Almanac Sport: The 2017 Kids’ Party Cup

Earl waxes lyrical about the delights of summer weekends; everything from backyard fun, cricket on the radio, Primal Scream, the coming footy season, and even Germaine Greer.

The Departure of Uncle Gerard

Over the years, Gerard Whateley has become a part of the Reynolds family. So when Luke Reynolds heard that he is moving on from the ABC it came as quite a shock!

Captain’s Call Beats Captain’s Knock

Maleny Musings breaks his maiden status with some stirring words in honour of Michael Clarke’s character and grit.

Adelaide Test, Australia v India – Day Three: Dhawan’s Theory

Joe Moore samples the best of both worlds; Sheffield Shield cricket at Bellerive with the radio tuned to the Adelaide Oval.

Standin’ on the Outside Lookin’ In: summer thoughts

Tony Robb frees the burden of lingering Carlton frustration by taking aim at the summer. For a while he looked like jumping off the fiscal cliff.