The 2018 Perky Girl Cup

Hi, I’m Perky Girl, here I sit on this wintry Mother’s Day.


Chappy got me flowers (with dad’s help.) The furry rascal Brian Jones doppelganger is older than us in dog years. A survivor of two life threatening illnesses, cartilage replacement makes him a super terrier. We love hanging out with Chappy and watching footy.


Okay, so I reckon the engaging Daisy Pearce reminds me of a young Sally Field – think Gidget, The Flying Nun era prior to hooking up with hairy Burt on the rug toasting marshmallows and riding on the Smokey and the Bandit vehicle. Burt used to play college football so there’s the sporty connection.


Someone else who has got my attention is listening to Wayne Carey. He’s incisive, intelligent. What he said about the Monaros being “too nice “ and lacking the grit is spot on. The Monaros won’t reach the dizzying heights of almost-nabbed-it this season.


Essendon’s Joe Daniher reminds me of John Cleese in his Monty Python heyday. With his ganglyness aptitude, I’m half expecting him to break out into a ministry of silly kicks. Daniher is a hard name to rhyme with anything so my ode to Joe is dangling in the back of my head. Always interesting to watch – a real character on the field. The now retired Mike Pyke was dead easy:


I’d like to go for a ride with Mike
On a bike, or a hike
That I’d like
With Mike


Who will be the superhero this season? Will it be the greenhorn Ben Ronke who kicked seven goals in his third game with the Swans?


Who are our heroes? Sure we have a plethora of really good Marvel movies that are churned out with charm, wit, stupendous effects. Not so Deadpool. The titular lead is an a*hole with healing powers. We found the movie too clever for its own good and void of any charm. I hope that wonderful misfit Julian Dennison from The Hunt for the Wilderpeople will give Deadpool 2 its much needed heart.


I digress again


I’ve only now turned on the teev to catch the tail end of the Collingwood v Geelong Cats match. Ah there’s Daisy interviewing Gary Ablett jnr after the Cats win.


I’d been on the phone to mum in NZ wishing her happy Mother’s Day. In an era of hashtag everything and rampant virtue signalling, it is those who go about their everyday with kindness, selflessness and humility that are our unsung heroes. I am so damn proud of my mum. At 95 years young she’s got a headstart on all of us.


And as my beloved sister Sally said “every day is mothers day.”



Thanks for reading folks
Perky Girl



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  1. E.regnans says

    Thanks Perky Girl.

    In just the last fortnight, Fawlty Towers has a new generation of fans in this house.
    I won’t look at J Daniher the same way again.

    Re: unsung heroes… spot on.

  2. Jan Courtin says

    I never celebrate any of the “days”, Earl. If we can’t be loving at all times, then what’s the point?

  3. Earl O'Neill says

    “The dizzying heights of almost-nabbed-it” – wish I’d thought of that one. Great work, sweetheart.

  4. Rulebook says

    Perky Girl love the Daisy Pearce – Sally Field comparison well played

  5. “Kindness, selflessness and humility”. Onya Mum. I reckon she would take Jed Lamb and Mark Bagguley by the ear and wash their mouths out with soap.
    Is Mum available for MRP work?

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