FEARLESS 2020 Finals Week 3: Review and post-season thoughts

Paul Thompson was writing his review of the AFL Preliminary Finals when rumours of events at North Melbourne gave him pause for reflection. He offers his thoughts on what has transpired.

Almanac Football: Respectfully, Rhyce and North Melbourne must part ways

Andrew Starkie suggests, with respect, that North Melbourne simply has to move on from Rhyce Shaw to find a new way forward. [This article was written before yesterday’s announcement. – Ed.]

Round 8 – North Melbourne v Carlton: Correct me if I’m wrong

The 2019 appointment of Rhyce Shaw may have looked like a lively way of rejuvenating the Roos after ten years of Brad Scott. But after Saturday’s loss to the Blues, Andrew Starkie was left questioning what was going on down at North Melbourne.

Round 20 – Sal’s Preview: Pardon the diversion

Sal Ciardulli adds his respected insights to picking winners for the Round 20 AFL matches this weekend.

FEARLESS 2019 – Round 19: The overdue return of the squirrel grip…

FEARLESS calls out pointless jargon, such as the use of ‘metres gained’ statistics and the over-hyped obsession with ‘players as athletes’. How would a ball-getter like ‘Diesel’ Williams fare in the modern draft?

Round 17 – Fearless 2019: I  know it’s footy season but jeez the Kiwis were dudded!

Fearless 2019 has his say on Brad Scott as a coach, and also reviews the Round 17 matches from last weekend.

Fearless 2019 – Round 11: The Sir Doug Nicholls Round continues…. & Trevor Barker

Fearless comments upon the nomination of Trevor Barker to the AFL Hall of Fame as well as reviewing all the Round 11 results from last weekend.

Sydney Swans Season Preview: An Old Dog’s New Tricks

Joe is upbeat as he previews the prospects of the Sydney Swans for the coming AFL season.

The Wrap’s Team of Brothers

The Wrap’s come up with this Team of Brothers.

Backwards to go Forwards: an Ode to Defence (or ‘Tash and Dash’)

Football is football. But it is also a way in to thinking and feeling. This meditation from Mathilde de Hauteclocque offers a half back flanker’s response to omnipresent grief.

Almanac Books: Champions All extract – Grand Finals 2000s

Champions All is finally out. 700 pages of punchy stories from 171 legends of the game over 8 decades of AFL/VFL footy. Today’s extract has players discussing the Grand Finals in the 2000s.


Mathilde de Hauteclocque reflects on Sydney’s transition from 2015 into 2016, as only she can.

Finals week 2 – The Wrap: Rhyce and Adam; we salute you.

The weekend’s footy is all done and dusted, so what better way to catch up on what you might have missed by catching up with The Wrap.

Shawry & Schneids: Like Ships Passing in the Night

On the verge of their retirement, Joe Moore shows his respect for two of his favourite Swans premiership players.

Round 15 – Brisbane v Sydney: Voices and footy

Aristotle knew a thing or two about getting a kick and the team first mentality when he stated that a whole was the sum of its parts. Keiran Croker shows how a choir and a footy team have more in common than you might think.

Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life: A Winning Attitude is Habit-Forming

Should we be worried True Believers? Cam Hooke searches for some reassurance following the Pies lacklustre display against the Bulldogs on Saturday evening.

A skill that can’t be measured

Stan Alves turns it around and asks Matt Zurbo a question. A good one too. [Old Dog with some of his trademark footy-thinking]

AFL Round 7 – Brisbane v Sydney: A True Clubman

The famous Bloods culture is built on the actions and choices of people. Joe Moore celebrates the work of Sydney’s reigning best Clubman in his 200th game.

The Footygods: Aniketos and Alexiares

Aniketos and Alexiares were the sons of Heracles and Hebe. Some called them gatekeepers. Some gave them responsibility for defence. There wasn’t much difference in those days. And on a footy field, there still isn’t. The crowd always love the flash things up forward. They marvel at the skill of the midfield. But they know [Read more]