Almanac Teams: To Sedat with love; Obscure 38s (1980- )

If you were ever left out of the huddle at quarter time, Rodney Boyd’s side of more obscure Number 38s since 1980 is the team for you!

The 2018 Perky Girl Cup

The Voice f Perky Girl has some observations of recent footer – and Mother’s Day.


Mathilde de Hauteclocque reflects on Sydney’s transition from 2015 into 2016, as only she can.

Finals Week 2 – Sydney v North Melboourne: An empty forward line, space in cupboards

Matt Watson had played the Semi-Final over dozens of times before the match. It unfolds here.

Round 22 – St Kilda v Sydney Swans: The Craic

Joe Moore brings a distinctly Irish feel to his report of the Swans taking on St Kilda at the Docks. Fill yer boots, brother Joe.

Round 11- North Melbourne v Sydney: The Union of Old Friends

It’s not just the Swans welcoming a mid-season break. In the concluding stages of his university studies, Joe Moore puts his feet up and re-groups before embarking on his final tilt at the prize – just like some of his most trusted friends.

Footy Commentary – The gift that keeps on giving (or: Intellectual Wilderness, ho!).

Steve Baker has learnt plenty from our current crop of broadcasters…. at least 11 things.

AFL Grand Final: The 2012 ‘Mopsy’ Fraser Cup (from far far away)

Greetings Tipsters When we checked into this hotel yesterday I had one question. “Do you have the Australia Network?” Yes, they do, but I insisted on confirming it before we booked in. After all, one must have one’s priorities in order. The Sparkies were playing in another Grand Final. I’ve never really liked the Mayblooms. [Read more]

AFL Grand Final: Barracking for football in general, and banjos in particular

My mate Biddsy bought a banjo, and a banjo manual, so he could learn that brilliant solo from the Swans theme song, from first principles. He barracks for Richmond. I am thinking of Biddsy and banjos because we have heard a lot of the Swans theme song  in our house over the past few days. [Read more]

Canadian Pyke mounts his challenge

by Merryn Sherwood   I have to say, I’m already a little bit in love with Mike Pyke. Not just because his name rolls off the tongue so lightly, although that’s part of it, and not just because he is a Canadian international rugby fullback that just through he would give Australian Rules football a [Read more]