Being isolated from Melbourne has not shadowed from the pre-season build-up. My morning dose of Sports 927 has wetted the appetite after what has been a tormented summer of cricket and [Read more]

AFL Round 1 – Sydney v St Kilda: Swans lose the toss again

by Neil Jackson As a devoted Swans supporter of 14 years, I was so excited about this Round 1 clash. Sydney had had its best preseason since 1856. Then there was the appearance of no less than 6 new recruits on board, (Bradshaw, Mumford, Seaby, Kennedy, McGlynn and Jetta), plus the return of the prodigal [Read more]

AFL Round 1 – Fremantle v Adelaide: Are these the Dockers’ true colours?

by Josh Barnstable After a slightly uneventful day which saw Port Adelaide withstand a fast-finishing North Melbourne outfit by 14 points and Collingwood surprising everyone, dominating the Bulldogs to win by 36 points. I was feeling a bit down after the Roos lost to the Power, but I looked forward to the prospect of a [Read more]

AFL Round 1 – Richmond v Carlton: Tiger fans need patience of a Saint

By Steve Healy You could argue that footy never went anywhere, with all the media fuss over the off-season. There were old replays on the new Channel 7 Two; there was many a conversation between me and friends about our great game. I watched many a tape, had many a kick to kick and followed [Read more]

A Pie feast on several levels

The pre-season has brought many good things to Collingwood and the Western Bulldogs. For the Pies the acquisition of Jolly and Ball will give further grunt and skill to an already accomplished midfield. For the Dogs the NAB Cup gave them some long-awaited silverware, while the recruitment of Barry Hall was an inspired choice. On [Read more]

Dons improving, but Cats too good.

ESSENDON  V  GEELONG    MCG   MARCH  25 There wouldn’t be too many people who could imagine what the name of George Goninon could mean to our family. Up until he came to Essendon in 1948, Geelong was the only club that we thought was “different ” in the VFL. We had absolutely no love for any [Read more]

Pies triumph on a day of firsts

It has been 197 days since I’ve experienced the warm inner glow and sweet sweet taste of a Pies’ victory and it feels as good as I remember it.  As Foreigner sang all those years ago “It feels like the first time, it feels like the very first time.” Speaking of first times, a Round 1 [Read more]

Round 1: Richmond v Carlton

Round 1 of 2010 and Richmond are playing Carltonand  i thought we would get the results and for the first time in round 1 in a long time that there’s no Richo heart break and maybe a few tears fly round the M.C.G as the champs says farrwell for the last time perhaps this might lift the Tigers to win [Read more]

Round 1 – Richmond vs Carlton: Hard work ahead for Hardwick

by Adam Bulman “I can’t wait until Adam gets here,” said my Maths teacher, sauntering into the classroom wearing a Carlton polo shirt and a smug grin. A few people muttered “He’s there.” As the teacher finally noticed my presence, I spoke up, feigning a confidence I did not feel. “Looking forward to tomorrow night [Read more]

Round 1: What should a good Geelong fan think?

by Daniel Paproth Being a Geelong supporter over the past few years has been a good ride, and I have ranged from being a hopeful fan (2007) to slightly overconfident (2008) to worried-but-quietly-assured (2009). In 2010 nearly every man and his dog has tipped the Cats to begin that inevitable slide, at the same time [Read more]