Almanac Comment: The mental effects isolation has on people

Shannon Cole, one of The Almanac’s up and coming young writers, reports on her research into the effects of social isolation of those with existing health conditions.

How Corona Virus Has Divided A Country

With the selfishness and ‘every person for them selves’ attitude displayed during Covid 19, Shannon Cole wonders what happened to the concern and generosity displayed by Australians during the recent bushfires.

Should parents get their children into swimming lessons from a young age?

An in-depth look at the merits of teaching swimming at an early age for survival reasons from Shannon Cole.

Pets Allowed in Rental Properties: They Deserve a Home Too

Deakin Uni Journalism student, Shannon Cole reports on the consequences caused by the change to Residential Tenancies Act 1997 to allow pets in rental properties.

Breeders Kill Shelter Animals’ Chance to Have a Life

Deakin Uni journalism student Shannon Cole examines the many issues surrounding pet breeding, animal rescues, and pet adoption.

Volunteer of the Year 2019: Who is Donna Cartwright?

Shannon Cole looks at Donna Cartwright, and the work of her organisation, Mums Supporting Families in Need.

To drive or to walk? That is the question.

Shannon Cole explores getting kids into more exercise by encouraging them to walk to school rather than being driven by their parents.

Dancing Queen

Deakin student Shannon Cole reflects upon her time as a budding childhood dancer until fate intervened as she explains.

On Frankston’s Pantry Plus and their Pluses

Deakin student Shannon Cole is impressed with the Pantry Plus Program that provides food for under resourced people in the community.

Social Media – The New Therapist?

Deakin Uni student Shannon Cole raises some of the concerns young people are now facing through the role of social media in their lives.

The Modelling Industry: How Women’s Lives are Endangered

We encourage Deakin Uni journalism students to publish here at the Footy Almanac. In recent times Shannon Cole wrote about her role as a swimming coach. Here she tackles the subject of modelling.

In What Colours Do You See The World?

Deakin journalism student Shannon Cole and her family came to Australia from South Africa almost 20 years ago. Sooner or later they had to choose which footy teams to follow. Here’s how it worked out.

The Life of a Swimming Teacher: My Experience Throughout my First Year of Teaching

Shannon Cole shares her experiences of becoming a swimming teacher, developing relationships with her students, and the pleasure she receives in fulfilling her role.

The Struggle of Gifted Children

Supporting gifted children and their needs can be a difficult and ongoing issue in many schools. Teacher Clare Ball has developed a program that provides opportunities to extend the abilities of gifted children as Deakin journalism student Shannon Cole reports.