Adam Goodes: Our Graceful Swan

Joe Moore articulates his feelings for Adam Goodes in a most heartfelt, intelligent and profound manner. [Wonderful read Joe: Ed]

Round 17 – Sydney v Carlton: The Winds of Change

Joe Moore completed yet another family trip up to the SCG for the rivalry between Sydney and Carlton. His account, already published on, details the fun-loving nature of what footy means to families.

Round 11 – Geelong v Sydney: Keeping up with the Kardinians

Joe Moore makes his way to Geelong headquarters and leaves feeling pretty good about his side’s future. [Great title from you too Joe – Ed]

Round 9 – North Melbourne v Sydney: From Boys to Men at Blundstone Arena

Joe Moore likes what he sees in the next generation of Moores (his young bloke) and of the Swans coming through. Read his Round 9 report of the Roos and Swans match at Blundstone Arena in his home town of Hobart.

An Ode to the Glorious Past

Joe Moore was privileged to sit with his grandmother during her final days and to experience her perspective and wisdom.

Round 3 – Carlton v Sydney: Favourite Sons

Joe Moore has been lucky enough to have not one but two “favourite sons” with the recent arrival of George to his family. Prodigal performances from his Swans have been lacking in recent weeks, but with a victory over Carlton getting 2019 back on track, he is reminded of past favourite sons of the Bloods.

Sydney Swans Season Preview 2019 – Misunderstood

Joe Moore analyses the prospects for the Sydney Swans in the 2019 AFL Season. Will they be up there once again as a top side or are they on the slide?

Round 19 – Essendon v Sydney: No Magic Wand

Joe Moore weaves a tale of footy, friendship and other wizardly things, even though his Swans have a tough night in Melbourne.

Round 12 – St. Kilda v Sydney: Reconnaissance

Joe Moore came to Melbourne for this one. And why not? How else would he experience what is “quite possibly now the third best day of my life…”?

Round 8 – Hawthorn v Sydney: A perfect storm

As the heavens opened up over the Apple Isle and gifted Joe Moore a long weekend, his Swans stood up in clearing conditions in the Garden State, registering an impressive fourth away win on the trot

Round 2 – Sydney v Port Adelaide: Holding on to Moments

‘Despite the unwanted result, moments of magic have been made throughout a glorious long weekend spent with those who truly matter. It’s the little things that make happy moments.’

Sydney Swans Season Preview: An Old Dog’s New Tricks

Joe is upbeat as he previews the prospects of the Sydney Swans for the coming AFL season.

Round 21 – Sydney v Fremantle: Making Waves

Joe Moore gets amped, drops in and backdoors on the Swans’ Saturday afternoon barrel.

Round 14 – Sydney v Essendon: Party scenes

Joe Moore is up for a party – maybe Cuban, maybe Finnish – as his Swans snatch a classic after-the-siren win.

Round 6 – Carlton v Sydney: A Matter of Trust

Joe Moore, a faithful Blood, compares this season to a square pie – he doesn’t trust it.

Round 3 – North Melbourne v GWS: Calm amid the Confusion at Blundstone Arena

Joe Moore, Sydney fan, is a little confused. But he’s loving his home town, his home suburb, and its footy ground – Blundstone Arena at Bellerive. He is impressed by the class of GWS.

Round 2 – Western Bulldogs v Sydney: Reasons to be cheerful

Ian Dury and Faithless provide the inspiration for Joe Moore who, in the face of a second swans loss, finds reasons to be cheerful.

Sydney Swans Season Preview 2017 – Life’s A Beach

Joe Moore hopes that Sydney won’t go to water this year.

The Sydney Swans speculative soundtrack: A season in revue – 2016

Joe Moore has his 2016 playlist locked and loaded. No music can soothe a runner up, but there remains plenty to dance about in the Swans’ future.

Grand Final 2016 – Sydney v Western Bulldogs: Talking to Chooks

With five minutes to go in the Granny and your side’s down, what do you do? Joe Moore went outside and had a chat with the Chooks!