The stage is set, the battle lines are drawn: Australia and India are ready to contest the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup final

Liam Hauser has kept a close eye on the Women’s T20 World Cup. Here he previews a match which could go either way, played in front of what looks like being a massive crowd.

Almanac Art: Waiting for play to start at the MCG

Kate Birrell is at the cricket at the MCG on this final day, waiting for the rain to stop, the covers to come off and play to begin. This is how she has been filling in her time.

Australia v India – Perth, Day 5: The Australians mop up

Bob Utber enjoys his stroll to The ARK and then watches Australia tidy up the Indian innings for a fine victory.

Australia v India – Perth, Day 2: Tension in The Ark

Cirus Bob Utber makes his way to The Ark. He describes a brilliant, even day of test cricket, where the Indian skipper led the fightback.

A meditation on this Australia. Australia v India: this near wild heaven

David Wilson leans on R.E.M. in this meditation on Australia, 2018 – the place, the idea, the “vibe” that represented Australian men’s cricket this past week in Adelaide.

Australia v India – Adelaide, Day 4: Same, same but different

Final year high school student Sean Mortell is trying to cope with change – in the commentary box and on the cricket field. This is his Day 4 report of proceedings at the Adelaide Oval which have left Australia with a massive fight on their hands. [Great line about honesty Sean! – Ed]

Australia v India – Adelaide, Day 3: Can’t you hear the thunder?

Some nice weather-cricket writing from Mark Duffett in the Riverbank Stand (a good view out onto the weather sector) as the Australians fall and the Indians grind in the face of some tidy bowling. [Nice piece – JTH]

Australia v India – Adelaide, Day 2: Ashwin puts India on top

Phil Hill says the Indians are on top after some poor shots from some of the Australians and some tremendous bowling from Ashwin. He also remembers the late Neville Turner.

Australia v India – Adelaide, Day 2: Battle!

Citrus Bob Utber watches a slow but intriguing day where the Australians grind and slowly the local lad, Travis Head, looks comfortable and gets to 50.

Australia v India – Adelaide, Day 1: 9/250 makes for a delicious Day 2

I have been in nine different countries this year and there has been one constant: people all over the world are so polite and generous with their advice and time. In Paris, which has the opposite reputation, all the locals would stop, when I was fumbling with my map and compass, and insist on accompany [Read more]

Australia v India – Adelaide, Day 1: Tickets please!

Phil Hill is sort of organised but sort of not as he describes the logistics around getting to this morning’s first session at the Adelaide Oval.

SCG Test, Australia v India – Day Five: Until We Meet Again..

From the solemnity of Adelaide to the grind of the SCG, Citrus Bob Utber has been there for every step of the 2014-2015 Indian tour of Australia. In his final report on the Test series, Bob settles in for what promises to be an exciting final day.

SCG Test, Australia v India, Day 5: India hang on for a tense draw

Viraj Deshpande reflects on a tightly fought Day 5 at the SCG and how his India are only a bowler or two short of a good side.

SCG Test, Australia v India, Day 4: Australia lead by 348, enthralling finish on the cards at SCG

Viraj Deshpande sets the scene for what should be a thrilling conclusion to the SCG Test, with his wrap of day four.

SCG Test, Australia v India – Day Four: Yoshi’s Catch Up

Yoshi’s take on day three and four from the SCG – conveniently packaged into one article for you. Job hunting and more Doctors appointments can’t keep Yoshi from following the action at Moore Park

SCG Test, Australia v India – Day Four: Wee Joe Burns Day

For Bob Utber, the SCG Test is all set for a thrilling final conclusion – if the competitors want to come to the party, that is. Meanwhile, there was plenty happening on a great fourth day as Bob’s latest report shows…

SCG Test, Australia v India – Day Three: Late wickets spoil India’s day after Kohli, Rahul tons

Viraj reports on a day of toil at the SCG.

SCG Test, Australia v India – Day Three: The Kohli Masterclass

Day three at the SCG sees Bob Utber mixing it with former PM’s, searching for ‘The Richie’s’ and reveling in the beauty of a Virat Kohli masterclass with the willow.

SCG Test, Australia v India – Day Two: Slow Recovery and Finding Beauty of the Sport

Yoshi from Sapporo, Japan, reviews Day 2. He’s picking up the nuances of Test cricket quickly. And

SCG Test, Australia v India – Day Two: Rohit, Rahul Steady India but Australia Firmly on Top

Fresh off his 4:00am alarm at home in India, Viraj Deshpande from once again provides a sorely needed visitors’ perspective to the Fourth Test at the SCG. It seems that patience with the Indian bowling attack is beginning to wear thin back home…