Almanac Music – Matt (and Eve) Quartermaine on sharing music through Melbourne’s lockdown


G’day Almanackers,


One of our favourites here at The Footy Almanac (unless it’s 2018 and you’re a Collingwood fan…) and modern day Renaissance man Matt Quartermaine recently wrote a piece for The Shot on staying connected with his daughter Eve through lockdown via sharing songs that may have been new to her, but are classics for Matt and many others.


It’s a story of family ties and generational bonding through KC and the Sunshine Band, You Am I and Sister Rosetta Tharpe.


Well worth a read – check it out HERE.





  1. E.regnans says

    Brilliant, MQ.

    I well remember these episodes unfold in our deep dark lockdowns of 2020.
    It feels very special to have this peek behind the curtain.

    Love in the Time of Coronavirus, indeed.
    Well played Matt, well played Evie.

  2. Great piece Matt Q.

    These were also helpful to all those following you on Twitter at the time.

    The depiction of generational difference and all that entails is delightful. Love the rankings.

  3. Matt Quartermaine says

    Thanks David and JTH . Interesting that I tried to quote Evie’s text and my adult punctuation killed it. By screenshotting the texts it brought her voice alive. Big writing lesson.

  4. Excellent stuff, Matt.
    Evie’s dry, wry comments are hilarious.
    My youngest son is moving out next week. 2 down, 1 to go.

  5. Really enjoyed this article, thanks!

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