Round 15 – Hawthorn v West Coast: a true winter’s afternoon of footy

It may have been a day when the warmth of the lounge room beckoned but Tom Harrington went to a wet and soggy MCG to see his Hawks take on the defending premiers. An intriguing match of fluctuating fortunes went down to the wire making Tom’s effort to get there well worthwhile.

Round 10 – Adelaide v West Coast: Winning ugly, or just winning – can West Coast go back-to-back?

John Gordon discusses the difficulties of winning back-to-back AFL Premierships, while highlighting how West Coast are playing remarkably similarly to their 2018 premiership winning year.

Grand Final – Fearless: There’s nothing really left to say

Not since 2010’s drawn Grand Final has the drama been replicated for the game to be of such a high quality and going right down to the wire says Fearless. Saturday’s Grand Final between West Coast and Collingwood was all that. It was a shame that there was a loser but that’s footy.

Fathers’ Day

John Gordon’s debut piece for the Almanac is a touching account of family and football expressed through coach and players on one hand, and in the stands on the other. [Welcome John – thanks for this beaut piece which will definitely get a run in The Eagles’ Almanac – JTH]

The Simpson

Yes the Bucks story is a ripper … but so is the Adam Simpson story.
Rick Kane pays tribute to the 2018 Premiership coach.

Grand Final – West Coast v Collingwood: The Circle is Unbroken

Peter Baulderstone on the Grand Final. For the faitfhful – of all faiths.

Grand Final Preview – West Coast v Collingwood: Looking Forward Looking Back

Peter Baulderstone finds reasons for his dream of an Eagles Grand Final win. And his soggy Saturday Collingwood nightmares. [A lot of analysis and some very nice lines like: “It takes a village to raise a flag.” JTH]

Round 21 – Port Adelaide v West Coast: Tarzan Saves the Day

It’s off to the movies for Peter Baulderstone, as Jeremy McGovern swings through the trees to save the day for his West Coast Eagles.

Round 7 – West Coast v Port Adelaide: Darling Buds of May

Peter Baulderstone is happy to be proved a moron and a pessimist for predicting his Eagles would be bottom 6. Humble pie never tasted so good; perhaps the Eagle flowers made all the difference?

Round 20 – St Kilda v West Coast: I need a hero

West Coast Eagles stumbled against St Kilda and are now in a log jam for a finals spot. Dave looks to a hero in number 17 to help lift the Eagles to September.

Round 16 – West Coast v Port Adelaide: Dead Parrots

Peter Baulderstone thinks his Eagles recruiting has been diabolical and the team is the slowest in the AFL. He vents with a Monty Python “cruel but fair” take on the team’s consistent lack of second half run.

Cycles, Troughs and Peaks

Peter Crossing expertly summarises the AFL season to date. [So who finishes in the top 8?]

What the Sam Mitchell trade means

Yoshi weighs in on Hawthorn’s decision to trade Sam Mitchell.

Losing isn’t everything for flag-hungry Eagles

Alex Darling goes back through West Coast’s history to explain why he thinks the Eagles will be flying high in 2016.

2015 Grand Final – Hawthorn v West Coast: They’re the Mighty Flying Hawks

Like ’em and loathe ’em, there is no denying that Clarko and the Hawks are among the greats. [And doesn’t miss the Eagles on his way through, either. – Ed]

Finals Week 1 – West Coast v Hawthorn: Liberte’, Fraternite’, Eagle-ite’

Our Eagles correspondent Peter Baulderstone is “viewing” this finals series from afar. He is enjoying the sweet life of a famous victory and French hospitality.

Round 20 – Fremantle v West Coast: Tora, Tora, Tora

Peter Baulderstone’s Christmases have all come at once. Forty thousand Dockers supporters waking to nothing under the tree (again). Santa only comes to good girls and boys (Alex Silvagni take note).

Round 14 – Melbourne v West Coast Eagles: Survival of the fittest in Darwin

Like most people, the horrific events of Friday morning in Somerton Park put the weekend’s footy in the shade for Phil Smythe. The action in the top end reflected the respectful listlessness of round 14.

Round 6 – Port Adelaide v West Coast: Welcome Strangers

Peter Baulderstone has had a patriotic thought – name our footy teams after Australian explorers. He saw his Edward John Eyres strike gold on Sunday. And the Ludwig Leichardt Lions beat the Burke and Wills Blues. The Sydney Rum Corps; the unsociable Hawthorn Blighs – any other suggestions?

AFL Round 20 – West Coast v Collingwood: Floreat Aquila (Prosper Big Birds)

Peter Baulderstone expected a contest but got an unexpected surprise. Are his Eagles that good or are Collingwood that bad?