Almanac Life – From the Arctic to Brisvegas: Richard is finally home

After a month of travelling, including two periods of self-isolation, Richard Marlow is finally back at home in Brisbane. He discovered that the old saying is true – ‘There’s no place like home’! – Australia, that is.

In isolation in a Sydney hotel, what goes through your mind?

Richard Marlow, the former Arctic warrior, is now in isolation in a Sydney hotel with a further stint in Queensland to follow. He tells us what’s going on in his mind.

“It’s Cold” – our Arctic correspondent responds to “It’s Hot” by John Harms

Richard Marlow, snow bound in Canada’s Arctic North West Territories, responds to ‘It’s Hot!’ by John Harms.

The Arctic Almanacker reflects on life in the North West Territories

Richard Marlow has time to reflect on life as he continues his work in the far north of Canada. He appreciates the support and camaraderie of the Almanac community.

Brains versus Brawn: What Wins in Sport – an example from the Australian Open

What wins in the end, Power or Skill, Brains or Brawn? It’s the age-old question. JuneeJunction adds a perspective from the freezing tundra of Arctic Canada.

Red and white delight – AFL International Cup 2017 Fiji v Canada (7th place playoff)

Jarrod Landells caught the International Cup fixture between Fiji and Canada, which saw the Canadians claim seventh place in blustery conditions.

Local footy – maple flavoured

How did Ontario, of all places, come to field one of the strongest regular leagues outside Australia? Rob Chanter takes advantage of the bye to check out what’s on offer in his local Canadian Aussie rules league. And it’s quite the mix.

AFL Round 7 – Western Bulldogs v North Melbourne: Tempo

As May marks a change in tempo in the footy, our Canadian correspondent, Rob Chanter, says patterns in the football season will soon become evident.

The Great (Blue and) White North

Rob Chanter and family find themselves in Toronto for 6 months. And Toronto being in Canada, that means hockey.

Eagles soar a long way from home

Sallese Gibson Online at It’s February in Toronto – outside, it’s snowing and the temperature is sitting at a chilly -10 °C. But that doesn’t stop the Toronto Eagles. It’s pre-season training as usual, no matter the weather. While it may be a completely unknown concept to most locals, the Eagles are determined to [Read more]

A Sherrin among the pucks

By Sallese Gibson Scores are tied.  Less than two minutes of play remain. You can feel the tension in the air as the players jostle for best position. Play resumes and two opponents sprint towards each other.  You can hear the thud, like a thunder clap, as their bodies collide and they fall to the [Read more]

Canadian Pyke mounts his challenge

by Merryn Sherwood   I have to say, I’m already a little bit in love with Mike Pyke. Not just because his name rolls off the tongue so lightly, although that’s part of it, and not just because he is a Canadian international rugby fullback that just through he would give Australian Rules football a [Read more]