AFL Recruit: Tendai Mzungu- One to watch

He may not have been the biggest name in trade week, but Tendai Mzungu has already accumulated a decent highlight reel in the WAFL for Perth FC.

With 70 senior games to his name already, there may be another mature age recruit ready to make an impact in the big league.

Thanks to Neil Allen for the information.

2010 WAFL Highlights package:

Great Goal from 2008


  1. His surname means “white man”.

  2. From all accounts a very level-headed good bloke too.

    And as we now say down at Freo: In Lloyd We Trust.

  3. Good luck to the commentating folk during Fremantle games next season.

  4. Richard Jones says

    KNACKER stalwart Les Everett had this to say about Tendai on his estimable website:-

    Fairest and best for Perth (in the WAFL) in 2010. A skilful and hard-running defender.

    I know Daff occasionally posts pieces from Les’ keyboard. I’m just surprised that more Aussie Rules footy folk based in Oz don’t visit his site more frequently.
    I know former central Viccies based in London and the UK home counties certainly do. We spoke to a couple last November/December over there.

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