VAFA Premier C – Williamstown CYMS: What We Deserve

With one round remaining in C Section, Williamstown CYMS will play Fitzroy on Saturday week for the right to ascend to B Grade. Who “deserves” it? Who “deserves” anything?

“Our Game”

This piece has been taken down following a reader’s request.

Reconciliation as a 400m Event

The choice of Sydney as the host for the Olympics in 2000, was related to the perception of Australia being a positive example of the good life and of Reconciliation. The Games presented a range of opportunities for Indigenous participation and cultural representation says Andy Fuller as he discusses the lead up to that event.

The Killers at The Taminga

Mickey’s musings on Grand Final entertainment and music as a whole. The Killers, good. Meatloaf, for the most part, good. U2, a few decades ago, great. P!nk, well…

Round 11 – Port Adelaide v Geelong: Port’s finals chances tilt

At intervals during the Port v Geelong game, Chris Michaels wondered whether his Dad may throw the TV out the back door. Nice venting (special mentions to Bruce and Vossy).

Round 3 – Collingwood v St Kilda #AFLPiesSaints – hardly a ripple in any ‘verse

Jeff Dowsing on Collingwood’s big win against St KIlda

Footy Commentary – The gift that keeps on giving (or: Intellectual Wilderness, ho!).

Steve Baker has learnt plenty from our current crop of broadcasters…. at least 11 things.

AFL Round 17 – Adelaide v Hawthorn: A High Seas Backman

Old Dog is on the high seas, crossing Bass Strait, with the footy on. Terrific account of the game and comment on how we see the game, and how commentators see the game, and how votes are handed out. [Nice Jim Jess reference too – Ed]

21 Deep, Penetrating, Important, Philosophical Questions: Gospel music, Twistie Rolls and Shaun Hampson

Sean Curtain isn’t afraid to ask the hard questions. From Van Morrison to the value of St Kilda in the AFL, they are all questions worth asking. Have you got answers?

A moment of clarity

Matt Quartermaine found Channel 7’s insightful panel show so fascinating last night that he is sharing a transcript of the program to enlighten readers, especially beleaguered Bombers supporters.

We didn’t start the ire

Jeff Dowsing’s little ditty on the state of footy (with apologies to Billy Joel).