Round 1: Richmond v Carlton

Round 1 of 2010 and Richmond are playing Carltonand  i thought we would get the results and for the first time in round 1 in a long time that there’s no Richo heart break and maybe a few tears fly round the M.C.G as the champs says farrwell for the last time perhaps this might lift the Tigers to win ( what was I thinking) 1st quarter 10 minutes in and were 3 goals down great start to a pretty shabby year how ever as soon as the boarders of A.C.K turn the footy on after a big clean up for end of term what do we see a carlton goal and then in the last 7 minutes Richmond fight back a long goal from Delidio after a fight and at the 1st break it’s only 19 points still in it I say 2nd quarter and Eddie Betts kicks a goal and does the A.C.K with his fingers big cheer from the Boarders Because we told him to do it and Carlton blow the game out Richmond kick 2 goals for the 2nd halve  so a lot of change has happend over summer a new coach, no Richo new recruits but the one thing all Richmond want to change is the result perhapes a win is on the cards this year  so after the game T.V off and  bed and also torture for Richmond supporters like myself and lukely  holidays were the  next day

Richmond 9.10.64

Carlton 18.12.120

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