Round 5 – St Kilda v Richmond: The Seven Steps to Writing Success

John Green applies his seven-point writing strategy to an 86 point Richmond victory, which he had to watch while out for dinner.

Hindsight…how does this affect how you watch a replay of a sporting fixture?

When you watch sport, are you calm, relaxed and impartial or, like the rest of us, an irrational, one-eyed, out-of-character, raving idiot? Author and former sports journalist Liam Hauser looks back over his experiences in reporting and writing about sport.

Almanac Books: Sons of Guns – family and football

The author of the book “Sons of Guns”, Matt Watson takes us through his relationship with family & footy, shares tidbits from the stars of his manuscript and the long, involved process it took to complete.

Introducing Kasey Symons

Meet Kasey Symons, our new women’s footy editor who has just joined the Almanac team.

Martin Flanagan and a reappraisal of 1992

Adam Fox makes a mighty fine debut in these pages with this piece on Martin Flanagan and perspective. Welcome Adam. And any insight into Frank Zappa would be greatly appreciated.

Almanac Writers: Introducing Daniel Saunders

Young Daniel Saunders is going to write for the Almanac. He has a strong sports writing heritage. [Welcome Daniel – JTH]

A ‘grizzled 69’ and the art of sports writing

Dave Brown finds some gems in the local Op-shop and marvels at the myriad ways in which an Allan Border innings can be described

Long Bombs To Snake (extract): Surfing and the middle-aged CPA

This is an extract from Dips O’Donnell’s ‘Surfing and the middle-aged CPA’ which is one of a dozen features in Long Bombs to Snake. Get a taste, order your copy and tell the world.

Almanac on ABC Brisbane last Friday (full audio)

Almanac writers Geoff Woolcock and Lee McGowan featured on a panel at the Brisbane Writers’ Festival. Here’s the audio.

Fan stories

Andy Fuller analyses Dugald Jellie’s series of essays Tiger Tiger Burning Bright which appeared weekly for much of 2013, and laments the attitude of the self-important who failed to appreciate them. [Reminds me of a section of Richard Ford’s novel The Sportswriter which is no faint praise – Ed]

Susie Giese: The Facebook Interview

Susie Giese: The Facebook Interview Susie Giese is an emotional, yet intelligent Geelong fan who has just graduated in the field of Sports Journalism from Deakin University. Writing for The Footy Almanac helped her land her first job for the Geelong Advertiser  and she is well on the way to being a major force in the world [Read more]