Round 1: Richmond v Carlton

Round 1 of 2010 and Richmond are playing Carltonand  i thought we would get the results and for the first time in round 1 in a long time that there’s no Richo heart break and maybe a few tears fly round the M.C.G as the champs says farrwell for the last time perhaps this might lift the Tigers to win [Read more]

Round 1 – Richmond vs Carlton: Hard work ahead for Hardwick

by Adam Bulman “I can’t wait until Adam gets here,” said my Maths teacher, sauntering into the classroom wearing a Carlton polo shirt and a smug grin. A few people muttered “He’s there.” As the teacher finally noticed my presence, I spoke up, feigning a confidence I did not feel. “Looking forward to tomorrow night [Read more]

AFL Round 1: Tiger transformation will take time

Tiger Transformation Will Take Time By Domenic Favata Many have predicted a rough year for the tigers after a disastrous start to the 2010 season. Unlike last year, the heavy media scrutiny surrounding the Tigers was not existent; as the new look Tigers came into a season of change. A change of coach, which resulted [Read more]

Again and again and yet again by Cheryl Critchley

It has taken 10 long days to finally confront the traumatic events of March 26, 2009. Like many others stuck in a bad relationship, the first stage is denial. That didn’t really happen did it? It couldn’t have been that bad. Maybe I’m overreacting. Didn’t they promise never to break our hearts again? Of course [Read more]

No Blues for these Blues by Anthony Reed

How good was the build up for this game? For a first round match, I’d never encountered anything like it – and I now live in Sydney. Fans of both Richmond and Carlton were upbeat about the future and hoping to break their respective final ducks this year, with an improving 2008. More realistically the [Read more]

Richmond v Carlton by Steve Healy (Grade 9)

Richmond V Carlton Every year, on this day it hits you. The season has started. I hopped off the bus in Ashburton and thought about the footy season. Another six months of happiness, frustration and pure joy awaited me. I rushed home with a spring in my step. I saw a Richmond supporter on the [Read more]

Richmond v Carlton

by Chris Riordan How low can you go?Stocks were used in Medieval times for public humiliation and acknowledgement of social crime. In 2009, we still seem to have this urge to see suffering before redemption (although Ricky Nixon appears to have escaped from his “tram collision” – maybe he’s a good manager after all). Ben [Read more]