Round 19 – Essendon v Sydney: No Magic Wand

Joe Moore weaves a tale of footy, friendship and other wizardly things, even though his Swans have a tough night in Melbourne.

Round 12 – St. Kilda v Sydney: Reconnaissance

Joe Moore came to Melbourne for this one. And why not? How else would he experience what is “quite possibly now the third best day of my life…”?

Round 8 – Hawthorn v Sydney: A perfect storm

As the heavens opened up over the Apple Isle and gifted Joe Moore a long weekend, his Swans stood up in clearing conditions in the Garden State, registering an impressive fourth away win on the trot

Round 2 – Sydney v Port Adelaide: Holding on to Moments

‘Despite the unwanted result, moments of magic have been made throughout a glorious long weekend spent with those who truly matter. It’s the little things that make happy moments.’

Sydney Swans Season Preview: An Old Dog’s New Tricks

Joe is upbeat as he previews the prospects of the Sydney Swans for the coming AFL season.

Round 21 – Sydney v Fremantle: Making Waves

Joe Moore gets amped, drops in and backdoors on the Swans’ Saturday afternoon barrel.

Round 14 – Sydney v Essendon: Party scenes

Joe Moore is up for a party – maybe Cuban, maybe Finnish – as his Swans snatch a classic after-the-siren win.

Round 6 – Carlton v Sydney: A Matter of Trust

Joe Moore, a faithful Blood, compares this season to a square pie – he doesn’t trust it.

Round 3 – North Melbourne v GWS: Calm amid the Confusion at Blundstone Arena

Joe Moore, Sydney fan, is a little confused. But he’s loving his home town, his home suburb, and its footy ground – Blundstone Arena at Bellerive. He is impressed by the class of GWS.

Round 2 – Western Bulldogs v Sydney: Reasons to be cheerful

Ian Dury and Faithless provide the inspiration for Joe Moore who, in the face of a second swans loss, finds reasons to be cheerful.

Sydney Swans Season Preview 2017 – Life’s A Beach

Joe Moore hopes that Sydney won’t go to water this year.

The Sydney Swans speculative soundtrack: A season in revue – 2016

Joe Moore has his 2016 playlist locked and loaded. No music can soothe a runner up, but there remains plenty to dance about in the Swans’ future.

Grand Final 2016 – Sydney v Western Bulldogs: Talking to Chooks

With five minutes to go in the Granny and your side’s down, what do you do? Joe Moore went outside and had a chat with the Chooks!

Grand Final – Sydney v Western Bulldogs: A Bloods’ (Excited) Preview

Here’s how Joe Moore sees the moment. Fair to say he’s ready, and he explains why his Swans are as well. [Much Swans love – JTH]

Finals Week 2 – Sydney v Adelaide: Bound for Glory

Angry Anderson, poker matches as grand final preparation, and the intensity of the Swans. Joe Moore helps get the Swans back on track.

Round 22 – North Melbourne v Sydney: The Father Son Rule

There is nothing better than introducing the next generation to your passion; Joe Moore and cygnet Ollie resplendent in Swans merchandise cheer cheered against North at Blundstone Arena and sang heartily at the end.

Round 22 – North Melbourne v Sydney: The Festival of The Bloods

For the first time Joe Moore sings with his son to toast the Swans’ win over a fighting Nth Melbourne, a special moment for Dad and his Cygnet.

Round 18 – Sydney v Carlton: Oh, Brother

Sydney v Carlton games are for more than 4 points; they are for bragging rights between Woy Woy’s Moore brothers. [Lovely boyhood reminiscing – Ed].

Round 17 – Sydney v Hawthorn: The Rivalry Resumes

Joe Moore hosts his Hawthorn mate Halesy and they witness a bout between two great rivals.

Round 16 – Geelong v Sydney: King Kieren Conquers Kardinia

Joe Moore’s tale of the Blood Brothers and how they more than kept up with the Kardinians.