An Open Letter to Jake Carlisle

Some timely advice to new St Kilda recruit Jake Carlisle from Patrick O’Brien (and Noel Gallagher). Put the bloody phone away Jake, Mary doesn’t want the Saints on the front page.

Almanac Trade Week

The Almanac and the AFL are joining forces in the first ever trade week for footy writers. Some of the old stagers will be put out to pasture or writing in new colours next season (according to Peter Baulderstone). Any other nominations?

AFL Round Trade – Citizens v Consumers: Dreams matter

E.Regnans was familiar with the commodification of football. But trade week has made him uncomfortable with the commodification of footballers. What price dreams?

Caulfield Cup Day Preview – Who is that third person in the room!

Sal Ciardulli’s mind is on the Caulfield Cup. But his heart is at Upton Park this weekend, where his lad will be witnessing his Hammers take on Manchester City. Sal’s forever blowing bubbles.

It’s Guineas Day – but we are still trading places!

Sal Ciardulli sorts out the AFL trade week; cricket broadcast rights; decision referral system; and all the big group races at Caulfield and Randwick. If he lands the Melbourne quaddie, Barrack Obama is flying him to Washington DC to sort out the US budget impasse and resolve the Syrian civil war.

Trade Period Infographic: Chaos Connected

By Jake ‘Cobba’ Stevens Trying to keep track of the Trade Period is kind of like trying to count the population of a swarm of bees. Or maybe its more like untangling a bowl of spaghetti. Either way, I decided to try and simplify the system, and map out a trade directory, just in case [Read more]

Dramatic Dawes Turnaround Shows Growing Instability In AFL

Thinking a little bit about Chris Dawes recently and after looking at his current career situation, it really did smack me right between the eyes as to just how unstable the AFL is becoming.

Don’t let the Dawes (insert pun)

Why is Dawes even contemplating leaving Collingwood?

Another Gorilla Missed

The Bulldogs need more gorillas. I mean that in the nicest possible way. Our last gorilla, Brian Lake, left to be part of premiership glory. Not sure if he lived in the Western Suburbs but if he did, I hope the trek out to Waverley every night is worth it. So the Bulldogs decide to stick [Read more]

Brendon Goddard: the rules provide; the rules take away

Brendon Goddard has packed his bags and moved to Windy Hill. As a proud – if battered – St Kilda man, Matthew Webber is not sure where he sits on it all. Rage is so futile, disappointment so wasteful, and pragmatism so cold.


Matt O’Connor So, what the hell was THAT all about? Trade Week (or the “Exchange Period” to use its official title) turned out to be like those garage sales where you turn up too late and end up flipping dolefully through boxes of Boz Scaggs LPs and broken toasters. Except that if Scaggs had been [Read more]

Trade Week Discussion 2011

Where there’s smoke, there doesn’t necessarily have to be fire. AFL Trade week is living proof of this. After all the huffing and puffing, it seems the two most notable trades are Clark to Melbourne and Ebert back home to SA (Port). Otherwise, there was a shuffling of juniors, journeymen and draft picks. Does anyone think their [Read more]


by Andrew Gigacz CAULFIELD CUP BY THE NUMBERS – AND LETTERS Every punter has their own method of picking winners during the Spring Racing Carnival. Some look at factors such as the weather, form and the horses’ weights. Others look at barriers, distance and which jockeys are on board. There are many factors that come [Read more]