MCG Test, Australia v India – Day Three: Yoshi’s Cricket Diary

I did not have much energy on the MCG Test Day Two and am happy to follow the game on Day Three, but made a slow start.


As of Saturday night:

Australia 530

India  1-108


Following times are shown in Sapporo Time (two hours behind Melbourne Time (EDST)).

9:30 am     I have just called the medical information call centre to find after hours doctor for my back, but what they will offer is limited, so I won’t go. Checking the score on and India are 3-147.

9:50 am     SEN is updating the score: 3-178.

10:08 am    Another updated score is given at 3-196. The reporter says Australia’s bowling is terrific. I am glad to hear.

10:20 am    India’s score is 3-209 now.

10:35 am    The SEN reporter describes the session as terrific. Brad Haddin has done a brilliant catch helping the bowler Ryan Harris sending India’s Cheteshwar Pujara out. Journalists describe his catch magnificent. Later I see a photo that shows Haddin diving into a ball. Well done!

Meanwhile I go shopping for foods.

11:45 am    Having tuned in 1116 SEN, interesting news come. But it is not a cricket one. Fremantle skipper Matthew Pavlich is set to retire in 2015, a newspaper reports. Then SEN presenters discuss about Ross Lyon. They reckon that Lyon would not bring a flag to Freo. They wonder if he will go back to Melbourne to coach another club. Who would want him to coach their club? They discuss if Ross will regenerate the club or not and reckon he would not.

11:52 am    Score update – now it is 3-258.

Now it is time to cook and eat lunch.

1:30 pm     Tuned into SEN again, but they broadcast a basketball game.

I am out again to wash my clothes.

2:15 pm     Checking the score on, it says 3-381. I am worried about Australia.

2:40 pm     The score on the same site updates with 4-415. My worry deepens.

3:05 pm     Tuned into SEN again, the match is in today’s last session. The score is 5-430 in where India are 100 runs behind.

3:08 pm     They get Charlie from Radio Sports in New Zealand. Talking about the Test Match between New Zealand and Sri Lanka. The game is frustrating for Kiwis that I am sad to hear. Also they talk about the A-League match between Wellington Phoenix and Western Sydney Wanders. They think the Phoenix will win. Great!

At the end of the day, India finished at 8-462. Only 68 runs behind. But I hope Australia wins at the MCG.


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  1. Yvette Wroby says

    Hi again Yoshi,
    your day and your cricket sounds like a normal day anywhere, household duties, doctors appointments, cooking, getting out and about, and catching up with the cricket scores when you can. Funny reading that you are doing a very Australian/New Zealand SUMMER lifestyle in the midst of your Sapporo snow.
    I spent yesterday painting and cleaning up in my studio, with the ABC GRandstand coverage, and then when I came in to eat or tidy up, I had the TV on and watched the lunch time show for the first time. It’s a lovely distractions and background to our summer here, and hopefully, for your winter time there, and it will keep you distracted until the AFL season begins. But of course, we have the tennis coming in January, so you better study up on that too! Happy New Year Yoshi


  2. Hi Yvette,

    Thanks for your comment and I hope you enjoyed both painting and catching up with cricket yesterday.

    Situations on cricket are similar between us, but there are some differences – you can watch cricket on telly while I can’t. And seasons between us. As you say, my season curse be mixed. I’m also reading Footy Almanac 2014, so my season can be mixed (Melbourne’s winter is like autumn for me) at the moment :)

    By the way I don’t think I can tune in live ABC Grandstand on TuneIn App (only some replays seem to be available).

    Happy New Year to you too!


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