AFL Trades: Panic

Unsure of how you feel after the AFL trades have completed? Set to Panic by The Smiths, Jeff Dowsing pens his thoughts.

What the Sam Mitchell trade means

Yoshi weighs in on Hawthorn’s decision to trade Sam Mitchell.

Still a happy team at Hawthorn?

Jeff Dowsing looks at Hawthorn’s recent trade decisions and considers the implications for club. What immeasurables does it impact?

Dr Dangerlove or: how I learned to stop worrying and love Geelong

According to Dave Brown the AFL silly season (October – February) is reaching its height of Christmas madness with Dr Strangelove-like hysteria driving footy media and trade speculation.

(Insert Here: Bulldogs……)

Crio reckons the world; the fates; the punt; and the AFL are against him and his Bulldogs. Strong supporting evidence. But the Western Empire is fighting back, and wants Callan Ward for Ryan Griffen. And Sanderson for McCartney.

Cobba’s AFL Trade Directory

Jake ‘Cobba’ Stevens offers another brilliant infographic to explain the 2013 AFL Trade movements. ‘Cobba’ could make quantum physics and global warming understandable.

It’s Guineas Day – but we are still trading places!

Sal Ciardulli sorts out the AFL trade week; cricket broadcast rights; decision referral system; and all the big group races at Caulfield and Randwick. If he lands the Melbourne quaddie, Barrack Obama is flying him to Washington DC to sort out the US budget impasse and resolve the Syrian civil war.

Scanlens footy card week….AKA ‘The Trade Period’

  by Rick Newbery Personally I find this part of The AFL Year an absolute bore. I wish I could just sleep through this week of bluff, bluster and bulldust, and somebody wakes me up when it’s over and tells me who my club picked up, who we lost and what draft picks (if any) [Read more]

AFL Recruit: Tendai Mzungu- One to watch

He may not have been the biggest name in trade week, but Tendai Mzungu has already accumulated a decent highlight reel in the WAFL for Perth FC. With 70 senior games to his name already, there may be another mature age recruit ready to make an impact in the big league. Thanks to Neil Allen [Read more]