Opinion: What if Declan Mountford makes his Eagles debut but nobody knew? The day integrity and the AFL parted company

John Gordon thinks the AFL stuffed up big time by hamstringing his Eagles who had to play with several missing due to Covid protocols – what do you think? Would it be a different kettle of fish if flag faves Melbourne were playing?

Almanac Footy – AFLFA: Fans look forward to more ‘normal’ 2022

The AFLFA has released a statement on the upcoming 2022 men’s season around crowds and reduced pricing [Well done to Almanacker Cheryl Critchley on the presidency – Ed.]

Almanac Book Review – Ken Haley’s The One That Got Away: Travelling in the Time of COVID

Yvette Wroby shares her joy at reading Ken Haley’s latest book and spoke at length with the author to help contextualise a great journey of will, determination and a handful of sheer luck.

Almanac (Local) Footy: Thirds in their words

The pandemic may well have caused major disruptions to all of us but it can’t take away from us the things we value and the places where we find connection and purpose. Jarrod Landells and mates explain via the agency of the Fitzroy Thirds.

AFLW Round 1-2 – An Ongoing Health and Safety Protocol Shuffle

We’ve only just begun but already the wheels are a bit wobbly – Jarrod Landells has some thoughts on the health and safety of the AFLW’s biggest assets.

Balcony Banter: Defining moments

MCC member Dave Campbell recalled a series of memorable matches involving his Tigers as he streamed their recent drawn clash with Hawthorn. He recorded his thoughts for the MCC Members blog Balcony Banter.

Almanac Life: Crossing The Road

Some musings from Dips O’Donnell as he moves into lockdown mode once again.

Almanac Life and Humour: Things that may happen before a vaccine rollout in Australia  

The vaccination rollout is taking forever! Paddy Grindlay has a list of changes that he thinks are more likely to happen before we’re all jabbed and jocular. (Ed’s comment – Don’t hold your breath!)

Almanac Music – Matt (and Eve) Quartermaine on sharing music through Melbourne’s lockdown

We all deal with the lurches of this pandemic in different ways – for Matt Quartermaine part of the process has been through song, which he recently shared with The Shot.

Almanac Food: Hanging Out At My ‘Pandemic Café’

Did the Covid-19 pandemic (hopefully just about over in Australia) and its resulting forms of lockdown bring out in Almanackers particular food cravings/obsessions? It certainly did in Kevin Densley’s case. In response, KD created a personal “Pandemic Cafe” menu, one high on instant gratification, and low in terms of other culinary considerations!

Almanac Life: The Year We Fell Down The Rabbit Hole

Nicole Kelly looks back at the slow days of 2020, when people in her home state were isolated from each other, and the written word became more important than ever.

Almanac Book Review – ‘The Momentous Uneventful Day: a requiem for the office’ by Gideon Haigh

Roger Lowrey offers his thoughts on Gideon Haigh’s most contemporary tome: ‘The Momentous Uneventful Day: a requiem for the office.’

Almanac Poetry: Note of thanks to an Old Gum Tree

E.regnans shares more of his insights into the time of Covid, recognising and thanking an old gum tree for its stability in a time of uncertainty.

Almanac Life: The First Beer After Lock-Down

The first beer after lockdown tasted sweet. But Smokie explains why the hesitation remains

Almanac (Covid) Life: Love in the Time of Coronavirus – Part 2

E. regnans continues his journal of life and love in the time of coronavirus. In this instalment, he channels the thoughts of Andre who contemplates the not inconsiderable challenges of ‘opening up’.


Seven months ago, in March 2020, ‘Smokie’ Dawson offered these thoughts as we moved into the full brunt of Covid-19. ‘Our generation has had a charmed run, says Smokie. But that is all about to change. It follows that the AFL will also be forced into change when we come out the other side of COVID-19. ‘

Almanac Rugby League: Covid and Season 2020

John Campbell discovered footy podcasts as he whiled away the season. He offers a few thoughts about their qualities.

The Lockdown Poems

Damian Balassone is back with his poetic take on issues ranging from sex in the COVID age via ancient Roman poets to the US presidential election. Cheeky bugger!

Almanac Comment: The mental effects isolation has on people

Shannon Cole, one of The Almanac’s up and coming young writers, reports on her research into the effects of social isolation of those with existing health conditions.

Almanac (Backyard ISO) Games: I’ve Found a Winner

COVID is having an impact Down South. It seems to have gotten a hold of Steve Earl. This is what they’re doing at Chez Earl. [RUOK – JTH]