Footy on Television

Warren Tapner has had enough of gambling ads during the footy.

Talking and Discussing about Footy is more fun than Getting Money

Yoshi makes an excellent point about betting outlets and advertising on radio and TV when kids are listening and watching.

Hopeless on the punt – Fools Die

Fortune doth favour the brave… to the tune of about 18 bucks.

Hopeless on the punt – part 2

Ever heard the phrase ‘scared money’? Matt Watson has been stringing out a small stake all season. It’s death or glory this weekend. Tips please.

Pharmakos/Pharmakon: The seduction of immortality

Phillip Dimitriadis believes that fans should take some responsibility for the sordid state of affairs in modern sport.

Gambling Review

The Footy Show is a WYSIWYG affair. It’s jocular and jovial, often irreverent, and sometimes controversial. It also has segments and moments, however, where it takes on a serious air. I don’t watch it religiously anymore, but decided to tune in last night to see what I thought would be one of those serious moments: [Read more]

Wanna Bet on Another Shaw Thing?

  by Merv Collins   When I stuck my head above the blankets to greet the two degree morning in Melbourne today, I’m sure I felt a shiver of sympathy for poor Heath Shaw doing it hard over there in sun-drenched southern America. I suspect his team-mates experienced some of the same emotions as they [Read more]

A Dud Bet

For once, I’m doing pretty well in my footy tipping competition this year.  Equal 6th out of 246 in fact.  It’s a bit of fun and there’s the prospect of turning $20 into several hundred at season’s end. But last weekend my tips suddenly went pear-shaped and I found myself, late on Sunday, urging on [Read more]