Almanac Footy: Qualifying For Finals Success

No club likes to be dumped from the finals in straight sets, but Swish spares a thought for those clubs that win their Qualifying Final, only to miss out on a spot in the Grand Final. Will it happen again this week?

So close to the Holy Grail: A personal reflection on Fitzroy Football Club’s 1983 season

Philip Mendes was in his second year at uni in 1983, the year Fitzroy made a genuine play for the flag. Here he recounts the season, game by game, quoting the analysis of the experts of the day, and giving his own commentary. [Fantastic memories – JTH]

WAFL – Bombers who have flown West

Inspired by the Bombers visit to Perth Stadium for their game against the Eagles Les Everett has come up with a fabulous team of Essendon players who have played footy in Western Australia. Can you add any more?

The 2018 Grantland Rice Cup

Earl O’Neill on newspapers, websites and sports journalism, plus his thoughts on the upcoming Round of AFL matches.

A Tribute to Mark Fine

The loss of Finey from SEN was the straw that broke the camel’s back for Yoshi as he parts ways with the radio station that broke his heart.

Osaka Dingoes President Matt Gale interviewed by Rohan Connolly

The future of footy in Asia is bright, none more so than at the Osaka Dingoes (Yoshi’s hitting the gym)

Footy Media Watch: Why does everyone hate the Crows all of a sudden?

Adelaide’s not unreasonable desire to be right has become their demon in the Jake Lever deal according to Dave Brown.

Forgotten Hardworking?

Has journalism become lazy with the rise of social media? Why don’t some footballers train harder when they’re at the elite level? Yoshi tries to find some answers.

On Rohan Connolly’s departure from The Age

Japanese footy correspondent Yoshi is sad to see a vastly experienced journalist such as Rohan Connolly depart The Age. Especially at a time when, he says, journalism standards are dropping and the industry looks shaky.

AFL Round 9 – GWS (aka Harlem Globetrotters) v Richmond: Irrationality, Rationality

The Tigers have fallen just short again in a nail biter for the third week in a row, this time against the AFL’s team of superstars.

Being underdogs amongst SEN’s commentators

For the last few years, Yoshi’s mighty Sainters have been considered as the underdog, from footy tipping to finals predictions.. In 2017, Yoshi hopes that his boys lose that title. [Yoshi is our Japanese correspondent. He’s so keen he listens to SEN on the internet – Ed]

Round 16 – Preview: Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life

Drawing together all information (including some chest-beating propaganda from a Weagle counterpart), Cam Hooke previews the crucial Collingwood v West Coast clash.

Round 15 – Richmond v Carlton: Tigers ascendant; Blues concede.

On a cold Melbourne night, perched high atop the Southern Stand, Carlton stalwart Peter Fuller learns the truism of a time-honoured Coodabeens maxim.

From Colonial Stadium to Etihad: Fifteen Years of Future Shock

While stressfully cleaning up in preparation for a possible shift, Neil Anderson finds an old newspaper.

AFL Round 2: The 2013 ‘Mopsy’ Fraser Cup

Seems like the worst thing an AFL team can do is kick the first three goals of the match, writes Earl O’Neill in his round 2 review.