Scanlens footy card week….AKA ‘The Trade Period’


by Rick Newbery

Personally I find this part of The AFL Year an absolute bore. I wish I could just sleep through this week of bluff, bluster and bulldust, and somebody wakes me up when it’s over and tells me who my club picked up, who we lost and what draft picks (if any) we have now. I know I’m supposed to be riveted by all the squabbling over draft picks 69 and 72 (and I didn’t make that up, it was those two picks that delayed Robbie Warnock’s transfer to Carlton until the last available hour), but sorry Andrew – no can do.

What do others think?

(Alternatively, if you want to tell us about your memories of Scanlens cards, that’s perfectly fine too.)


  1. John Butler says

    Rick, even though this period can occasionally have some import, you’re spot on.

    Usually filled with managers and clubs haggling in public over things that are going to happen anyway. Or never were.

    The hoot is ‘Trade Week Radio”. Might as well only broadcast the last 2 hours before deadline on Monday.

  2. John Butler says

    And on the subject of trading cards…

    I wonder what I could get for my old Barry Gill?

  3. A mate and his sister found a pair of their fathers cards from his time with North Melbourne. How cool is that? Awesome moustache too!

  4. I’m still getting over the Voss mess arising from Draft Week 2009. The horror, the horror….

  5. Soultion …

    Shuffle a stack of 2011 footy cards (whatever beand they come in now)

    Shuffle a stack of cards labelled 1-100 (or however many draft selections are available)

    Turn up the top of card of each pile. There’s trade #1. The player goes to the club that owed that draft pick.

    Repeat 15 times & there’s your trade peiod done in about 20 minutes.

    So what if Jimmy Bartel goes to Port Adelaide for Pick 93 or GWS have to give up Pick 1 for Jarryd Blair.

  6. Mitch Clark to Melbourne confirmed about 10 minutes ago.

  7. Sorry Rick, thought this was a trade week discussion article. Should read titles before posting!

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