Almanac Pies Celebration: Howe good is he?

Nicole Kelly is itching to remind herself of the magnificent Collingwood premiership season which she does in this reflection based around Jeremy Howe.

Almanac (Footy) Life: Wearing your heart on your…sleeve

Following Collingwood’s latest win, Pies fan Nicole Kelly reflects on the importance of female fans to the AFL and footy in general

Almanac Preliminary Final – Sydney v Collingwood: What a ride…

It hurt; it will continue to hurt for a while. But Nicole Kelly sees so much to admire and appreciate about Collingwood’s 2022 season. And the signs are good that her son will carry on the cause into the coming decades.

Almanac Life: Dawning Realisations

Nicole Kelly has found a way to fit more into her life while rediscovering the simple pleasures of an early morning start – all because of Dash Kelly.

Almanac (Footy) Life: Kid-wrangling and Coach-wrangling

Collingwood put their fans out of their misery early this season but the footy joy is still there to be experienced – at Auskick, writes Nicole Kelly. Even if it did feel like -2.2 degrees in Beaufort.

Almanac Life: 2020 Revolt

From the verb revolt and its many synonyms, Nicole Kelly highlights issues that need addressing in today’s society.

Almanac Footy: #CollingwoodFC Life

It has been quite an off-season for Collingwood. Nicole Kelly charts the ups and downs, social media-style.

Almanac Life: The Year We Fell Down The Rabbit Hole

Nicole Kelly looks back at the slow days of 2020, when people in her home state were isolated from each other, and the written word became more important than ever.

Almanac Life: Longing for the open road

Born to travel, Nicole Kelly hit the bitumen alone and unbridled in the waning weeks of 2020. Beechworth in the heart of Kelly Country was her destination, but this story is mainly about the journey and trips that came before.

Almanac (Celebration of) Words: How good is stuff?

Nicole Kelly loves the word ‘stuff’ in all its versatility.

Almanac Life (and Poetry): A Desert Poet – Jack Dodds

With Remembrance Day approaching, Nicole Kelly shares some poetry and diary extracts written by her great-grandfather Jack Dodds while he was on active duty at Tobruk during the Second World War.

Almanac Book Launch – ‘Lament’ by Nicole Kelly: A time to toast!

The social gathering limitations imposed by COVID-19 might be a wet blanket for some, but for Nicole Kelly it provides an opportunity to invite the whole Almanac community to the online launch of her novel ‘Lament’ next month.

Almanac (Australian) History: Remembering the charge

Halloween has tightened its hold on the date October 31. But Nicole Kelly reminds us of its significance in Australian history – the charge of Beersheba.

Almanac Horseracing: A boy, his mare and The Cup

Looking forward to the upcoming Spring Racing Carnival, Nicole Kelly gives an intriguing insight into the life of Peter St. Alban’s (a terrific story – Ed).

Almanac Literary: Lament in 2020

Nicole Kelly discusses some of the background information about her forthcoming book, ‘Lament’ in the lead up to its publication in October.

Almanac Footy: Ticket to Nowhere

Nicole Kelly tidied her desk! And found a couple of cards.

The Solace of Words

Words from Nicole Kelly to all of the Almanackers and beyond; words for the soul and self too. An especially poignant reflection on something fundamental and irrepressible yet close and personal to so many of us. [I feel privileged to have read them – Ed.]

Almanac Life: A Digger’s Words

Nicole Kelly fondly remembers her great-grandfather Jack Dodd and shares poetry he wrote while fighting in Tobruk during WW2,

Round 7 – Geelong v Collingwood: Foggy Days

Nicole Kelly has plenty of time for reflection on her daily commute, getting home and watching the Pies have a good win was just the tonic she needed.

Round 5 – Collingwood v Essendon: Catching That Winter Sun

Nicole Kelly spends time with the kids at Port Fairy getting herself ready for the Pies clash against Essendon. The joy of the beach and the winter sunshine were the holiday highlights. Apart from young Daicos, the match wasn’t.