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It’s a conundrum.

Like many, I have been uncomfortable with the spate of player-led overthrows in recent times.

“Lost confidence of the player group” has been a familiar exit order for coaches.

But now there’s the ruckus at the Western Oval. Anyone who has watched the Dogs has seen the fractures opening.

We don’t want to be weak, but the whole McCartney appointment was flawed. A coach with no experience was given a motley support team and promoted as a teacher and genuinely honest bloke. He certainly seems a man of calibre, but his match day “acumen” has been disturbing sons of the ‘scray throughout his tenure – never mind the “player management” crits emerging now.

I have always reckoned he was a bad appointment unless mentored by a Thompson/Harvey/Matthews type.


What now?

Firstly, I guess, the Club must regain the confidence of fans and sponsors.

Griff has to go.

They want our captain – we’ll have the “heir apparent” back.

Cal Ward is still loved at The Kennel. There’s a start.


  1. Hey Crio, ‘they’re winning without names” even at the Almanac these days. Does the editor have to do everything for you?
    Or did you leave the title blank on purpose?
    Name of next Bulldogs captain/coach/sacking date/flag win: Insert Here.
    Will that do for a title?

  2. yeah mate.
    Haven’t had time to tune in to any of the schmuck…just as well as don’t enjoy the footy goss as a rule.
    Not even the opportunity to find a Winning Post yet!
    The plan is to look at the fields tmrw night whilst watching the soccer and let the fickle footy stuff sort itself out. Reckon AFL media are just continuing to carpet bomb and choke rival sports, so I’ll deny oxygen and go to the races, soccer and cricket until March resumption.

  3. cowshedend says

    Crio, There is no doubt that McCartney is one of the worst game day coaches in living memory, but a 7 game winning list cannot dictate which direction a club heads in.
    It will mean that Footscray will have lost Griffen Harbrow and Ward to the 2 expansion clubs, so much for equalisation eh?
    To the AFL Footscray are just Western Front cannon fodder, they keep blowing the whistle, and we mount the trench and charge headlong into deadly fire.

  4. Neil Anderson says

    Cannon fodder is very apt. We’re back to the battling Bulldogs again after a few brief rays of hope eg the finish to the 2013 season and the debut year of the Bont.
    Griffen never looked happy as a captain if you watched his body language and his aversion to being a front man for the media. Unless he was talking under his breath out on the field, he never seemed to gee up his players or bother with a back-slap after a rare Bulldog goal.
    Where do we go from here? So far I’m not concerned with Higgins, Jones and Cooney leaving. If we do a good trade for Griffen, I’m still not worried. If the next tier of the Dahlhauses etc want to go…then I’ll be really worried.
    A good example of how far away from the top teams and their leadership qualities is when you consider who will be the next captain of the Bulldogs. Apart from old almost retiring Dogs like Boyd, Murphy and Morris, we’re down to the Wallises and the Macraes.
    Just heard the Bulldogs are making the big announcement re everything at eleven thirty this morning. Stay tuned for the continuing saga which is the Western Bulldogs.

  5. How about Peter Gordon adopt his company policy for some players and staff…..
    “No win, No pay”

  6. Cease all panic – McCartney just got the arse.

  7. Valid point Crio. Footscray has such a long history of losing its best players, going back to the 1970’s. Is it too far a bow to draw in making an analogy with the departures under Royce Hart, players like Brian Wilson, who went on to won a Brownlow, and quite a few others.

    I was quite confident youse might have pushed for the finals,in 2014, just show what a bad judge i am. Not sure where to from here.


  8. Rocket Eade?

  9. The big question is who would want the job as coach?
    No one wants to play there.
    Suggest the club ditch their name and go back to Footscray.
    Get a bit of pride back.
    I hope they find a coach who can transform the Bulldogs.
    No one would begrudge the Dogs winning a premiership.

  10. The People's Elbow says

    We’re already picking over your list (yes, I do realise it’s a picture of Liam Jones…)

  11. The People's Elbow says

    Matt, my understanding is that sufficient funds were pumped into the club with the name change, and with that, legal provisions that the name remains.

  12. Very poor decision by the Dogs. They haven’t got the money of the millionaire Bombers to throw away on paying out a coach. The hard-earned of the members gets flushed down the dunny so a two bit ambulance chaser can keep face. Appalling.

  13. Bit of an overreaction boys.
    The coach was a bad appointment – good bloke and some footy creds…but given a totally dysfunctional, part time and mostly inexperienced staff. As mentioned, he needed an experienced match day strategist, not Shags Grant…and not a bunch of superannuated Cats plus Jason McCartney ( who all must be part of the clean out). “Macca” was cheap – caveat emptor. So was your shot at our Pres, Dips, who has plenty of credits and I’ll resist any slanging.
    So…we have lost a coach who had little support from players/board and not much to offer on game day. We may have lost a gun player who has a crook back, is 29 and wants out. Tutt, Jones, maybe an ailing Cooney. Was there a “deep” September in any of the above?
    Confidence and vision are imperative. Some slash and burn = regrowth.
    What could possibly go wrong?

  14. I know the Bulldogs are everyone’s second favourite team, but I didn’t think their players were supposed to agree.

  15. i believe this is where you go LOL

  16. Skip of Skipton says

    Cooney and Higgins are/were list cloggers. Get rid of Captain Sooky for a good draft pick while he has market value left. Jones and Tutt leaving will make it harder for the VFL side to go back-to-back.

    As long as the core of under 23 talent is happy at the kennel, which they seem to be, then that is all that matters. Onward and upward.

    As for a new coach, Ratten or Matthew Knights would go well given a second shot at it I reckon.

  17. cowshedend says

    Nice work Skip, Cooney has been no good for 2 years, Higgins a liability, Jones in 6 years could not deliver what Stringer did in 1.
    No doubt Griffen was a gun, he’s 28 and missed the pre-season and a few near the end with a re occurring back injury which raised its head a18 months ago.
    the coach was a one trick pony who’s whole game plan was playing a bloke behind the ball, and winning the contested possession count.
    What bothered me was the fact the club gave him an extension last year, wasn’t as though his door was being knocked down with offers from anyone else.
    They get 4 and 7 from east penrith and they’ll get the key forward they need. Jason McCartney and Dalrymple have done a ripping job with the last 3 drafts and are repairing the damage done by Clayton. I’ve seen a shitload of negatives emanate from that club over a number of decades..today isn’t one of them, providing they can piss Griffen off for those lovely draft picks.

  18. Sounds like all the pieces of your master plan are falling into place, CSE. The evil genius of Barkly Street.
    You are like Gai and Tom – talking up an old crock like Glencadam Gold – and waiting for the suckers to pay over the odds.

  19. They need to find a captain amongst the players who can really lead the players to work together united.
    Maybe they should give it to Minson and really put the acid on him to lead the team into its next successful period, or perhaps take a risk and give it to a Morris or a Murphy. Someone the younger ones can follow.

  20. kath presdee says

    I know why Ward is still respected at the Kennel. It’s the same reason we love him at the Giants. You ain’t getting him.

    Wait a year and you’ll get Tom Boyd at better rates for GWS; but not necessarily for Tom.

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