Almanac Golf: A Game of Golf with…Ox, DHS and Matty Finish

John Harms reports on a hard-fought match at Metropolitan Golf Club, one of Melbourne’s famous Sandbelt courses. [First published in 2012]

Gerard Whate

Whimsy from our Poet at the Desk, Damian Balassone.

A Tribute to Mark Fine

The loss of Finey from SEN was the straw that broke the camel’s back for Yoshi as he parts ways with the radio station that broke his heart.

The Departure of Uncle Gerard

Over the years, Gerard Whateley has become a part of the Reynolds family. So when Luke Reynolds heard that he is moving on from the ABC it came as quite a shock!

Danny Frawley’s Bravery

When Danny Frawley sat down to chat with Hamish McLachlan he may not have been thinking about how far and wide their SEN conversation would go. Or who it may effect – for good. It reached Yoshi in Japan. This is Yoshi’s response. [English is Yoshi’s second language. Thanks Yoshi, for this piece – JTH]

Talking and Discussing about Footy is more fun than Getting Money

Yoshi makes an excellent point about betting outlets and advertising on radio and TV when kids are listening and watching.

MCG Test, Australia v India – Day Three: Yoshi’s Cricket Diary

The Test cricket bug has well and truly bitten Yoshi Imagawa. Yoshi keeps track of both Australia and New Zealand’s fortunes in matches against India and Sri Lanka, respectively, while going about his usual Sunday in downtown Sapporo, Japan

International Christmas Foods and Christmas in Japan

Imagawa-san shares an insight into how Christmas Day is spent in Japan, as well as taking us all on a culinary tour of traditional Christmas dinners from all corners of the globe.

[Warning: do not read if hungry. You have been warned – Ed]

The footy, and its massacre of the English language, is back!

Say what you want about Healey, Slater and the rest of the Channel 9 cricket folk, or Bruce and his stats and passion, nothing mangles the English language like the return of the footy season!!

Talking about the Talkback

It was my old man that infected me with a love of the Geelong Football Club. A childhood decade watching Gary Ablett Snr every weekend would probably conform most any young lad to the club. The old man loved the Cats – he loved them until he could love them no more. After a third [Read more]