Relief, Nirvana and the Infographic

By Jake ‘Cobba’ Stevens It would be a tragedy had I not documented my experiences at the 2012 Grand Final. So, I do so, hoping that it does not become lost among the thousands of writings about the game, the result and the experience. But one thing can be certain, just like the other 99,682 fans who [Read more]

AFL Grand Final: It’s all about the love

For those of us who love the game, we all know that footy is more than a game. It’s about family, connections, community, belonging. It’s a culture, even a religion. It’s also about stories and memories.

A grand final and a solemn march

Andrew Starkie attends the Grand Final then joins in the Peace March on Sydney Road the following day.

AFL Grand Final: Now let’s make it back-to-back

Lounge room politics sorted, Emma Rene sits down to watch her Swans and new favourite, Mitch Morton.

AFL Grand Final: The View from Shepparton

Peter Schumacher nominated the winner, margin and Norm Smith Winner on Saturday, as for putting a wager on the trifecta….

AFL Grand Final: My weekend in the red and the white

Having scored Grand Final tickets, Brisbane fan Beth Newman undertook a covert mission to transform herself into a Swan for the weekend.

AFL Grand Final: Winning the games that count

Cats fan Pete Edwards took solace in the misery of Hawthorn supporters following their Grand Final loss.

AFL Grand Final: Lunch of champions

After some memorable Grand Final lunching, Yvette Wroby and friends settled down for a Grand Final full of energy and fight from the first bounce.

AFL Grand Final: The 2012 ‘Mopsy’ Fraser Cup (from far far away)

Greetings Tipsters When we checked into this hotel yesterday I had one question. “Do you have the Australia Network?” Yes, they do, but I insisted on confirming it before we booked in. After all, one must have one’s priorities in order. The Sparkies were playing in another Grand Final. I’ve never really liked the Mayblooms. [Read more]

AFL Grand Final: Barracking for football in general, and banjos in particular

My mate Biddsy bought a banjo, and a banjo manual, so he could learn that brilliant solo from the Swans theme song, from first principles. He barracks for Richmond. I am thinking of Biddsy and banjos because we have heard a lot of the Swans theme song  in our house over the past few days. [Read more]

Grand Final Infographic

Jake ‘Cobba’ Stevens uses Grand Final week inspiration to produce a super infograph.