Footy on the Radio!

Peter Clark talks up the radio broadcasters of the footy, past and present. What a cavalcade of callers, all masters of the microphone! Join in the discussion with your nominations for preferred presenters.

“I can’t wait to see us bowl, Dad”

The love of Test cricket, in fact all forms of cricket by his young son has been a joy to behold for Edward P Olsen as he explains.

The state of the Game is the game of the State

Peter Baulderstone reckons there’s nothing certain in life except death, taxes and the “state of the game” on talkback radio.

Free Agents, Commentators, and Kids

This week on the AFL website, commentator Damien Barrett promoted the potential benefits of free agents openly admitting they are planning to leave clubs the best part of 12 months before they actually do so. Edward ponders the potential outcomes such moves may present.

Gerard Whate

Whimsy from our Poet at the Desk, Damian Balassone.

The Departure of Uncle Gerard

Over the years, Gerard Whateley has become a part of the Reynolds family. So when Luke Reynolds heard that he is moving on from the ABC it came as quite a shock!

The Ashes – Fifth Test, Day 1: From The ABC and Others

Citrus Bob Utber, unusually for him, is watching the Fifth Test from home. This hasn’t affected his reportage however; like the ABC, he’s way ahead of the rest of us.

Round 17 – GWS v Sydney: There and not there

I’m not sure Mathilde de Hauteclocque is entitled to sit in the House of Reps but her impact comes from the keyboard anyway. Here she describes the green shoots of genuine rivalry in Football Sydney on a night to satisfy the senses and sensibilities, French and otherwise.

Round 14 – Collingwood v Port Adelaide: Reality check (by Andrea McNamara for the Floreat Pica Society)

Collingwood had a gentle reminder of where they stand amongst the teams vying for finals footy writes Andrea McNamara.

Round 10 – West Coast v Greater Western Sydney: Champagne and Chips – Our percussion of Giants’ supporters tasting one of the sweetest victories of all

Mark O’Sullivan was driving while listening on the radio to a memorable match for GWS fans. The Giants held off the Eagles against the odds, proving they are ready for the premiership tilt.

Adelaide Oval: The new home of Football?

For Alex Darling Adelaide Oval’s success as an AFL venue has been immediate and isn’t entirely unexpected.

Almanac Cricket: Views from outside the clique welcome

Shannon Gill is impressed with the new direction taken by ABC radio this summer. The game has been crying out for fresh voices, prepared to speak up.

Overheard at Essendon – Part 4: The spreadsheet of truth (WADA, WADA, WADA)

Sean Curtain with another one of those overheard conversations at Essendon.

AFL Round 13 – Collingwood v Western Bulldogs: Natural Justice

Joefloh, one of the many rugged, patient, hopeful Bulldogs supporters, watches two dramas played out. One is his beloved Bulldogs stealing the match from the favourites, Collingwood, the other the Essendon President continue to steal himself.

The return of Uncle Gerard

It was great to see him back again tonight. Uncle Gerard is normally sighted or heard every day of the week. So it felt strange to not hear from him for 3 days. He’s been on a bit of a trip, to London I believe. My two boys, aged 4 and 2,  were thrilled to see [Read more]