Geoff Sinclair’s “Home and Away Games”: Round 1

by Geoff Sinclair I’m out of here. I slide across the seat, side-step the kid asleep in the pusher and skip down the steps a split second before the doors jam me rigid.  I stand on the footpath and consider the situation.  I don’t know what piece of Melbourne I am standing in, but I’m [Read more]

AFL Round 1: Ah, Cats, it’s good to have you back

Paul and I meet Dave and Heather, fresh from their engagement party the week before, just outside the Bunton Room. It’s about 80% full and we’ve got 10 minutes to fight our way through the crowd, get served, knock over a pot and then get a good vantage point before the season officially begins for [Read more]

Late starts all round as Cats eventually triumph

Geelong VS Essendon Melbourne Cricket Ground 7:40 26th March By Steven Ingham There is nothing quite like the feeling you get through your spine when the umpire holds the ball up and the siren to start proceedings on your team’s season sounds. Unfortunately for me, I enjoyed this on the radio while stuck in traffic, [Read more]

Round 1 – Ess v Geel: the wait is over.

When I was a kid in Shepparton, I remember that long, long wait for footy to start. Cricket had finished and the linseed oil was put away, and the sports pages were filled with footy again. I remember the first Saturday morning of the season when I was about seven years old. Getting up and [Read more]

Dons improving, but Cats too good.

ESSENDON  V  GEELONG    MCG   MARCH  25 There wouldn’t be too many people who could imagine what the name of George Goninon could mean to our family. Up until he came to Essendon in 1948, Geelong was the only club that we thought was “different ” in the VFL. We had absolutely no love for any [Read more]

Round 1: What should a good Geelong fan think?

by Daniel Paproth Being a Geelong supporter over the past few years has been a good ride, and I have ranged from being a hopeful fan (2007) to slightly overconfident (2008) to worried-but-quietly-assured (2009). In 2010 nearly every man and his dog has tipped the Cats to begin that inevitable slide, at the same time [Read more]