Success breeds success

It’s the mixture of young and old that has Cats fan Tim McBain most excited about 2013.

The (next) Great Man

Some friends of mine have spoken somewhat disparagingly of my inability to write anything for this website other than Geelong related prose. For those friends: stop reading now. For this I will try to be short and sharp, and deliver it with the minimum of fuss. Much like the man it aims to pay tribute [Read more]

Silver Buttons, Brass Bands and Hypocrisy

I’ve pretty much had a gutful of the hoopla that the brass band and silver button brigade of Chris Scott, Jimmy Bartel and Joel Selwood taking a joyride to the city of churches to speak to Travis Boak has brought about this week. Caro’s article in the wheezing broadsheet today just about made me vomit [Read more]

Back to the Big City

So, last week I booked some tickets to the SCG for the Cats v Swans match in a couple of  Fridays time. It’s a pretty big game now. One of those famed ‘8 point games’. The Swannies are flying, and my Cats are starting to gather some momentum themselves. A win for either team could [Read more]

Blockbuster Fatigue

When I was growing up, I used to really hate Essendon fans. I still do hate them, but when I was growing up in the 80’s and early 90’s, they were unbearable. They stood head and shoulders above all other clubs supporters on my most hated hit parade. Smug as bugs in rugs they were; [Read more]

Talking about the Talkback

It was my old man that infected me with a love of the Geelong Football Club. A childhood decade watching Gary Ablett Snr every weekend would probably conform most any young lad to the club. The old man loved the Cats – he loved them until he could love them no more. After a third [Read more]