Dees prosper in the winter sun

I woke up to the sad realisation that I’m sure many other teenagers would share with me. It’s the last day of school holidays. But it doesn’t feel like it. It feels like an early spring day, feels like the weekend seven days on from the Grand Final. But thankfully there is some footy action [Read more]

Haiku Bob: round 15 – holes in the night

first quarter gloom Swan weaves light through the darkness the wind pierces my body another goal behind the cold – Ball lays another tackle to keep warm icy wind the pack splinters in Didaks’ wake Swan’s thirty-nine touches no two the same non-scoring end a gull turns its head on play by hand or foot [Read more]

Cats dealing with history

I am sitting at the desk of Manning Clark. It’s where he penned the six volume History of Australia, and many other books and papers, essay and newspaper articles. If I turn around I can almost reach the filing cabinets, which are full of letters from Patrick White and others for whom the life of the [Read more]

Great Scott! It’s the end for Choco!

Port Adelaide v Collingwood by Josh Barnstable “Allan Scott, you were wrong!” Those were the words that were scratched into Port Adelaide history by Mark Williams, now former coach of the Port Power after his 2004 victory over the Brisbane Lions in the Grand Final. Allan Scott, head of the main sponsor of Port Adelaide, [Read more]

Geoff Sinclair’s Home and Away Games – Round 15

ROUND 15 Melbourne versus Essendon Sunday, July 11th.  M.C.G. Arnold, the Human Question Mark, is back on Monday, bright and early.  His beloved Saints have had a gritty, 35-point win over the Melbourne Demons.  Is he happy about that? he asks me.  I tell him he probably is, and he agrees.  Is he also happy [Read more]

Half-time wake up call for Saints – and viewers

Brisbane v St Kilda by Josh Barnstable Ever since Nick Riewoldt’s hamstring went twang, we awaited the game where the champ would make his return. Tonight at the Gabba was the night, but I can’t say I was enthusiastic about seeing the blonde boofhead making his return. His seven-goal decimation of North Melbourne in Round [Read more]

Some one call the health inspector as the kitchen stinks

I can smell what their cooking and it smells and tastes like a Tuesday night stew at Pentridge. Carlton have now successfully turned a promising start to the year into what can only be described as a dark and cold month from hell. After losing three of the last four the Blues now find themselves [Read more]

The View From Shepparton- Round 15

The story of the week has to be the sacking or departure by mutual agreement of Mark Williams from Port Adelaide. I for one have argued for a while now that South Australian footy needs new blood but nevertheless I have the feeling that the those responsible at that club must have seen the demise [Read more]

Tigers defy expectations

“Got your myki?” “Yes.” “Got your footy membership card thing?” “Ye-wait, no. Thanks Mum.” And so I was out the door and on the train to Eaglemont to meet my uncle and see Richmond. While the Tigers have been on this ‘four of five’ hot-streak, Richmond has beaten three pathetic teams and a top eight [Read more]

Swans lose in O’Keeffe’s 200th

The Swans returned to the MCG on Sunday to take on the Tigers, with Ryan O’Keeffe playing his 200th game for the Bloods.  Last time we played Richmond here we got in by a lazy 10 goals in Mickey O’Loughlin’s 300th game.  I am hoping for a similar result to last year however the Swans [Read more]

Floreat Pica Report- Round 15 v Port

By Kevin Ramsdale typical |tipik?l|adjective having the distinctive qualities of a particular type of person or thing : a typical day | a typical example of 1930s art deco | typical symptoms. See note at normal .• characteristic of a particular person or thing : he brushed the incident aside with typical good humor.• informal [Read more]


WHERE LIFE IMITATES FOOTBALL What a round it’s been in Footy Eddie.  The Woodsmen gate crashed Chokko’s farewell party, but not before The Tealers had drunk their fair share of the booze.  The Tiges, Never Minding If They Were Behind, Risked Head & Shin, And Fought & Fought And Won to open the door to [Read more]

Cats fall over the line

Heroics from The Good Witch Bartel and The Munchkin Stokes get Cats to a memorable win, writes Sam Marcolin

A Thorny Saturday Contest

It’s probably not a good idea to be pruning roses when you’re listening to a close game of footy. There I was on the front garden on Saturday afternoon cutting back a large white rose bush that clambers its way across and over our front and side fence. It’s one of those bushes that has [Read more]

Gusty Tiger win makes four in a row

It wasn’t too long ago when football “experts” were seriously questioning whether Richmond would win a game all season. Others were calling out for Richmond to recieve special assistance from the AFL. Four wins later and that’s all forgotten. The improvement has been extroadinary. First year recruits have shown good signs while players previously labelled [Read more]

Cat’s celebrate the return of the Saturday Arvo Blockbuster

Still sick, I had to miss Waaia’s match with Katamatite. I had planned to go up and watch it, but Dad declared it too cold for me to go. As I waited around the house for the afternoon, I waited for ‘it’. Finally, it’s back. A Saturday afternoon blockbuster at the MCG, how we’ve missed [Read more]

Scott was wrong, but Choco’s still gone

“Allan Scott, you were wrong!” Those were the words that were scratched into Port Adelaide history by Mark Williams, now former coach of the Port Power after his 2004 victory over the Brisbane Lions in the Grand Final. Allan Scott, head of the main sponsor of Port Adelaide, believed ‘Choco’ would never win a flag. [Read more]

Pouting pushes Pies to victory.

SIREN, the first quarter ends. Collingwood- 1                  Port Adelaide- 33 I don’t need this, I REALLY don’t need this. I’m sick, I’m sore, I’m tired and I had a dizzy spill this morning. I refuse to go back to the doctors despite mums pleas and constant- “Danni, listen to me and let me take you [Read more]


FOR THE PHILOSOPHICAL MARNGROOK FAN What a week it’s been in Footy Eddie.  The revelations emanating from Ben Cousins’ muddled pharmaceutical intake is sure to have the Mothers of Melbourne on the soapbox.  Caffeine pills to get started.  Stilnox to unwind.  With a few celebratory post match beers in between, that doesn’t sound like a [Read more]

AFL Round 15: Ahh, the dreaded family lunch when all you want to do is watch your Dees play Port Adelaide.

By Steve Healy It would be different today. I wouldn’t be going to the game, to see the Dees play. I had been crook yesterday, but I still managed to be shipped over to Grandma’s house in South Morang for the afternoon, so reporting on this game would be a difficult task. It would be [Read more]